10 Reasons Why your Ecommerce Businesses Fail

10 reasons behind the failure of an ecommerce store
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The virtual mode of shopping has opened up a new dimension in business, literally making the products saleable in any geo-location of the world. When you break away from the brick and mortar structure of business and embrace online stores, you need to be precautious of certain slippery areas. Although these online stores save you several costs like electricity bills and salaries of staff, some of the largest online portals fail to attract customers. Here are certain issues that lead to the failure of such websites. If you have an online version of your business, you will find the following guidelines useful.

Poor Quality Images

poor quality images in ecommerce website

Images are not ornaments that enhance the looks of the website. They convey valuable messages to the customers that the words fail to do. A product image helps a customer to know how a product looks, its colours, features, dimensions and so on. Half the selling is done through its packaging, and if you have poor quality images in your website, you are marred. Entrepreneurs hire web designers to get their websites powered with good quality images of the right resolution to cater to the visual pleasure of the customers.

Poor Product Data Management

Even when you have a large stock of products, you may find it hard to sell your goods if the customers do not know what your website contains. Thus, online store product data entry demands professional attention. Each of the products on the portal has to be indexed and labelled. Provide a substantial product description for them, detailing the features and usage. Always try to keep good ecommerce product administrators to keep your ecommerce store updated.

A complex checkout process or Multi-Step Checkout Process

complex checkout process

People value their time, so should you. No one likes to wait for lengthy check-out processes. When competition is on the rise among the eCommerce portals, customers consider checkout time as a parameter for the overall merit of a portal. Try to reduce the number of steps involved in the check-out process. A simplified check-out with a few steps makes a website friendly to the customers.

Poor Navigation

One of the worst nightmares that customers face on certain online portals is poor navigation. Lack of access between pages makes it difficult for the customers to find what they want. It takes away a lot of valuable time to browse through the pages to get across to the desired place and buy the product. The navigation panel has to be simple yet complete. It should assist, not contradict the efforts of the buyer.

Customers don’t know what to do

customers do not know what to do

If you have an eCommerce portal and the customers do not know what to do, you are on the wrong side. A seller has to present the goods the customers, besides guiding them through the process. Provide them with the necessary online assistance about what to do and when to do. Design the call to action buttons like ‘buy’, ‘add to cart’ and ‘shop now’ in a conspicuous manner, so that they can attract the customers.

The price is (not) right

The knowledge about the right product prices is a necessity, even when you deal online. The price of a product may fluctuate a bit when you sell them online. However, if there is a gnawing rift between the original price of the product when sold offline and the online portal, people are suspicious about the originality of the product. Low prices give them an impression that the quality is poor, while high priced goods repel them off.

Not Friendly Store

not friendly store

Establishing a compatibility with your customers is one of the key secrets behind the success of your eCommerce portal. You need to update the features from time to time to ensure that your portal remains parallel with the global sites. Your customers must enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.

Inventory Not Accurate

Lack of proper inventory management services may hurt your business. You need to keep a track record of your stocks and replenish the ones that have already been sold off. A timely eye on this department can save you from situations like stock-outs. There are instances when customers have switched over to other sellers due to the inability of the portals to supply goods in time.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

targeting the wrong audience

The choice of wrong target audience may prove to be a blunder in your business. When you approach the potential customers, do a detailed research about their preferences and choices. Customize the colour, fonts and graphics of individual goods in lines of their choice. This ensures that ecommerce store have approached the right people in the appropriate manner. It will save your time as well as resources.

Staying out of touch with the customers

staying out of touch with the customers

Even when you do not see the customers directly, you need to stay in close touch with the customers. Assist them whenever they find themselves in a state of dilemma about product features, payment processes and other issues. You can provide them online assistance while they are shopping, or have a customer help desk to do the task.

These guidelines will assist you to retain the faith in your customers and grow your ecommerce business. When you fail to cater the requirements of your customers based on any of these parameters, you face the possibility of losing out in the competition. Power up your online services with the latest features and offer hospitable service to your customers.

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