How to add products to promotions on Houzz

add products to promotions on houzz
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Houzz is a dedicated platform dealing with home design, decor, and remodeling, offering businesses a marketplace to sell their products. With millions of homeowners and professionals as members, Houzz provides vast opportunities for marketing and interactions.

Utilizing promotions on Houzz can expand your product’s visibility and boost sales.

This blog explains how to add products to promotions on Houzz, why promotions are useful, and some useful tips on making better sales with Houzz promotions.

Why Use Promotions on Houzz?

Target Audience

Promotions are the best approach for getting your products noticed by homeowners and driving more sales.

Benefits of Promotions

Promotions can help customers save money through special offers and coupon codes.

Attract New Customers with Promo Codes

Discounts and special offers can draw attention of customers who haven’t bought from you before. Offering coupons, such as specific dollar amount Offers or exclusive deals for email subscribers and trade professionals, can further attract new customers by providing additional savings and incentives.

Stay Competitive:

Promotion helps you compete with other sellers. Engaging with construction professionals on Houzz can help you stay competitive by showcasing your expertise, participating in forums, and connecting with potential clients.

Boost Sales with Discounts

As we update promotions on fixed dates, it creates urgency, encouraging customers to buy before the deal ends. Additionally, using a coupon can further incentivize a purchase by offering additional savings during the checkout process.

Customer Loyalty:

Good deals can make customers come back to you for more offers. Sending exclusive deals directly to customers' inbox can increase loyalty by making them feel valued and special.

Better Exposure:

Promoted products are more noticeable to shoppers.

Clear Inventory with Coupons

Use promotions to sell excess or your seasonal stock quickly.

More Visibility:

Promotions highlight your products, making them easier for users to find on Houzz.

How to Add Products to Promotions on Houzz

Let’s check out the step-by-step guide on how to add products to promotions on the Houzz website.

Step 1: Log into your Houzz seller dashboard and select the Promotions menu.

houzz seller dashboard with promotions menu

You can see the following 3 sub-menu under “Promotions”.

  1. Manage Promotions: For managing (edit/delete) the current promotions
  2. Add Promotion: To add new promotions
  3. Manage Product Groups: To create or delete product groups.

Step 2: Click on “Add Promotions” to start setting up your promotion.

add promotions on houzz

Step 3: Fill below details

create new promotions on houzz

Name: Enter a unique internal name for this promotion (this name is not displayed to customers) with a character limit of 20.

Display Title: Enter the text to be shown next to each product like “Spring Sale” “Lighting Deal 2024” etc. This field has a character limit 30. (this name is displayed to customers)

Description: An internal description for this product. This field is optional

Is Active: If checked, this promotion will be active.

Start Date: Enter promotion starting date

End Date: Enter promotion end date.

Promotion Type & Value: These are mandatory fields, and we have to select one value from the dropdown list as per our requirement (as shown below).

you can select promotion type & value on houzz marketplace

You have the option to choose between a fixed percentage off, a fixed amount off, or setting a fixed price for all products. Promotion details can significantly influence a customer's purchase decision, especially when discounts and offers are clearly communicated.

Product Group: You can apply this promotion to all products in the store by selecting “All products” value from the dropdown list as shown below.

create a new product group for promotion on houzz

Alternatively, you can create a new product group containing only the specific products you wish to include in the promotion. For that click on “Create a New Product Group” button. (more details in Step 5)

Promotion Cover Image: Please upload a cover image for this promotion on this field. This image will be displayed whenever the promotion is featured. The image must have at least 741px width and 230px height.

Step 4: Create Promotion

Once you update all details, review them once again and then click on “Create” button to create the promotion.

Important Note:

Before you click the “Create” button, make sure you have updated the correct pricing, product, and date details. If you set the start date as today and create the promo, it will be locked and can't be edited until the promotion ends. This means once a promotion starts on Houzz, you can not change it until it's finished. But if you're setting future dates, you can relax as you can still update the details after creating the promotion since it hasn't gone live yet.


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Step 5: Create new customer group

To create new customer group, you can either click on “Create a New Product Group” button on “Add promotion” page or select “Manage Product Group” under “Promotion” menu.

Manage Promotion Product Groups on Houzz

And enter the following details.

Name: Enter a unique internal name for the product group within a 40-character limit. This name won’t be displayed to customers.

Description: Enter a unique internal description for this group in 40 characters.

Select Products: Now add products to this group. This can be done in two ways.

  1. You can enter a list of SKUs (either comma-separated or one on each line) and click the "Select" button to select products in this product group.
  2. You can search and select sku by brand name, sku or product ID and then click “submit” button.
Select products by sku list or product id brand on Houzz seller account

Once you have created product groups, you can assign these product groups to different promotions.

Looking for more details about How do I sell my products on Houzz?

Tips to Increase Sales with Houzz Promotions

  • Make sure you create attractive offers that are enough to catch the interest of customers. Try to add significant Offers, buy-one-get-one offers, or free shipping.
  • Promote your Houzz promotions on your social media accounts to reach a wider range of audience.
  • Ensure that your product images are clear and are of high quality. Always display your products in the best light.
  • Write detailed and perfect product descriptions that highlight the benefits and features of your products.
  • Notify your existing customers about your new promotions via email marketing. Offer additional discounts to your loyal customers.
  • Always keep track of the sales that occur during the promotions. If your promotion does not yielding the desired results, it is time to adjust the offer or the promotional strategy.
  • Periodically check your competitor’s pricing and discount structure and plan your next promotion to offer better deals than them.


Promotions on Houzz can be a game-changer for your business, driving improved visibility, income, and customer loyalty. By following the steps illustrated above, you can easily update promotions on Houzz.

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