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What are the benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Product Listing?

amazon product listing outsourcing benefits
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Every business has one mantra: Make more profits. This means you must sell more products.

And how do you that? The answer is simple – make the most amazon product listing services and get your products the visibility they deserve.

How ecommerce websites like Amazon is changing game?

With the advent of e-commerce websites like Amazon, getting a product to the masses has become easier. However, merely listing your product will not ensure that it gets sold.

The e-com giant is a lot like a mall. Anything from books and home décor to clothes and car accessories is available here. Just as one manufacturer can sell many products here, one type of product may be sold by many different vendors as well. So the question arises; how do you differentiate your product from the rest?

The answer lies in how you describe the product. Product listings are akin to e-commerce salesmen. They tell the customer about the features of the product and persuade them to buy the product. In many ways, the way you describe your product has become as important as how the product looks.

Creating product listings isn’t rocket science. You could do this in-house, but that doesn’t mean you must. Outsourcing content and product data entry to an expert is a much better solution. After all, you wouldn’t trust an amateur to design your product so why should you believe one to list your products online?

Why outsource product listings?

why outsource

If you aren’t a great cook and you’re organizing a birthday party, would you bake the cake yourself or order one from a good baker? The same logic applies to market your product online. There are many advantages to outsourcing how your product is presented on Amazon to your customers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Keyword Friendly Descriptions Ensure Better Visibility

Many designers give abstract names to their creations. For example, a blue, glass vase may be named ‘Ocean Side’. It is great if you’re talking to a customer about the vase and can explain how it got its name. But, when it comes to e-commerce, calling a vase ‘Blue Glass Vase’ is often the better name.

Why – because it’s keyword friendly.

When a person wants to buy a glass vase, they’re going to enter ‘glass vase’ as their search keyword. If this keyword isn’t part of your listing, your design may not show up. So, though the person may have been looking for your design, he won’t be able to see it.

When you get an expert to list your brand, they will take care of things like this. Thus, your brand visibility increases.

Sales Oriented Narratives Increase Conversion Rate

writing a product description

What’s the difference between a great salesman and a not-so-great salesman – the way they present something to a customer. In terms of e-commerce, descriptions are salesmen.

There are two aspects to writing a product description; it should spell out the product features, and it should make a person want it. The first part is something anyone can do. It involves creating a list of features. The second is where the magic is.

Which one would you buy:

“A vase to hold fresh flowers”
“A flower vase that makes your home brighter with seasonal blooms”

The narrative is what makes people buy a product. Crafting these narratives is an art that takes years to master. If you were to write these yourself, it would take a lot more effort and time as compared to if you were to outsource it.

Optimized Listings that help your product sell across platforms

People don’t just shop on the Amazon website. The app is just as popular. From a customer’s point of view, there’s one big difference between shopping on the site and the app.

On the website, a product title is usually visible in its entirety. However, when this text is displayed on a mobile screen, part of it may be cut off. For example, the name of an artefact on the website could appear as ‘Green, Silicone Cooking Gloves- One Pair- Long for Extra Protection’. On the mobile app, it may appear as ‘Green, Silicone Cooking Gloves- One Pair- Lo…’.

Now what do you think has a higher chance of being bought:

‘Green, Silicone Cooking Gloves- One Pa.…’
‘Long Green Silicone Cooking Gloves-1Pair’

Outsourcing your adding products to an agency can ensure that the text is optimized for mobile screens and computer screens by maximizing character limits. This helps boost your brand’s sales across different mediums.

Better Utilization of Time

better utilization of time

When you manage your company, you allot tasks to different people based on their specialty and capability. This ensures that each job gets done in the most efficient way possible.

When it comes to the product listing, you could either hire someone fulltime or outsource the project. If you’re like most companies, you won’t put out new designs every day. A new range will probably be introduced every quarter. This means that if you hired someone fulltime, they would be twiddling their thumbs for most of the year.

On the other hand, you could outsource the project when you bring out a new range. The agency will take care of all the aspects of listing your merchandise. Since they are experts at this, they will also be able to do it much faster. So, not only is it more economical but it is more efficient as well.

And, since you don’t have to oversee how your merchandise is being named, described, etc., you can focus on more important tasks.

In Conclusion

The secret to being successful with sales lies in ecommerce product listings. This isn’t just about putting a few features in bullet points and giving your manufactured goods a nice name. There are a number of small intricate aspects to be looked into as well.

As we said earlier, you can do this yourself. That is if you are willing to devote enough time and effort to master it. And if you don’t mind taking a hit and try anapproach to see what boosts your product sales.

If you think your time could be spent in a better way, outsourcing it would be the perfect solution. You can outsource product listings, product inventory management and order processing as well. The only thing you need to be careful about is who you outsource your project to. Freelancers who charge a low fee aren’t always the best bet as they do not guarantee the best quality. Thus, it is best to work with a company with expertise in Amazon listing services

As Jim Rohn said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”


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