Benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Business to Virtual Assistant

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“Can I increase ROI from Amazon selling by outsourcing services? Is outsourcing a viable proposition for me?”

These are some questions that you may have as you struggle with managing thousands of products for selling on Amazon selling. When you bring on-board a good Amazon outsourcing expert, you can offload alot of activities. This will help you make the arrangement a viable proposition for your online retail business.

The advantages of outsourcing services are unlimited for Amazon businesses. Some tasks worth outsourcing include bulk product listing, PPC monitoring, inventory management, copywriting, or quickly answering customer queries. When these are delegated, you are freed up with more time to focus on core selling operations.

When Can You Outsource Tasks to an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing Amazon would prove beneficial for you, only if you know when exactly you need to outsource. If you are planning for a product launch, then perhaps, outsourcing may not be that good a plan.

Once your product is out there, and performing well, you would want help in managing your selling operations. This is exactly when Outsource Product Data Entry Services can provide value and free up your time to scale the business further.

What Activities Can Be Outsourced to Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Reportsstate that Amazon has a staggering seller base of 5 million globally. The vast competition means that you have to manage a lot of things efficiently and on time to keep getting a steady traffic on your site.

With an expert working as your own freelancer or Virtual Assistant, you can achieve this daunting task and yet deliver a stellar customer experience.

These activities can be delegated to an experienced Virtual Assistant

1 – Customer service

  • responding to negative comments
  • responding to customer service issue via email
  • replying to questions asked on Amazon
  • finding details of past orders
  • providing refund or replacement details on time to an angry customer
  • monitoring product reviews

2 – Content Development

3 – SEO/SMM knowledge

  • link building to private blog networks
  • social bookmarking
  • social media management
  • keyword research and content creation

4 – Product sourcing

  • sourcing products at low wholesale prices
  • software based procurement and quotation research
  • negotiation with suppliers

The whole idea here is to tactfully sift out tasks you would like to carry out yourself. The remaining routine or time-consuming (yet important) usually end up being mundane and repetitive. These can be outsourced to a VA or freelancer to carry out.

How to Quickly List Products on Amazon?

quickly list product on amazon

Product listing is one of the first steps you come across, while wanting to outsource your products on Amazon. Once you have set up your amazon seller account, you catalog the products you offer, in compliance with the Amazon guidelines.

It goes without saying that the more products you wish to outsource on Amazon, the more tedious and painstaking this whole listing process can get.

Keeping this in mind, Virtual Assistants for Amazon Sellers or VAs that offer help with listing management. These assistants help with

  1. Categorizing the product well
  2. Optimizing product page with the right details,
  3. Developing a descriptive title, description, product specifications,
  4. Adding sharp and high quality product images.

These listings however need to be managed on a timely basis. As per changing market conditions and product availability, listing services need to be monitored and tweaked accordingly.

If this is not done, your end user would not be able to avail the offers you intended for them. If this issue is ignored for a long time, your sales numbers will start declining.

There are many benefits of having effective VAs by your side. They ensure a highly impactful page, with high quality and quick product listing. This will assist your brand to scale higher and deliver a great shopping experience.


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What Advantages are provided by Amazon Seller Account Management team?

There is a wide range of services these management services offer, when you finally decide to outsource your seller account to expert consultancies.

This cuts down on the total amount of time you would end up spending on seemingly mundane tasks, which could otherwise be spent far more productively.

Some Of The Services An Expert Consultancy Can Offer You:

  • product management for Amazon Seller
  • Keyword Research and ASIN optimization
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Upselling on Sponsored Products (prompting side products that complement the primary product)
  • Product Review Management
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) /creation and management of A+ product-oriented content
  • High end Product image editing
  • Amazon Brand page creation
  • Order processing
  • Product Inventory management
  • Pricing, re-pricing and margin management

These tasks are challenging to achieve in-house. However, this is relatively easier for you if you delegate end-to-end management of your resources to an expert outsourcing company or freelancers.

They have the right tools, automation, processes, and equipment in place to help boost your brand sales. They would also be adept with the strategies that benefit your brand’s reputation on Amazon.

How Can I Get More from the Amazon Virtual Assistant?

After finalizing that outsourcing your product to Amazon would bring you better profits, you wonder how you can get more from this business partnership.

It is a given that most of your job is done by the virtual assistants ready to help your brand. They will help with the needed assistance to help sell your products. However, that does not mean that your job is done here.

You can start with categorizing the tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily tasks include

  • Checking for new orders
  • Checking for pending shipments or incomplete orders
  • Check for newer chargeback
  • Checking the case log for better insight
  • Checking if there are any specific coupon recommendations to enhance customer satisfaction

Weekly tasks include

  • Checking for sales and returns
  • Checking the status of the inventory
  • Checking for issues with the invoices
  • Checking for vendor returns
  • Checking the product pages that are up

Monthly tasks include

  • Generating a demand forecast, as there would be more data to deal with, thereby leading to an accurate estimate of what’s loved by your audience
  • Checking out the competitors listing on a monthly basis
  • Updating the keywords in the product page on the basis of PPC results generated

How to Sell On Amazon?

sell on amazon

The whole process of selling on Amazon is as easy as buying from Amazon. As a seller, the process for you would begin ideally by getting your product listed on Amazon.

If you get in touch with an expert consultancy, freelancer or outsourcing company all of this would be taken care of by them. All you would then be expected to do is keep an eye on your inventory. Additionally, you can focus on getting products on demand back so that your sales reach higher grounds.

Once your product is listed on Amazon, every time a purchase is made, the payment would be carried out by Amazon. Then, the product price would reach into your account, with the specified service amount deducted at Amazon’s end.

In order to sell better, you can even create and run sponsored ads. If you are a beginner in this arena, your chosen outsourcing Amazon expert can handle this task quite efficiently. They have the necessary resources and knowledge needed to run effective paid ads. This would save up your time, efforts and money you would otherwise spend on trial and error.

Outsourcing brings you the benefit of expertise, with the assurance that the money you invest gets you guaranteed returns. Consultancies are out there, running operations online day in and out. They definitely have an in-depth knowledge about how the process works. They might even suggest smart and impactful techniques that can bring you estimated result relatively sooner.

Outsourcing Amazon product listing managementis one of the best decisions an upcoming brand can make. Not only are your sales accelerated, but you also manage to establish a reliable presence online. This can help your brand gain the necessary traction it initially needs.

In Conclusion

In this era of online shopping, your brand would need to be ahead of the curve to cut through the competition. You have the expert assistance of consultancies, freelancers, and virtual assistants who are definite masters of their game. With this, your brand gets the necessary head-start it needs, and helps your brand scale up the growth charts.

Effective business is one which knows when to outsource, what to outsource, and how to outsource to a competent expert. It not only saves on time, but also resource. It also provides sellers an opportunity to look into other aspects of growth and expansion.

This in turn, will fuel essential e-commerce business strategies that will lead to a thriving online retail business.

What are your thoughts on Virtual assistants and the value they provide to the e-commerce business? Do write to us and let us know your comments below.


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