Benefits of eCommerce virtual assistants

benefits of virtual assistants
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Ecommerce virtual assistants can provide good benefits to a business. To obtain this benefit however it requires a qualified resource. ECommerce shops and sales management combine crucial repetitive processes. While hiring a Virtual Assistant help to alleviate complex tasks, enhance operations and reduce workload in the future. Therefore, sellers should understand how to utilize resources effectively before hiring offshore partners.

What is an eCommerce virtual assistant?

An Online eCommerce Virtual Assistant is a professional working team in remote locations who perform various tasks to run your smooth ecommerce business.

What is the purpose of a virtual assistant?

An eCommerce Virtual assistant is someone with expertise in various online store activities. They work on services, including data entry, creating monthly reports, managing an online store to scheduling meetings. Since eCommerce stores have many daily tasks, their duties may vary according to the online business. Their duties may vary according to the online business. eCommerce assistants take care of all these tasks.

Hiring an ecommerce virtual assistant will reduce your time spent on online stores. They will clear your business goals and identify what works for you. By boarding a skilled professional, you can focus on your core tasks.

What are the benefits of hiring eCommerce virtual assistants?

Efficient store management

Virtual assistants promise several unique benefits. They run the eCommerce store efficiently by sorting and organizing the products. They work on discount coupons or offers as per the client's request. They handle the inventory with necessary product updates on stocks and logistics. They provide essential technical support to handle different eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, X-cart, WooCommerce many more.

Order management

Order management requires much time and effort. Even though the task looks simple, we need the expertise to handle it. eCommerce assistants execute order management by creating monthly reports. With the help of experienced virtual assistants, it’s easy to handle the orders and reports. If you don't have an in-house team, consider outsourcing or hiring virtual assistant services.

Social media management

Everyone is on social media, and so is your business too. Using social media is the most innovative option to reach your customers. Also, social media platforms increase your brand awareness. An eCommerce assistant helps you create and manage social media platforms. The platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and more. They handle everything from daily posting to answering customer queries. Managing social media accounts is quite easy with virtual e-commerce assistants.


Customer retention assistants

Purchases are an easy way to generate income. If the client decides to contact you for help and if you are not able to get them on time, you may lose the sale. The whole process will be slow. So you must track every aspect of your sales to find the gaps. You must maintain customers and generate profits. A practical customer retention assistant will help you keep customers and increase sales.

Customer Service Specialist

Poor customer service reduces the value of satisfied customers. You understand the importance of your clients. They don't just drive profits but provide you with the opportunity to grow. A good business review is much more important than any physical asset. Customer service specialists can help you get good customer feedback online. They are there to provide the customer with the quality service they deserve.

High-quality content creation

How do we attract customers to our website? A niche content writing service will help you optimize your sales strategy for success on time. When your customers see your best product descriptions, they quickly understand and make their purchase. It increases your chances of improving revenue.

Digital marketing services

Online sellers need a solid digital marketing strategy. Whether it's SME or a large enterprise, we need a digital marketing strategy. They help you execute a successful digital marketing plan. Virtual eCommerce assistants offer the most promising benefits through dedicated SEO services.

Managing multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace

If you run an online store, selling your products on multi-vendor marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon is good. They manage your multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace from account setup to product page creation. Not only adding product details or images, but they also handle refund, return, and other dashboard activities. Business owners can expect all the tasks by hiring professional virtual assistant companies.

Demand analysis

The demand for certain products may rise or fall. It shows the current trend. So, it's essential to analyze the trend and focus on inventory management. They conduct systematic market research and find out the public demand. With specialized skills, they manage the store efficiently.

Payments and pricing

While pricing products, make sure it satisfies your customers. Manage the price, update discount coupons, offers, and other factors to beat your competitors. Virtual ecommerce assistant analyze various online stores and suggest the apt pricing for your products.

Why should you hire E-Commerce Virtual Assistants for your store?

E-commerce revolutionized how we do business. With a rise in companies shifting their strategy for a customer base, e-commerce will continue its existence. To remain competitive, you must maximize your time through Virtual E-commerce assistants. The workloads for our customers are increasing every single day. Customers now depend more on convenient services for minimizing interaction and maximum comfort. Moreover, the customer base has switched quickly to subscriptions.

They hold expertise in supporting various eCommerce tasks. Further, they work on administrative and specialized tasks. To reduce the workload, business owners hire such professionals. So, hiring full time employee assistants is a promising option for eCommerce businesses. Let them support your online store with perfect strategies.

  • Administrative tasks
  • Public relations
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing and other tasks related to an eCommerce business.

Further, they develop new ideas that improve your business in the long run. Ecommerce virtual assistants keep your business productive with uninterrupted virtual support!

What does an eCommerce Virtual Assistant do?

The role of the VA depends on the requirement of clients. Generally speaking, hiring an ecommerce virtual specialist for several tasks such as managing inventory and optimizing products and services. Since each online shopping cart platform and marketplace has its own unique format for its websites and apps they ensure that they follow the appropriate format as per each.

Product Data Management

An ecommerce virtual assistant can be a valuable asset for any organization that sells products online. They can help gather product requirements and manage product data. And also help with manufacturing by managing inventory successfully. In addition, ecommerce Va's can help with create and manage product listings, product descriptions, and setting up promotions.

Order processing

The biggest challenge in e-commerce business is making your customers buy the product. If you have only limited in-house resources, leave it to professional virtual ecommerce assistants. They keep track of a customer with necessary updates. With close monitoring, they encourage customers to buy the product.

Returns or exchange

It's essential to deliver the right product to your customers. In the case of returns or exchanges, they handle the whole process and make it effective. Ecommerce business owners handle returns or exchanges effectively with expert virtual ecommerce assistants.

How do e-commerce VA's boost your business?

Most business owners hire virtual assistants for better business management. It's not about cutting costs alone; instead, it saves your time. They accomplish your business goals and enhance your output.

They boost your ecommerce business performance in the following ways,

Avoid stock-outs

The stock shortage is terrible while running your eCommerce store. The stock shortage creates a bad impact on your visitors. Hiring ecommerce virtual assistant will help you manage the inventory and sales. They deliver the exact products to the right customers. Moreover, they focus on the stock and update when you run out of stock.


It's essential to list the products on time and boost your sales. It will help, if you list it on multiple channels to earn more returns. While listing your product on various channels, it gets better visibility.

Improve ROI

Digital marketing skyrockets your business by providing effective sales. Thus, marketing is essential for eCommerce sales. Ecommerce VA works hard to improve returns and offer good customer service.

How will ecommerce VA will improve your returns?

  1. Managing professional product data entry

  2. Adopting the current trends and implementing successful marketing materials

  3. Making monthly sales reports

  4. Focus on online marketing campaigns

  5. SEO services and keyword research for organic traffic

  6. Increase customer satisfaction

    • Customer satisfaction drives more sales. With outstanding customer service, you achieve your business goals.
      • They handle some specific tasks such as
      • Respond to customer queries
      • Communicate and resolve disputes
      • Handle orders and returns

Benefits of choosing the best eCommerce virtual assistant,

Intellect Outsource is a leading eCommerce virtual assistants service provider across various countries. We have been sourcing ecommerce services for years. We have developed skilled and reliable virtual assistants. Our team conducts regular check-ins to confirm efficient customer service and provide cutting edge solutions. If you face any problems, we find the right solutions for them. Our employees benefit your firm with flexible pricing and work in your time zone. They work hard to accomplish your business goals.

Invest in hiring virtual assistants and scale up your business!


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