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Blogs importance in Ecommerce How it catalyzes your growth

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How relevant is it to have a blog for your ecommerce website? Many people into sales through web are seen to be in a dilemma whether to start blogging. After all they are store owners, not writers, right? But actually importance of ecommerce blogs is never to be ignored; there are many benefits of maintaining a blog that is continuously updated with good valuable content. The very first thing perceptiblyis that ecommerce blogs are great for SEO. A website with frequently updated blog posts are valued more by search engines and thus a site with active blog grabs higher positions. Blog is the best way to initiate and maintain relationships with the customer base. With blogs, you can communicate with your prospects in a much informal manner. You can greet them periodically based on occasions and create an impression. More personalized interactions are facilitated through blogs. Providing practical and useful information via ecommerce blog will help in establishing your brand as a trusted and reputed name in the field. This will increase loyalty of your audience and you will appear to them as a real authority in your concerned domain. Though visitors may not buy the first time itself, if your blogs offer them a value, they will keep coming back to read more. And thus there is always a chance that they purchase from your ecommerce website. You can let them know more about your products; the limitations of product descriptions can be compensated. Thus they will be acquainted more in detail about the products. Also feedback of customers can be collected quite easily and their concerns can be alleviated. Blogposts have an innate ability to go viral. If your written content has an element that can invoke interest or enthusiasm in readers, chances are high that they share them on social media sites. A bit of creative approach and assuring informative content can help in that. As the users for social networking sites are increasing at a rapid pace, this can benefit a lot for the spreading of your name. Now having realized the relevance of an ecommerce blog, lets have a quick glance on some tips that can increase the productivity of your blog post.

  • Concentrate more on making your blog post informative; dont overdo with the sales quotient.
  • Complement the gracefulness of your ecommerce blog posts with images and videos.
  • Maintain a frequency in blogging in your website and do post often.
  • Social media share buttons and contact information should be easily accessible.

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