10 Reasons Why blogging is an Important Sales Accelerant for an Ecommerce Website

blogs importance in ecommerce website
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Are you looking for a viable marketing method that costs less yet delivers amazing outcomes? Do you need to share helpful and industry-authority information with your target customers?

If you are in the business of running an e-commerce store, investing is in blogging can add substantially to your bottom lines. Blogging helps to engage customers and boost engagement.

What do stats say about the importance of blogging for eCommerce

A blog that educates people and highlights your products and services is a sure-shot lead magnet. Each month nearly 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.

The same stats say about 70 million blog posts see publication each month by WordPress users. Websites that feature a blog witnessed 434 per cent more indexed pages.

Companies who blog get 97 percent more links to their websites. This statistic speaks volumes of the criticality of publishing fresh, unique, and informative blogs on your online retail store.

Maintaining an active blog is essential for e-commerce businesses. When readers read about new products through your blog, they are likely to click to learn more.

The need to blog

Many business owners do not deploy a blog on their e-commerce website. Moreover, those who post a blog fail to update it regularly.

You may wonder why to build a blog when the main objective is to set up an online shop and increase the volume of purchases? Now, this is exactly the reason why you need a blog for your website- to promote ‘more purchases’.

Today, millions of people choose from the online facility; hence there is a need to convince them to buy from the best.

A discount may attract consumers to buy a product, but the lack of knowing the utility of a product from a particular brand may pull them away. A blog can help you overcome this key barrier to successful conversion

Why blog?

why blog

Adding a blog to your e-commerce website will substantially increase the amount of traffic to your site. Trends show that the number of bloggers in the United States has a prediction to reach 31.7 million users in 2020.

You may procrastinate whether the addition of a blog to your e-commerce website is a lucrative idea or not. However, the massive potential of blogging clearly outlines the importance of adding a blog to boost your online business.

The chief objective of your website is to boost traffic to your products; plus there are many other advantages of adding a blog to your e-commerce site.

We have mentioned ten such amazing advantages as below:

  1. Blogging brands you as an industry expert

    Regularly update your site with SEO-rich content. By rich content, it implies that you make use of the blogging mechanism to establish yourself as an industry expert.

    This way, blogging builds trust on your brand and eases the customer journey towards successful conversions.

    Moreover, effective blogging will provide you with the much-needed competitive edge with sales information for branding purposes.

  2. Helps in optimization of Search engine results

    Your goal is to put in the required efforts in terms of time and resources into driving organic traffic to your site and blog is one of the most effective ways - it promotes higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

    Addition of a blog to your e-commerce site will see a rise in the amount of content on your website- more clients will engage with your website.

    For optimum results, lace your blog content with trending keywords used by your target customers. Adding of more backlinks will lend further impetus to boost your search results.

  3. A Perfect platform for making announcements

    a perfect platform for making announcements

    Your blog is the perfect place for you to share the latest information and news about your products to your customers.

    Your latest blog will help your loyal patrons stay in touch with all the special offers that you have for them.

    Such blogs could educate and inform through a range of avenues like, Question and Answers, FAQS, promotions, or seasonal promotions and many more.

  4. Blogging engages customers

    Your ability to attract and engage customers is a valuable eCommerce business asset. A well-curated blog will direct the audience for a ride to your site with a steady stream of content.

    Readers are likely to read more pages. Engaging blogs make readers feel connected.

    There are a multitude of ways through which you can engage the customer- such as publishing client success stories if you sell slimming products.

  5. Be a part of the online community

    Most blogs let the readers post their comment- it makes customers connect with a large online community.

    As an active e-commerce business owner, you should give an active and timely response to all responses and individual messages, just as you do on all other social media handles.

    Create your blog in such a way that you can filter all user comments before they show online.

  6. Spiral up your conversation rates

    A blog on your e-commerce website will bring more traffic to your site. More traffic means more conversion rates.

    Visitors to a website always find it interesting to read about newer products and services that appeal to them.

    A blog will attract new customers as well as retain the previous ones. This USP is driven by engaging information that gives the confidence to go ahead with the purchase decisions.

  7. Ability to go viral

    ability to go viral

    A blog must carry features that enables readers to quick sharing of posts on other social media channels.

    A blog with a post that inspires or infuses success stories has the potential to circulate more – it is no small feat even if it reaches out to a substantial portion of the target audience, if not millions. You can achieve maximum outreach by posting engaging content regularly.

    Here is a tip to create viral content. Ensure that you generate in-depth blogs that are more than 3,000 words. Blogs between 3000 to 10000 words get the maximum shares as per this statistic. And more shares translate to viral content.

  8. Promotes product adherence

    It is essential to build faith in the quality of your products and services. If you overlook this aspect, you will not enjoy the benefit of regular customers.

    For Online businesses that engage in online sales globally, it is important to find ways to build brand allegiance. A blog will play a significant role in this endeavour.

    Crowdspring stats show that 78% of consumers trust brands that produce custom content, instead of generic content. You need a content expert that can add value with meaningful, contextual, and well-written blogs.

  9. A Cost–effective marketing platform

    Your blog is a strategic tool for cost-effective marketing. Moreover, if you have set aside a part of your advertising budget to promote some of your blog posts, each post will ensure a steady flow of organic traffic.

    These posts may hold relevance for a long time to come. The traffic that a blog post attracts takes nothing but putting in some amount of time to produce a useful post.

  10. Blogs Support Social media campaign

    Every blog post has its own URL- it can be an addition to your other social media handles as part of your online marketing strategy.

    You can manage this by adding backlinks.

    You can also add buttons of ‘like’ and ‘share’ on your blogs as part of maximum outreach to gain more followers and fans on social media.

Time to adapt the best features

It is essential to note that a blog is always beneficial to your e-commerce website. Blogging boosts content marketing, and this form of marketing is known to generate 3x more leads than paid marketing.

You may not get results overnight, but it pays off gradually with consistent blogging. Several approaches have been in use in the past decade, and they are still invaluable today. However, new concepts and practices have emerged in the blogging landscape.

Blogs come with many features. However, online business owners must realise the need to adjust to new trends like meaningful and relevant content, personalised touch with readers, attention-grabbing headlines, simple words, and splitting text into shorter paragraphs

It will open doors for you to new chances of getting content to reach consumers and increase profitability.

To wrap it up

Crawling content and index building helps improve your visibility with higher SERP rankings. It is this endeavour that e-commerce websites can achieve through their blogs.

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