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Why should you start an eCommerce business?

build your online store in 2018
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Finally, the New Year 2018 has come with a myriad of newer hopes and opportunities. And the question is; are you going to make them count? That’s why we bring to you the most important reasons you need to start kicking your eCommerce business right away in the first month of the year.

E-Commerce is here to stay and the future

As people are online reading, socializing, enjoying and working, it is only suitable that businesses also move to the place where people are. In that regard, eCommerce services is going to be the future as internet penetration is only going to be more sprawling and extensive. This brings a wide range of opportunities not just for now but also for the future as well. As such, if you are striving to make it big in your niche market and cater to everyone wishing to get your products, then it is only wise that you immediately start your online business enterprise. If you have any doubts regarding the future of eCommerce, you just need to look over your shoulder and realize that the growth of eCommerce over the last decade has been unprecedented in all over th world. The trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

You can literally ready-set-go

start your business online

If you are striving to build ecommerce website, the only thing you really need to have is an intelligently-designed, user-friendly and intuitive website with some awesome and killer marketing tools. Today online store creation and set up is quite easier as a lot of service providers such as Shopify, BigCommerce, yahoo, volusion, pinnacale, Xcart, open cart, shopy suite, ekm, Netsuite and Magento etc. avail seamless support. In the market, you can also find stellar designers and developers who can support in any all ways you need. The only thing is that you should have a solid idea or concept upon which the whole strategy should be implemented.

Cost of ecommerce is minimising

Unlike earlier days, when the ecommerce was a new thing, cost for shopping cart set up and its running has drastically reduced. With a fleet of service providers making use of advanced technologies, many processes can be done swifter and easier making the wholeaffair economical. No matter whatever your concept is, implementing the same would not drill holes in your pockets.

People are well-acquainted with online shopping and ecommerce

These days, not just in developed countries but even in the developing ones, people shop online. They in fact prefer online shopping more as there is more provision for comparison and just few clicks bring needed products at door steps. So, starting your ecommerce venture never needs a second thought.

Worldwide Market Places within your hand

worldwide market places within your hand

Strategic exploration of marketplaces are always very helpful to get sales and increase brand value. In the beginning stage and even before 2010, we needed to maintain market places like Amazon, sears, Ebay, Walmart etc. invidually. With the advancement in technology, you can now easily incorporate your market place accounts on third party stores like Channel Advisor and Godata Feed etc. These accounts will help to manage all market places at a single point and you can earn more profit and reach more customers, globally.

E-Commerce is the New Business Trend

Ecommerce has continually evolved and this growth is going to be more rapid in the future too. Physical shops are soon waning away and more and more web stores are being launched every day. When 2016 saw a whooping peak of $1.85 trillion as per reliable sources, 2018 may reach up to or even beyond $2.77 trillion and in 2021 can be $4.479 trillion.

Mobile commerce is booming

mobile commerce is booming

In 2015, surveys done by some authentic and reputed bodies indicated that the sales from smartphones was 17% of the total retail sales and every year the percentage is frogleaping. This sheds light on the fact that more and more customers are using internet and smartphones. There is an increasing trend among customers to buy from huge mobile market while being in their comfort zone and on the go. However, only 40% of ecommerce stores are responsive, i..e. adaptive or compatible to different devices. It is imperative that in 2018, you make use of relevant technologies to assure responsiveness of your shopping cart.

There are a surfeit of ecommerce outsourcing service providers

Today the ecommerce outsourcing sector is booming and there is no shortage of quality service providers.In such a scenario, wasting your precious time managing the ecommerce backoffice tasks would never be a productive practice. Instead you can invest the time on your core business activities. The best thing to do is to hire a few staffs from any of the reputed ecommerce companies for your project. Their proficiency in various relevant processes like product data entry, bulk product uploading, inventory management, order management, Catalog management, online store development would help you keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

Manage Online store and Active Shop simultaniously

Being able to manage physical shop and online shop through a single interface is now no more a daydream. Today, tools like Webpos help you to take care of both your active shops and online store with consummate ease. At a single point, complete things can be handled. Technology has reached new heights and only those who exploit the same are benefitted. Also, unmatched quality customer support and service can be provided.

While these are only a tip of the advantages brought by eCommerce businesses for everyone involved, these are the most compelling reasons to get your business rolling, especially when starting, running, maintaining and expanding brick & mortar stores become more difficult and less lucrative. If you would like to publish your comments, please send to info@intellectoutsource.com

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