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Bulk uploading of products in Magento store- What makes at stay ahead of others?

bulk uploading of products in magento store
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If you are concerned about your success through web with an online store, many facets are to be taken care of and you should be ready to invest considerable amount of time and effort for the same. This is the reason why a lot of companies indulged in ecommerce end up relying of a professional service provider for complete store management. Magento is one of the best shopping cart software that is feature rich and user-friendly. One of the main concerns for the online vendors is how the service provider is going to carry out Magento bulk product upload. A professional Magento data entry expert company follows the following methods for Magento bulk product upload.

Magento bulk import feature

Magento bulk import feature is one of the best and most operative methods normally chosen by experts. Adding product one at a time kills time and demands more effort. On the other hand, bulk upload enables you to import several hundreds of products with a CSV file. Using this feature, you can also update the existing products whenever needed. Only basic features are entered and the products are in fact not indexed in the store.

Bulk product image upload

Product images can be uploaded in bulk using FTP access. This can speed up the upload process. However it is of peak relevance to check that naming convention is done accurately. Based on the product SKUs, entire product images must be subjected to apposite labelling. Uploading the product images is done mostly through Magento Dataflow, Normally the upload document will be very large and with separate columns for the attributes. Images will be tagged at the end. Here all the processes almost remain same but images are not added to the first spreadsheet but instead a new spreadsheet is created that contains the SKU of product and the image location.

Bulk addition of product categories and attributes

Create product attributes, categories and sub-categories before uploading products is a method that can surely make the whole process swift. By following this method, during the product upload process itself, you can do attributes assigning and categorization.

File size made smaller

Professional companies looking forward for speedy Magento product upload make sure to keep the size of file smaller to the best possible level. This helps in eliminating mishaps such as server timeouts, delays and files mismanagement. Above all it is easy to catch and fix the issues when the file size is smaller. Being one of the most reputed and reliable companies indulged in Magento shopping cart management services, our team leverages all possible upsides of the software in your best favour.

Magento Magmi Extension

We utilize the best techniques including Magmi that enables you to create a CSV having any structure you want. It is much faster than the Magento standard import options. Here indexing is not done and product can be entered speedily. There is image processor plugin and custom option plugin that helps in importing images and customizable options respectively. It also creates select as well as multi-select option values according to the imported data. Magmi can be easily integrated with custom PHP scripts using "Datapump API" feature. In case there are even more products in the store that really seem to be unmanageable, we create our own codes and without indexing the products, they are directly entered into the database. Our team is adept in all major tools and techniques. Wealways remain updated with the latest practices that can guarantee our clients best results without fail

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