Ecommerce Product Data Management: How to Save Time, Effort & Money

ecommerce product data management
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Are you finding best solutions to reduce product data management cost for your ecommerce store? Don’t worry. It is very simple. You don’t need to google search for special team for your individual works. All jobs can do using one team. This is not simply said. Read the blog and find out the best solutions

Ecommerce product data management is essential for crucial to the success of every major eCommerce business. Large businesses with the capital to invest can hire in-house teams to handle all their product data management tasks. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring in-house employees significantly impacts their bottom line. Hiring firms to outsource the different tasks for them could be a more cost-effective option. Unfortunately, working with several service providers to handle different aspects of product data management result in higher costs and inefficiencies caused by a lack of consolidated efforts.

But what if there was a way to bring your company’s entire product data management tasks under one cohesive service?

Small businesses and enterprise-level eCommerce businesses can both benefit from outsourcing their product data management tasks to eCommerce specialists who can provide all the components of successful PDM in a one-stop solution.

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Today’s post will discuss the different components that comprise product data management to help you understand why outsourcing the tasks to product data management service provider can help your eCommerce company achieve success.

The Different Components of Proper Product Data Management

Ecommerce product data management is an umbrella term used to define various tasks that denote the management and listing product data. eCommerce product data management comprises the following tasks

  • Product Data Entry entails adding information about new products to updating existing product information. Here's the complete information about Intellect Outsource ecommerce product data entry services.
  • Catalog Management requires creating and maintaining an entire catalog of products to ensure that all products list accurately.
  • Inventory Management entails keeping track of the location, amount, pricing, and mix of inventory available from your business.
  • Product Data Enrichment entails populating product listings with accurate and up-to-date information to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Product Data Cleaning entails making adjustments to your product data to ensure that all the information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ecommerce Web Scraping entails collecting data from various eCommerce sites to offer you a consolidated resource for the most relevant information related to your product listings.
  • Product Data Migration comprises accurately transferring data from one eCommerce platform to another.

Proper Product arrangement and listing

A successful eCommerce business needs to handle all these tasks to successfully manage its product information. Most businesses end up contacting different providers for each of these customized services. The issue with hiring several firms to handle various tasks is a lack of coordinated and cohesive efforts. Each service provider will be working at its own pace to handle the tasks delegated to them.

Outsourcing all these tasks to freelancers or separate organizations can end up costing you more than you need to spend. A lack of coordinated efforts between the service providers also results in a drop in quality, causing unnecessary delays and adding to your business expenses. The most viable solution to address all these problems would be to outsource the tasks to one product data management service provider who can assign a dedicated team for your eCommerce product data management needs.

Consolidating the efforts for your company’s product data management offers you the benefit of an efficient and streamlined effort. Better coordination between the team members responsible for handling each task means fewer issues due to discrepancies and a faster turnaround time. Instead of hiring several service providers for product data entry, bulk data upload, Magento services, web development, and much more, you can improve your eCommerce company’s operational efficiency by having all these services handled by one provider.

Can Your eCommerce Business Benefit from Hiring Product Data Management Services?

Before you start looking for companies to outsource your eCommerce product data management tasks, it is important to understand the type of services you might require. It is possible that you might need only a few or all of the services that help your eCommerce business achieve optimum product data management.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if your company can benefit from hiring product data management services:

  • Do you need a dedicated team?
  • Do you require product data management service for a single brand?
  • Do you need certain hours in a week for your product data management?
  • Are your products branded or non-branded?

Once a client requires product data management service, they may follow 4 different processes. We have described this here

  1. Hiring a Dedicated Staff
  2. Work Hourly or Per Product
  3. Process Per brand
  4. Non-Branded Items

Hiring a Dedicated Team or Ecommerce Virtual Assistant

Every ecommerce product has data that includes details, such as the product name, price, and description, as well as other important information, such as category management, options, and variants, attribute management, image collection and arrangement, image optimization, inventory management, product listing, etc.

The dedicated team or hired staff analyzes everything in every project, including new products, current products, discontinued products, and so on. After receiving the product price/SKU list, the specialized team scrapes the necessary product information from the provided data sources. The product information is then organized into an online platform template and uploaded to the online store. In addition, the team is trained to handle order processing, inventory management, and various other activities associated with an online store. This means all your required services available by hiring one dedicated staff


If clients require only a few hours in a month to do their product data management project, they can choose hourly package

Quote Per Brand or a Bunch of Brands

If you would like to get a quote for one brand ie just need to scrap and product upload into your store, team can perfectly give the time and ETA. And if there are any errors after the uploading, you should ask the team wheather they are ready to fix it. Which means if you need to upload one brand, per brand quote is apt for your business.

Non-Brand Products

Using Barcode, collect information from Google. Create all product information as new including product images, description writing etc.

Following the above 3 process ie Hourly, Per Brand quote and Non Brand products, quotes and time will always increase and at the same time you have to find out individual team or freelancers for all these

But if clients choose first option ie hire dedicated staff, all the services will be fulfilled using one staff at affordable cost.

Having a clearer understanding of the types of services you require can help you make more well-informed decisions when working with a product data management service. There are several benefits of hiring a service provider to handle your company’s eCommerce product data management tasks, including:

Getting a Complete and Dedicated Team

Every eCommerce product has data that includes details, such as the product name, price, and description. It also includes other information like category management, options and variants, attribute management, image collection and arrangement, image optimization, inventory management, product listing, etc.

Having a dedicated team handling all these tasks means all the analysis is done in real-time and with complete coordination. After receiving the product price/SKU list, the specialized team can scrape the necessary product information from the provided data sources.

The product information is then organized into an online platform template and uploaded to the online store. In addition, the team is trained to handle order processing, inventory management, and various other activities associated with an online store.

More Efficient Internal Processes

When you hire a product data management service provider to handle the tasks related to your company’s data management needs, you can allocate your company’s in-house teams to other areas of the business. Your company’s marketing efforts can be better coordinated due to a complete availability of accurate information, allowing you to improve your company’s marketing efforts.

Having all the product information in one place also makes it easier to maintain all the records. You can significantly reduce the data entry costs. Your company’s employees will have an easier time reviewing product information because it will all be easily available in one place.

Reduced Errors and Increased Productivity

Working with a firm dedicated to providing you with the different product data management services in a one-stop solution means greater productivity and reduced errors. With a dedicated team handling the various tasks, you can rely on better coordination, providing you with more accurate information for the entire inventory.

With no discrepancies in the product information, your eCommerce company’s processes can become more streamlined and efficient, increasing productivity and boosting your revenues.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Happier customers result in more repeat sales and improved revenues for your company. Providing your customers with a good customer experience working with your eCommerce business is critical to your success. An eCommerce business that does not have accurate product information, improper listings, or incomplete product data for their inventory cannot establish the trust necessary to deliver a great customer experience.

Hiring a dedicated eCommerce team to handle your company’s product data management means that you will deliver more accurate information to your prospective customers. With all the data on available products being accurate and your inventory up-to-date, you can make sure that the process from checking out to delivering to the client is efficient and error-free.

Number of Brands

Suppose that your eCommerce business is currently managing a single brand. In that case, working with a product data management service could give you a faster turnaround time with more accurate timeframes for job completion. The service provider can also rectify any issues that may arise after uploading the products, minimizing downtime.

Quick Market Time

It does not matter which niche your eCommerce company belongs to, ensure that you get your products out in the market before your competitors do is crucial to capturing your target market’s interest. If your eCommerce business is busy with managing the inventory and updating all the product listings to ensure accuracy of information while your competitors are already selling their products, you risk losing tons of potential customers.

Hiring an eCommerce product management company to handle the different tasks means a quicker turnaround time. A team dedicated to the task can take care of all the tasks at a faster pace, allowing you to get your products out in the market much faster and engaging a greater number of potential customers before your competitors.

Product and Information Search ability

Making sure that you have well-written and detailed product descriptions by working with a product data management service helps you ensure that your potential customers can learn about your products. It makes it easier for your eCommerce business to establish trust and engage them for more sales. But that is not all it does.

Well-written product listings also improve your products’ searchability online. Properly crafted and accurate product descriptions rank much higher on search engine results pages. This means that potential customers searching for products your eCommerce business sells will be likelier to come across your business if your listings are detailed, unique and informative.

examples of effective products listing

Why Work with Intellect Outsource for Your Product Data Management Needs?

Intellect Outsource is a leading eCommerce outsourcing service provider based in India. We have been providing bespoke eCommerce solutions to our clients across several industries worldwide for the last 12 years, delivering excellent results.

At Intellect Outsource, we understand the immense benefits of consolidated product data management services for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. It creates a smoother workflow, reduces redundancies, saves businesses money, leaves fewer errors, and makes the entire organization more productive.

We have become a leading ecommerce product data management solution provider, bringing you a one-stop solution for all your product data management tasks in one service. You get the quality and consistency for all your product listings, along with 24/7 support, dedicated staff, and an experienced team of product data management specialists.


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