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Know About an Ecommerce Store Product Data Manager

ecommerce product data manager
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Running a successful ecommerce business is challenging. There are many questions to be answered such as “who will do bulk product entry?”, “How will I keep updating prices of products as per market demands?”, or “who can help in uploading all data about a product for thousands of products?” If such questions trouble your ecommerce operation, then its time to know more about an ecommerce product data administrator– the viable answer to these questions.

What does an Ecommerce Store Product Data Manager do?

All aspects of smart ecommerce product data management are managed by an Manager. Once you obtain the price list and data source information from vendor, all you need to do is share it. The administrator will take care of adding, modifying, or maintaining the product regularly.

Be it taxonomy development, assigning unique identifiers, product data entry, product descriptions, or catalog processing, every product comes with its own set of organization and management for better user experience. A product data manager can easily do these activities and free up in-house resources to think about growing the business.

Think of an outsourced product data team as your own office away from your office.

What is the difference between Ecommerce Product administrator and Ecommerce product catalog management?

All business units have a supervisor or manager to look after daily tasks. This frees up the business owner to focus on strategy building. Similarly, for an ecommerce store, a product data administrator is like an outsourcing manager to the business.

An ecommerce store product data manager takes care of all aspects of product data. Right from bulk data entry spanning thousands of products to product import, an administrator does this with total efficiency. Activities like updating pricing of a product, removing discontinued products, or competitor product price analysis, there are many activities that can really be taxing on an in-house team, but is standard for an outsourced ecommerce product data administration company. In addition, it also takes care of all content including image optimization, SEO optimization, and persuasive product copywriting, etc. Ie A manager supervise online store on your behalf to ensure optimal productivity, without errors and make you up-to-date about all projects.

Ecommerce catalog processing & updating services is one crucial aspect of ecommerce business. It helps maintain all details and data in the correct format and with the latest information. This covers various aspects like product title, Product image, product hierarchy, descriptions, prices & supplier etc. It drives product data accuracy across all sales channels to better outcomes.

What are the key responsibilities of an ecommerce product data manager?

  1. An administrator aligns human resources as per the specific project need and competencies required
  2. It provides regular and timely notifications about project status
  3. It does a meticulous quality audit to ensure all data appearing on the ecommerce backend is relevant and accurate
  4. It ensures seamless communication with ecommerce business owners
  5. It provides comprehensive reporting to help ecommerce business owner to gauge the effectiveness of the administrator
  6. Send you a daily project report to make you up-to-date.

How an online store product data manager adds value to ecommerce?

A smart ecommerce business owner will always look to get maximum performance with optimal cost overheads. For such entrepreneurs, a product data manager provides immense business value.

Successful online retail operations need the calibre of multiple experts that can help with various activities like bulk product data upload, price optimisation, content creation, and maintaining accurate data for thousands of products listed on the ecommerce site.

If you maintain in-house staff for this, the costs of recruitment, management, performance tracking, and salaries would make the process cost-inefficient. Fortunately, with the world shrinking to a global village, there is one more option available – to outsource the work to a capable and highly experienced agency that can take care of all aspects of ecommerce store product data management.

Such an agency can deliver an unmatched combination of international quality performance and highly attractive price points.

The outsourced agency is proficient at delivering accuracy, quick delivery, and high quality on a large volume of products done in quick time.

All you need to do is provide the raw data and taxonomy and get thousands of products uploaded swiftly and with zero errors.

Can I appoint data entry operator as an ecommerce data manager?

This will not be recommended. A data administrator’s skill set and responsibilities are far wider than a data entry operator. Hence appointing a data entry operator for ecommerce data administrator work would tend to be a loss-making move. It is advisable to hire an ecommerce product data management team from an Ecommerce outsourcing company.

Since the team is highly trained and experienced, you need not do anything beyond providing the vendor price list. The administrator staff will analyse the provided sheet with the store database. This will help them report back about to you what are the products already listed in your store, what are the new and what are the discontinued products.

For existing products, the team will check thoroughly if there are any new updates from the vendor website. If so, then all updates are added to the backend in a timely manner. This way, your store’s shoppers will always see the latest information and pricing details about a product.

For every vendor, these companies prepare perfect taxonomy to make their work easier and accurate in the future. They will also provide regular update reports for performance tracking.

Already worked with a data entry team before? Then try out an expert ecommerce solutions provider. You can easily see the difference in the value provided by both sets of teams.

What is the disadvantage of hiring an administrator for your store?

A product data administrator’s work is extensive. They may have a lot of questions in order to carry out the responsibilities properly. Incase these questions aren’t routed to a manager but to the business owner, then it can take a lot of time to obtain answers to the queries. This, in turn, may alter the estimated project milestones and ETAs.

How a freelancer and Outsourcing company differ in this service?

Major difference between freelancer and outsourcing company for a product data manager service

Most of the clients are looking to reduce the cost of services. But the low cost shouldn’t harm your reputation as an international standard ecommerce store. While hiring freelancers may look good from a cost point of view, think about their capacity.

Can they handle 1000s of products data management on their own? Who will take care of the quality assurance aspect? If the freelancer does both, data management work and quality check, a lot of issues might just slip by due to oversight.

These reasons make freelancers an unsuitable choice. This is especially true for ecommerce stores that deal in thousands of products, numerous categories, multiple attributes, and many brands. Even if the freelancer does provide output for thousands of products, there is a strong likelihood of numerous issues with the quality, relevance, and integrity of the data. This will hit the revenue hard and you can even lose customers.

To avoid such unpleasant outcomes, its best to outsource the work to an outsourced ecommerce products data management company. They already have vast experience and have a strong team comprising of Managers, Team leaders, QC checkers, Quality staff and assigned staff.

You will notice the difference in the quality and quantity of output delivered by an outsourced agency compared to a freelancer. Not only will you get faster work done, but the superior quality will adhere to your expectations too. They will also keep you in the loop at frequent intervals and work just like your own in-house team at reasonable costs.

How Intellect Outsource can assist with this service?

Intellect Outsource has a proven track record of delivering complex and large-scale projects within budget and before time. Our experts have specialized in this with an in-depth experience of 10+ years in end to end ecommerce product data entry services in India. Our core competency is ecommerce services. This niche focus has helped us gain expertise on ecommerce product data management across all major platforms like Magento, Bigcommerce, Yahoo, Shopify and WooCommerce, X-cart, etc.

We align an experienced project manager, team leader, QC and highly trained staff for each store. When you bring us onboard, you can leave all hassles of timely product updates, accurate data entry, bulk product data upload, and data entry services to us.

All we need from you is the vendor price list. Once sent to us, you can leave the rest to us to ensure on-time and swift product updates to boost your ecommerce store’s efficacy. You not only save on costs of setting up an in-house team for this labour-intensive task but also free up time to concentrate on growing the business. This way, Intellect Outsource emerges as a valuable success partner for your ecommerce store.



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