eCommerce Product Images Best Practices to Follow Before Uploading to eCommerce Website

ecommerce product images best practices
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Optimized and standardized Product Images increase the merchandise decisions of the customers in e-commerce stores. It is a fact.

In the new era, the use and demand of e-commerce businesses are increasing tremendously.

The e-commerce business can only be more profitable if it does more organic search and organic visits in the search engine and satisfy your user maximum. The importance we treat to prepare content is similar to process Image Optimization and standardization in every e-commerce store. But often, all the online retail owners do not pay attention to the web content or even the image and immediately list the product.

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Standardized product images are one of the most sought after items in a better e-commerce store.

  1. Size

    ecommerce image sizes

    There are three common types of images used in e-commerce websites. 1) Small Thumbnail, 2) Medium, 3) Zoom Images

    In the early days of e-commerce, images can be listed properly if processed and used with different resolution. For example, 100 x 100 for small images, 500 x 500 for medium images, and zoom 1000 x 1000 for medium images.

    In the new era, all shopping cart platforms have handled product images with the best features and latest technologies.

    Based on online store design, e-commerce platforms themselves have developed technology to resize product images to the theme's required size.

    Therefore it is always beneficial to use all images at 1000 x 1000 resolution. Using the same resolution on all product images can enhance the beauty of the e-commerce store.

  2. Maintain equal background spacing around the product image

    Using the same background color for all product images makes it very beautiful. But another important thing in doing so is to maintain equal background spacing around the product image.

    You can better understand it by checking the sample below.

    maintain equal background spacing around the product image

    When e-commerce platforms compress and reduce image size when uploading product images to the online store, giving equal background spacing around all product images to help display them beautifully without losing image clarity.

    But suppose the product lists without giving equal background spacing around the image by compressing the image during e-commerce platforms processing. In that case, the product images will lose their real beauty and reduce the e-commerce store's beauty.

  3. Use background color for every images.

    The beauty of an e-commerce store is that it gives the same background color to all product images. With more than one brand of product to list, online retailers tend to get used to Vendor product images as it is.

    This trend is causing your online store to lose its beauty and users to look at it with amazement.

    The white background color is the most desirable to use the background color. Using white background color for product images makes the edges of the images more visible, and users like when zoomed in.

  4. Use same background images in listing pages

    use same background images in listing pages

    The product listing page is the most crucial page that customers are most likely to look at after the home page. In general, if you pay close attention to the online store, you can see very different types of product images like Room Image, various usage of images, different angles, additional view, etc.

    Listing with the same background colors on the listing pages will help users be more attracted to the products. Simultaneously, if the product images used by the models are available for all the products of a brand, the use of such images will help attract the users. On the other hand, listing different product photos on the listing page can make users feel bored and leave your store immediately.

  5. Use best file format

    Images are available in many formats. For example, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and many more. If you do not use the best image format, it will affect your online store's performance, appearance, and ability. The most important of these is to increase the page's speed by loading the product image quickly. So it is better to use the best image file type sparingly.

    Of these, JPG is the best and most widely used. JPG images can be easily compressed, and all colors can be seen very clearly. JPG images have excellent file size and quality. For these reasons using the JPG file format may be useful for your online store.

  6. High-Quality Images

    high quality images

    Don't forget that we are doing business in the digital and e-commerce era today. Every online retailer's responsibility is to ensure that consumers are not completely satisfied with the quality of the products in the online store. Only then will customers gain credibility in your stores, and they will return home and your stores.

    Using high-quality images will make users more attracted to the products and motivate them to buy the products.

    All users want to see the different parts and angles of a product clearly. Only then will consumers have more credibility and satisfaction with the product and be motivated to buy it. By using low-quality images, users can zoom in and blur the image. Therefore maintaining an image resolution of at least 1000x1000 or 800x800 while handling the image will help users see the images very clearly.

  7. Optimize image for SEO

    optimize image for seo

    Optimized images increase the speed of web pages as well as user interaction. Image Optimization is the process of creating high-quality images. In it, size, quality, resolution, and format are very important.

    Image names are very important in e-commerce stores. SEO becomes the forerunner when naming, using keywords that indicate the product's popularity and relevance and what kind it belongs to. The actual keywords of the product are first and foremost configured using hyphens when naming.

    Alt tags are an important component. A good alt tag can explain what a product image is. SEO is very useful for visually impaired users as well

    You can use the following Image optimization tools

  8. Include 360-degree product view

    include 360 degree product view

    It is a good idea to include the best features in your online store to satisfy the user. One such feature is the "360-degree view".

    When a user goes to a shop, 360-degree images help them to get a closer look at the products and get to know them in as much detail as possible.

    According to the latest report, it is proven that online stores that use 360-degree product photos are more likely to buy products than e-commerce stores that use regular product images.

    Using the 360-degree image feature allows users to spend more time on online storage and reduce the risk of a return when the product is purchased.


If your online store does not receive much SEO or users feel that they are not paying much attention to the products, try using the above strategies instead of uploading, just like getting images of products.

By applying these image optimization and standardization strategies, search engines and users can understand the content of your products.

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