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Great Ideas for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

great ideas for ecommerce entrepreneurs
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It is most of the times an untold but a true fact that behind every successful ecommerce business, there is a lot of pain, sweat and failures. No company has fortnightly become a billion-dollar business. It takes time and you have to accept it. Every ecommerce online store has some unpleasant stories to share regarding their journey to the present day but you are never going to hear that. People show only their success and joy.

Starting off with unrealistic dreams with expectations of huge business in the very first month is quite unwise.Picture that you achieved $1000 business or at least a minimum of $100 business. Through it,if you succeeded in getting around 50 clients, it is a good start. Also try to get maximum possible contacts of potential customers including those who visited your website without actually converting. You should never sit idle and patiently wait for results to come. No one is that keen to search you, find you and place orders. You have to take the initiatives and continue with the efforts. Initiate different campaigns, interesting games and in fact offers great enough to excite your prospects.

For first six months, you should be really careful about investments. It should be minimal. Use this period to find out what actually is working well for you and from where is the traffic actually coming. Let us see some really operative and cost-effective techniques that you can adopt for better ecommerce business online.


This is an area that you should carefully invest in.Start spending only less in the beginning to stay safe. Simply advertising without any plans can land you in loss only. So, before starting, have a proper strategy in place. Sort out various marketing channels to which you have to invest. Allocate the fund to different methods after only proper thought process. Based on the responses obtained, you can reallocate the fund to channels giving you more results.

Social Media Management

social media management

It is a fact beyond debate that social media is highly effective in helping an online business grow. However, it is always advisable for a start-up business owner to carry out social media marketing by himself. There are many websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn etc. that should be made best use of. Getting connected to prospects and already existing customers in a less formal way is what social media allows. And this has great benefits. People get closer to your brand and you can build and maintain great relationships. Let it be regarding new arrivals, offers or a simple wish, social media can be highly impactful. Dealing with negative reviews regarding your product or services is something that you should handle with proper care and in a wise manner. Even an irate and rude visitor can be converted into loyal customer through apposite and timely communication.

Blog Writing

blog writing

With blogs, there are multiple benefits. First of all you can write about latest trends and technologies in the market. This sends signal to the prospects that you are some professional people indulged seriously in the business. By writing authentic blogs that can offer good value to customers, you get established as a reliable and reputed brand. Intimate customers that you have a blog and entertain them to subscribe or follow. You will thus always be in their mind and whenever they encounter a need for something you are offering, they will only opt for you. They may even refer you to others. Besides, if you write something really useful and informative, chances are high that the content may go viral thus providing you a wider reach.Another advantage of blog is that, blogs keep your website lively and active. This is something that search engines love and hence blog writing on a regular basis can complement your SEO efforts for ecommerce online store optimization.


ecommerce outsourcing

For minimising you online store workload and time, perhaps the best thing to do is to outsource your ecommerce related tasks to experts. This gets you more than enough time to focus on your core business activities. Hiring dedicated ecommerce team and setting up needed infrastructure is least advisable for start-ups. An outsourcing company will already be having the best resources and technologies, the expense of which will be shared among its numerous customers and you will thus get best services at most reasonable pricing.You can expect the expenses to range between $500 and $700 in a month. An expert ecommerce services provider will help you starting from product data entry to comprehensive online store back office support.

Google Adwords

google adwords

Again, you should invest only a small portion of your funds for Google Adwords. The benefit of Adwords campaign is that the results are measurable and you can precisely target your audience; you can focus on people who search what you have to offer. This paid online advertising option is cost-effective and holds maximum relevance to all types of ecommerce businesses. You can enjoy a lot of flexibility and the traffic you get is of great quality that holds value for your business.

If the above explained techniques are implemented wisely, within six month you will definitely know in which area you need to concentrate to get more traffic and customer for your online business. We promise you that your ecommerce online store can surely be a tale of success. The only thing is that when the journeys are meant to be longer, your partners for the voyage should be the best. Hire experienced ecommerce outsourcing services company with a proven track record and see your business frog leap.

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