15 Things to Know Before Hiring a Magento Data Entry Experts.

hire magento data entry experts
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Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms with 29.1% of total market share. The e-commerce website owners who operate and are new to Magento will need to investigate the concerns of best Magento data entry team. Even though there are many other famous e-commerce platforms ruling the world, you should understand why Magento is special and why it suits your e-commerce business.

You have to ask yourself certain questions:

Does your company possess more SKU’s?

Into which high order processing company did you belong? (B2C or B2B)

Will your site speed get affected when you own larger product catalog?

Do you wish to arrange product description in a more professional manner?

If all the answers are depending on the large product catalog, you may consider Magento data entry team.

Given below are the ways by which you can select the best e-commerce data entry services for your company.

What Magento Product Entry Service exactly is?

The Magento product entry service is a professional process including creating, updating and maintaining of client’s product catalog listing, inventory effortlessly.

Few key concepts you need to be aware of before hiring the service

1. Updated inventory

Irrespective of the type of business, your product inventory needs regular updation depending upon your product range. It will enhance your business by regularly updating and reminding your customers about the latest offers, discounts, coupons, combos which you provide. Along with this, the inventory should be updated with the only stocked products. The out of stock products should be removed immediately.

2. Try to tempt your customers

The company providing Magento product entry services also create product description for the clients as the product details should be highly attractive and intelligent enough to make the customers buy your products. It matters a lot as the second thing customers verify is the product details after the product image. Hence it should be neatly packed and allure the customers.

3. Be aware of the goodwill loss

You have to be careful about the process of feeding product details. A single mistake in the process will affect your goodwill. And sometimes even subject to a grievance by the customer.

4. Avoid unnecessary expenses

Hiring an in-house employee for simple works will result in a high flow of money from your pocket. Hence it is better to avoid such unnecessary expenses as there are many other significant things like seating space and employee benefits to be fulfilled.

5. Identify the right company

There are companies who don’t involve in all Magento data entry tasks. Hence you should discuss the needs and requirements with them and find whether they are fit to your desired work.

6. Attractive product image

Product image upload is yet another benefit you will get from the Magento data entry companies. Assigning this task to the company will save your time and will be useful at the same time.

Product image uploading should be done with utmost care as it drew the attention of customers spontaneously. So you should not upload countless images. A range of 8-10 images is ideal. The close-up and portrait photos of the product in different angle will be appropriate for product image upload. For instance, the top angle images of chair, fabric etc. will throw them an idea about the feature of the product.

Assigning thumbnail, base, small product images is a complex process to satisfy your customers. A perfect team who engages in Magento data entry work will be triggered by great knowledge and works with their expertise for setting up your Magento store.

dress product with pattern sample furniture produt image sample bed cot image sample

7. Understanding the Attributes

Understanding the ideas of Attribute management and Magento Attribute set management is few of the core parts of Magento product entry services. Without proper knowledge of attributes, it is difficult to handle your online store. A well-structured online store has different departments for managing different products and they look after your Magento data entry services and maintain all the attributes effectively.

For instance: if you own an online store of furniture or lighting, you should maintain various attributes and attribute sets depending upon the product category. The attributes vary according to the product. Most of the furniture store sells beds, sofas, mattresses, tables etc. If you include all attributes in a default attribute set, the template will be difficult and then you have to use a big template file.

So you have to be clear about the attribute taxonomy depending upon your product list. The professional team assigned for Magento services in Outsourcing companies will help you to generate better results that your online store requires.

Unique Product Titles

Most of the e-commerce companies do not involve in the unique product title or description development. Instead of unique product title, they use replicate information. If you decide to create a unique product title for stores having many products, you can use the following formula: Brand-Model-Item-Type

8. Product Type

You should have an idea about the product types in Magento which your data entry team is proficient in. if your team is proficient in simple, grouped, configurable or bundle project arrangement, and then you may test their efficiency in it first.

9. Custom Option Management

Custom option management helps in customizing your products according to their variations like color combinations, size, material etc. It can be created as simple products using the Magento custom options. The Magento data entry team always configures the product option management extremely professional.

You may add all values in a single cell of excel whether your products have custom option lists. Entering a list of custom option one by one or doing the similar work by a common person is impractical. Outsourcing company experts have expertise in various latest technologies that help in listing custom option within a short time.

10. Product Option Management

Product option management is a complex process in product catalog management. The process of identifying the vendor price list and arranging the products in Magento store along with optional products are complex and complicated. Even though you have 5-10 options and a huge list of categories of products, the expert team of outsourcing companies will set up your products with utmost care and avoid errors.

11. Accurate product details

The details such as shape, color weight etc of the product should be specified accurately.

12. Product description, the backbone

The product description is another essential element that impacts the customer and pulls them to buy the product. With an attractive product image, they will grab the product and search for its classification. Hence it is especially important to make description précised.

13. Perfect Category management for easy navigation

Ideal product category management into various appealing categories and subcategories will help the customers to easily find their desired products and get satisfied with your service. Along with the common goals of category management like the adding, editing removing the categories, some efficient Magento product data entry company also provide several post order processes such as order tracking, order processing, online support etc

14. Concerns regarding the work allocation

The better way to avoid these work allocation concerns is by starting a free trial and ask your magento project questions before you hire a team. We can’t trust a company’s working efficiency through mere testimonials and samples. It is better to approach them after having a free trial. Almost every valid Magento product entry service providing companies offer you a free trial.

15. Understanding the service rate plans

Knowing the common rate plans will help you to select companies accordingly. Almost every company provides a customized rate plan. The rates will be highly cost-effective than assigning an in-house employee.

The major benefits of hiring Magento data entry service

  • The prime benefit of product data entry service is that they are time saving and effortless. Entrepreneurs can easily manage their core business activities if they have a perfect data entry partner.
  • The complex contents like the uploading of product image, description, details etc. will be handled by experts and professionals effectively.
  • The relevant information will be collected from the manufacturer's website.
  • They are proficient in managing product categories and subcategories that enhance the customer purchasing.
  • Professionals create SEO friendly product description and reviews for increasing traffic.
  • They add perfect product images in the store to attract the customers.
  • Only experts create perfect tags that help customers to find similar or exact products.
  • Business influences the infrastructure of service providing company with the use of special software and apps. They enhance them to gain information in the PDF catalog and other hard copy file formats.
  • The professionals can easily improve daily productivity standards.
  • Entrepreneurs get the best industry talent for e-commerce product data entry and other services without investing a huge amount of money for hiring and training staffs.
  • The reliable listing makes the customers satisfied and perfect outsourcing services enhance the entrepreneurs to identify and fulfill the consumer needs.

Tips to identify reliable data entry service provider

  • First, check whether they provide a free trial. Other than the advertisements and testimonials you will get a clear cut idea about the attitude and expertise of the selected company. You can experience the quality of work they provide to you.
  • Investigate the working of the company through the people who gave testimonials.
  • Check the website of the company’s current clients and study how they are organized.

Reasons why customers want to work with us

  • We understand the guidelines of Magento and the product uploading is done according to it.
  • Our product posting is SEO friendly was your product will be ordered along with the web indexes that help you to expand the scope of your products.
  • We provide impeccable client support that helps in group works, manages time to listen to your inquiries and criticisms.
  • We owe to produce extreme competitive results according to your financial plan. As we provide well-designed bundles that suit every funding, you can forget the financial concerns.
  • We also provide extensive services like Magento development, product data management, designing, bulk product upload, order management, inventory etc. Intellect outsource strive to offer tremendous Magento services irrespective of your project size.
  • Intellect Outsource always maintain project Taxonomy to provide 100% output. You can review following few taxonomies - Magento Lighting Project Taxonomy

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Magento Cutting Fastener Tools Products Taxonomy

The e-commerce store owners need to be aware of the pros and cons of Magento data entry service before demanding the service. This blog dives deep into the possibilities of Magento data entry services.



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