10 benefits when you consider website templates for ecommerce store.

how attractive templates are helpful for ecommerce business
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Did you know that online users take only 50 milliseconds to judge your website and form an opinion about it? This means it takes less than a second for visitors to your site to decide whether they want to leave your online shop or stay.

Also, people use too many tabs at once. They might be writing an email, watching YouTube videos, scrolling through social media, all one after another or at once. The point here is, people stay distracted for most of the times.

Also, people use too many tabs at once. They might be writing an email, watching YouTube videos, scrolling through social media, all one after another or at once. The point here is, people stay distracted for most of the times.

You might not know, but a whopping 94% of first impressions come from the design of your website. And that’s when beautiful website templates come into the picture.

The importance of ecommerce website templates in creating an amazing impression

In today’s digital world, a website is necessary for any business that wants to succeed. Especially if you have recently ventured into business, you might want to set your website up in a reasonable way. And what better way than using a website template for your e-commerce?

You don’t have to worry about hiring coders or anything else. Instead, you can conveniently pick from thousands of ready-made and attractive website templates.

Apart from saving your significant capital and time, there are many benefits of using templates for e-commerce business. Below you can read the ten key benefits:

  1. Convenient set-up

    Templates are easy to use for people with different levels of development experience. So, even if you are not a coder, you can still use the template and build your online store.

    And to provide you with a convenience of setting up your website, the template comes with a lot of built-in functionality.

    It includes numerous plug-ins, widgets, and other options which enables a novice developer easily set-up the website. In simple words, the template offers you a framework where you can put all your website content.

  2. Quick installation and time to market

    quick installation and time to market

    Time saved is as good as money saved and when it comes to setting up your website using the template, then you can indeed save both. Templates allow you to get your e-commerce running in a matter of a couple of hours, unlike, custom ecommerce website designing that can take from days to a few months.

    If you are a new business and quickly want to launch your website, then templates can indeed accomplish the purpose. But, of course, you need to have images and website content ready beforehand. And then, your website will be up in no time.

  3. You get what you see

    When you see a ready-made website template, you need not use your imagination to picture how your website will look. The template is exactly how your site will look. Of course, after putting in different images and content, the beauty of it will get enhanced further.

    You don’t need to worry whether or not the developer will deliver an exact website you desire. Nor do you have to wait until the site goes through numerous changes until its final look.

    There’s no guesswork needed when it comes to using website templates because you get what you see.

  4. Saves you significant money

    One of the most significant benefits of website template is the cost-saving. The website developers today demand hefty fees to build a customized website.

    And as a business that’s just starting, you might not have enough capital, or you might want to use it to fulfil your business needs. And even if you hire ecommerce web designers to assemble your site using templates, it will still cost you far less money when compared to custom web designing.

    In the end, you can get an attractive and professional-looking website affordably.

  5. Visually Pleasing Website

    visually pleasing website

    There are numerous benefits of having a beautiful website, and the good news is, you can have them allowing to website templates. Such a website holds the attention of the website visitors.

    Keep in mind that 75% of the website credibility comes from the overall appearance of your website. It means a beautiful website can develop trust with your potential customers and clients.

    It can further lead to more conversions for your business and more revenues too. That’s how you can get a visually appealing website for your business using a template.

  6. Plethora of Options Available

    When you are planning to use website templates, you get blessed with an abundance of choices. There are countless designs and packages available on the internet to cater to every business.

    Whether your business deals with electronics, entertainment, healthcare, sports, or any other industry, you are sure to find a template that suits your business. All you need to do is browse through different templates and choose the one that best represents your brand.

  7. Excellent functionality

    Website templates provide you with a multitude of useful built-in functions to power up your website. The templates offer built-in pages such as home, services, about, and contact, etc.

    Some templates can also provide you with extra features like a portfolio or gallery to flaunt your product/services pictures. It may also have engaging options like blog, newsletter, etc.

    Templates that get specially designed for e-commerce come with unique features too, like, online payments, online ordering, and live chat support too. In all such ways, templates can give you excellent functionality that renders a full-fledged website.

  8. Reliable Support

    reliable support

    When you are building your website using templates, you may likely face doubts during or after the website set-up. But fret not, as you can avail of support from your template provider at all times.

    You might get your doubts resolved with the help of tutorials, telephonic assistance, forums, or through a ticket system. Some providers also offer direct support at the cost of some additional fees.

    Building your e-commerce store using the template is indeed an easy job, but in case you face any issues, you can always have reliable support.

  9. Timely updates

    When you purchase a template, you are sure to get timely updates on new themes, and features. It not only keeps your website updated with the latest features but also keeps it more secure.

    The upgrades enhance the support system and its there for you whenever you face a problem with the website. Further, the updates strengthen the safety of your website by adding the latest safety features.

  10. SEO optimized

    seo optimized

    Your website must be search engine compatible. The search engine is where people put their search queries; it can be about a product or service that you are selling. So, if your website is compatible with the search engine, then it appears in the results for people to find it.

    Website templates come with built-in SEO friendly features and parameters. It helps you attract more customers to your website and get more business. You don’t even need to spend on SEO services differently when you are using website templates for your e-commerce business.

To sum it up

Those were the ten benefits of using website templates for your e-commerce business. The templates are easy to install and get running. You also get to choose from thousands of templates and pick the one that goes well with your brand’s theme.

You should know that 38% of people would stop engaging with your website if its design or layout is unattractive. But, thanks to the abundance of attractive templates, you can choose the one that pleases the eyes of your customers.

Enlist the assistance of a professional eCommerce web design company They will ensure that these templates turn out to be a good friend for your e-commerce business and lead to a phenomenal online shopping experience.



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