Causes and Solutions of Increased SKU in ecommerce stores

causes and solutions of increased sku in ecommerce stores
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The B2C ecommerce websites have large number of SKUs. E-commerce companies having larger SKUs are prone to threat in user experience and many technical complexities. If you are an owner of B2C eCommerce store, there are some significant factors you should look.

Primarily, you should know how increased SKU affect customer experience?

When the number of SKUs increases, proper site navigation for your customers will be a tedious process and challenging as well. If you fail to guide your customers throughout the shopping processes, they will be easily distracted. Chances are there they are dazed by this enormous information on products thereby leaves your site.

Some of the common problems with a large number of SKU's are:

The slow speed of a site

the slow speed of a site

More extensive product catalogs affect the speed of eCommerce sites. Every product will be loaded with numerous images, product description, product code, etc. which leads to the considerable slowdown of your site. The slow site will make the customers impatient and leaves the website. Always make sure that the online store load quickly.

Solutions for the problem are;

1. Reduce the page size

The page size is one of the essential element that slowdowns the speed of the website. A webpage includes all aspects such as images, java scripts, CSS, etc. Smaller the page, higher the site speeds. Avoid larger objects in the page and build pages by remembering the loading times.

2. Specify image dimensions

Specifying the image dimensions is another solution that can be used to increase the speed of your site. Dimensions such as the length and width of the image shall be mentioned. It helps the browser to create placeholders in the picture to load both image and page at the same time. The eCommerce business owners who do not upload the image dimensions force the entire browser to load before it can start another function and it slows down the site.


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3. Use compressed data

Utilizing Gzip or other data compressing software help you to increase the speed of websites. As they reduce the actual size of the entire data, your site will be short and content centered while the image quality will remain unaltered. The data is compressed on the server side before it is returned to the client per the request. Files can be compressed only by changing configuration files.

4. Avoid redirects on your site

Preventing redirect during loading your sites will be another significant factor that can be done to increase the speed of the site. Each redirect act as a separate request to the server that increases the loading time. Many of the retailers include redirects from many links. This will confuse the customers and as they use e-commerce shopping websites for saving time, they won’t invest their time to go through such links. So it is better to avoid many redirects instead try to put new direct URLs.

Poor e-commerce performance

poor ecommerce performance

One of the second challenging issues is the expansion of your e-commerce platform. For an increased ecommerce customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction, your shopping cart platform should be flourished, and they should be able to support your needs. Expanding your product inventory with more products and if you can’t manage the elements such as color, size, etc. you are forced to spend a considerable amount of time in updating product by product.

The solution to the problem is;

1. Find Suitable eCommerce Platforms

You have to find out which eCommerce platform suitable for your company more. Magento, shopify, bigcommerce are excellent choices for scaling eCommerce websites as they are highly customizable, possess several extensions for streamline business operations.

2. Use a project manager from your office and hire virtual assistant from an outsourcing company

Increasing SKU, you need to keep your store more professionally for your customers. Before start your online store, you should have a complete idea as following

1. How much products do you have?

2. How you are going to treat it?

3. Will you keep vendor SKU or new SKU format?

4. How much products will list in near future?

5. To whom you are going to assign to manage the store?

6. Looking outsourcing service to grow your online store business?

If you find solutions for all these questions, you can move your online store successfully at maximum limit.

Do you have enough outsourcing projects questions before you move forward, clear all.

Poor searching abilities and its Solution

poor searching abilities and its solution

Having a large number of products on your online store will confuse your customers searching for their favourite ones quickly. Taking care of these issues will help you gain immense customer satisfaction, an increase in average order value and a decrease in customer acquisition cost. When they can get their desired products as soon as possible, there is an increased chance for them to purchase more with excellent customer experience. This increase in the purchase of products on your website makes them cheaper to get. Along with these the suggestions given in the search bar depending on the searcher’s keyword and the filters that help to segregate the products makes the product suggestions significant and makes the search more comfortable for the customers.

But the problem with this lies in the low customer acquisition cost. When customers get flexible to find their desired products the new customer acquisition decreases. You need to spend only a little money if your average order value increases.

Confusing site navigation

confusing site navigation

Your website navigation should be ideal and well-designed as it will decide the first impression about your website in customers. Your website navigation should be good enough to attract your customers. Even though you have many SKUs, presenting them to your customers is all that matters. If you fail to navigate your website, it can cause a significant impact in the purchasing. They will quickly get confused with diverse product choices and leaves from your online store.

Solution to the problem is;

One of the better is the solution is categorizing the products using filters and layered navigation. Filters such as size, color, brand, price, etc. can be included that can incorporate various SKU’s with refined design as well.

Displaying products with subcategories are another solution for this. The products can be categorized by product type and later can be subcategorized under various particulars.

The perfectly designed navigation will enhance the purchase of the customers by allowing them to find their desired products quickly according to the categorization.

Poor product SEO

Increased number of SKUs leads to the overwhelming of a significant design standard by a large number of products. The only thing you have to do for enhancing customer experience is maintaining a hierarchy of information on your product pages. It helps your customers to find the exact product they are searching. It shows the search engine exactly the information on the page for displaying them in search engine result pages. An ideal product page will contain various views of your product, perfect description and title that enhance your customer experience. Your product description should be unique, and the product title should be identified as a keyword for better access.

By focusing on these aspects, sure you can offer your customers a pleasing user experience, even with enough SKU.


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