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How much productively list products in your online store

how much productively list products in your online store
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With online stores, one of the key benefits for you is that a surfeit of products can be offered. You can display just a few dozens of products or else several hundreds and thousands of products. Making people buy from you is where the success of your business lies. So, it is obvious that the way you list your products is crucial.

Understand key customer concerns and address them

When it comes to purchasing a product customer is concerned about two things- whether the product can solve his problem or can the product best satisfy his needs. You have to convince people reaching your website and assuring a positive response for the said two concerns are imperative.

Say, in case if your home page lists all the main categories of products, the visitor can easily understand what all products you are selling. We do the same and direct visitors on your store to perfect product listing thus making them more prolific for you.

If you want to impact your customers, regularly update your online store. It will positively influence them. On the other hand if the store stay static with outdated and wrong information, it can invite trouble. You very well know what can happen if someone contacts you for a product you were selling few months back. A negative customer experience can bring you lot of damage, especially in this era of social media booming.

Providing some great offers, freebies or coupon codes on special days keeps customers attracted as well as loyal towards you.

You have to in fact support a customer reaching your store to select the most appropriate product for him. This is just like what a salesman in a typical physical store do.

Peeking into your competitor’s website can help you immensely. Check how the online store data is structured. This can either guide you or at least inspire you to arrange products in a more creative, stylish and beautiful manner.

Listing products- the attributes you use

It is obvious that if you succeed in showing the needed product sooner, chances to get sales are very high. So, products must be listed in proper categories and sub-categories. A careful study and enough effort as well as time should be invested to sort out products and list in online store based on different reasonable attributes. Some of the common attributes that customers consider for narrowing down their searches are price range, size, color, material, and type etc.

Showing your products- the images you use

Use large product images and avail zooming facility in such a way that the buyer can get as much as closer to the product as it is possible without actually touching it. Images that are fuzzy with poor quality send signals to the website visitors that the products too are of poor quality. Better and bigger product images have the potential to increase conversion even to or above 300%. Certain case studies point towards inevitability of apex quality images.

Large and high resolution images with white background is recommended. Use zoom features and assure that users get a view of even the minutest details. Users should be provided the facility to scroll between different images.

You can also furnish PDFs, diagrams and catalogs that showcase product particularities more clearly and precisely. This can bestow the visitor with a meticulous idea about your product.

Describing your products- the words you use

Product description is very important when it comes to listing. You should include in an extremely descriptive manner for each and every product. Make use of enticing phrases like “perfect gift”, “built to last” and “bundle of possibilities” etc. Try to create a sense of urgency and pleasure by using buzzwords such as “free deal based on first come first serve basis”, “best offer ever”and “grab today” etc. Words should be compelling but the pressure should be applied in a pleasant manner. Language used must be simple and it should be a pleasure to read.

You must assure that accurate information such as product specifications, manufacturer details and product reviews are added.

When a customer reaches your physical store, he will definitely be having a lot of queries to be rectified about the products. As you are physically present you can answer to all the questions but still you will do everything possible to minimise the effort and display maximum information by putting posters, stickers or categorizing wisely.

At the same time, someone reaching your online store is not getting in direct contact with you or your products. They are just viewing and reading the details. So, providing maximum possible details in advance is unavoidable so that they don’t fall in dilemma because of any doubts. Make sure that you have an online chat system alert 24/7 for customer support. In addition to the said, update inventory regularly.

If the above points are kept in mind, you can surely come up with something really effective when it comes to product listing.

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