13 Compelling Reasons for Profitable eCommerce Data Entry

14 reasons why it is profitable to outsource ecommerce product data entry services
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If your online retail business is focused on growth, then it needs an excellent presence to make a good impression.

The intense competition in this space means that you need to have a robust online store that elevates user experience and keeps you at the forefront in ensuring business success for you. A key element in your venture's success is the presence of rich information about every single product.

Without this informative detail, the shopper doesn't know much about the product. Hence, she cannot gain trust over the quality of the product displayed on your store's site.

Without this trust, your chances of successful conversion and sales go down significantly. With 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020, it is unwise to ignore their purchasing prowess.

Why is data entry time intensive for ecommerce business?

But, as an eCommerce store owner, you will understand the immense amount of data to be added or updated on the store on a daily basis. They know that 85% of shoppers spend time conducting online research before they make an online purchase. Hence the need for rich product information to sway purchase decisions. There are many tasks like image upload, product description update, latest pricing update, and adding deals and offers to each product. The sheer amount of time spent on these tasks can be overwhelming.

Your team will need to spend many hours working on these tasks. As a result, you will not have much time for other critical eCommerce activities.

If you feel that you are spending way too much time on your ecommerce product listing jobs, then don't worry. There is a perfect solution exclusively to cater to your needs.

Why outsource data entry to experts?

Experts in eCommerce data entry can take up this task and carry out an efficient and accurate job with the data entry work.

As a result, your online store stays up-to-date at all times. You can drive excellent customer experience in ecommerce store that has the latest information on all products with the most recent prices and information.

The fast work and high degree of precision on the job mean that these data entry agencies help you elevate the overall experience you provide to the shoppers. Your team will be freed up to do what they do best – i.e., bring more sales for the business and help it grow beyond expectations.

When your team gets freed up from the daunting tasks, it can focus on core business and growth areas. At the same time, third-party vendors can offer excellent support on data entry services for thousands of products in a timely and effective manner.

They can carry out vital tasks like:

  • Online catalog building, conversion, and indexing
  • Grouping and categorizing based on features and prices
  • Option arrangement process professionally
  • Image upload and use of enhanced images
  • Updating data of each product, deleting obsolete products, and adding new product information

Let us check the advantages of outsourcing agencies?

advantages of outsourcing agencies

You may wonder what the benefits of delegating data entry to third party vendors are. In this blog, we will cover the various benefits your business receives when you outsource this part of the company to an experienced agency.

  1. Focus on core competencies

    As a business owner, you should understand the importance of data entry for your e-commerce store.

    Because when your entire team spends all its time on just this one task, it becomes challenging to run a sustainable business. If you get an in-house team, it increases the cost of salaries, infrastructure, and career management.

    When you outsource data entry service of your ecommerce store, you can save a phenomenal amount of time and effort. This step not only brings down your cost but also lets your team focus on other critical business activities and customer servicing.

  2. High degree of accuracy

    The third-party agency has been in the business of bulk data entry for years, and this is what they do every single day.

    As a result, they have gained a lot of proficiency in highly accurate services. This advantage is hard to build in an in-house team. The reason for this is that it has to look after a lot of different aspects of eCommerce operations and management.

    The third-party agency has skills in entering the right information such as SKU, images, color, and other details about the product features. The presence of accurate information creates trust in the shoppers’ minds and influences their purchase decision.

  3. Helps in price comparison

    A shopper spends time comparing prices of the same product on different platforms. If your store doesn’t have the accurate and most up-to-date prices displayed, it can lead to a potential sale opportunity.

    A ecommerce data entry experts will source different prices from different stores and offer this information to make pricing updates at the right time.

    Such an expert will help shoppers to compare prices with competitors and thus help them in the purchase decision.

  4. Superior product description writing

    superior product description writing

    You can avail of high quality and compelling product description writing. With the captivating content, it helps sway the purchase decision in favor of your online retail store.

    The content team can help with a detailed product description that acts as the sales pitch for your product and make a distinct impression on the shoppers.

    87% of consumers rate product content extremely or essential when deciding to buy online. Hence, you can drive up conversion process with the help of high- quality product descriptions for eCommerce.

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  5. Accurate product categorization

    Precise categorization of the product helps in faster product discovery for shoppers. This USP is enabled with the agency’s capability to correctly categorize products and placed as per product attributes.

    An agency will help with the correct product type based on SKU. They will carry out an in-depth review of every single product added to the store to verify the accuracy of the categorization.

    The agency’s competency in driving quality product taxonomy ensures that customers can quickly navigate across the various categories and buy the product that best suits their needs.

  6. Scalable as per the store’s requirement

    The eCommerce store can easily scale up operations when it knows that an external vendor can align additional resources for the same.

    The data entry services expert can align extra team members as per the client’s needs. As a result, the client need not look for a last-minute addition to the data entry team. It knows that the agency can scale up operations in this area, depending on the client’s needs and workloads.

    With this USP, clients can rely on the third party agency to pay for only those resources that it needs as per their specific business requirements at any particular point in time.

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  7. Expertise


    Many online retailers are overwhelmed with data entry needs for a bulk volume of products.

    When this task is outsourced to a professional agency, then bulk product data entry services become efficient and accurate. Right from attributes (description, size, features, and price) to proper product classification, they do it all.

    They can also help with time-consuming tasks like batch image upload and adding variants based on factors like size, color, or patterns.

  8. Improved productivity

    An in-house team will need time to be productive with the eCommerce data entry. They cannot display the efficiency, accuracy, or productivity of a professional company in data entry services from day one of their jobs.

    This is why it makes perfect sense to outsource the work of data entry services to an expert agency.

    Such an agency will help to carry out high volume data entry services for a large number of products on a daily basis. They display fantastic efficiency and accuracy with this task. As an outcome, you get 100% productivity when you delegate the data entry services to an expert.

  9. Time zone advantages

    time zone advantages

    Imagine if you have a team that works on data entry services even after office hours? This USP is the time zone advantage you get when you outsource the data entry work to a proficient expert based in a country like India.

    Indian companies offer 24x7 eCommerce data entry services. They will work on the bulk upload of information-rich product data even when it is night time in your time zone. As a result, you can ensure a faster turnaround of data entry process. This way, you can get the work completed well ahead of time.

  10. Communication advantages

    A reliable third party agency that has native English speaking capabilities is another advantage that works in favor of this form of engagement.

    They are fluent in the English language and can convey their queries or doubts clearly.

    There is absolutely no scope of miscommunication with the client in the US or Europe, as they understand the language well and have the ability to understand what the client is communicating.

  11. Adding new items or removing discontinued products

    Adding new products or removing discontinued products from the online store needs strategic analysis and proven process so that the activity happens without causing any downtime or error to any other pages in the website.

    You may need to add several new products from different manufacturers many times a day. A data entry professional would ensure smooth addition to the store without affecting its other functionalities

    Alternatively, you may want to take an item down from the store that is discontinued or out of stock. The team ensures that it doesn't come up anywhere in the display or search within the store.

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  12. Cross-platform product management

    Your business may spread across from your own store to other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The experts ensure that your products are successfully listed on different platforms with consistent information and pricing details.

    You simply have to mention your requirements to the professionals, and they will take the necessary steps to ensure product listing across these various retail marketplaces.

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  13. Smart Order & inventory management

    The experts ensure streamlined order & inventory management services. It provides 100% customer satisfaction with successful order fulfillment. The store remains well-stocked without any issues of under-stocking or over-stocking of any product.

    With accurate order management and inventory management, this service becomes a critical enabler to ensure the store's success.

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To sign off

Your eCommerce store needs an adequate amount of rich quality data to make an impact on shoppers and influence their purchase decision.

Such data includes images, product descriptions, features, and specifications. The time and effort needed to keep the store updated are huge.

Professional data entry services experts can help you save time and effort. They can do bulk data entry services and prove to be a cost-efficient option.

Companies like Intellect Outsource can be a great choice in providing high quality and accurate data entry services. They can cater to hundreds of products on a daily basis. Connect with them to enable



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