How to add products in Woocommerce

add simple product in woocommerce stores
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Benefits of outsourcing Woocommerce store development to Intellect Outsource.

Woocommerce is the most used ecommerce platform in the world to open an online store.

Adding a product to Woocommerce stores is not a difficult task. However, it is better to know all the fields and add your first product. This tutorial blog has explained I very simple and step-by-step.

9 Steps to Adding Product in Woocommerce Website:

  • Step 1: Add New Products

    step 1 add new product

    Click on: All Products -> Add New

    Here is the entry of your new product begins.

    You have the names of the products as shown in the (Step2-name.jpeg) image below

  • Step 2: Add Product Name

    add product name

    Let's update. When naming a product, try to use names that are more appropriate and include keywords.

  • Steps 3: Add Product Description

    The description of the products can be beautifully included below the name. Instead of using the description itself as data is obtained, the necessary additions and the appropriate use of HTML will help to make the description beautiful.

    add product description
  • Step 4: Add Product General Information

    woocommerce product general information
    1. General

      Regular Price : This is the standard or Normal price of the product

      Sales Price : if the items have a discount price, you can use Sale Price. This will also allow you to rearrange the list from what date and for how many days.

      Tax Status : Taxable / Shipping only / None

      Tax Class : Choose which tax class should be applied

      add sales regular price tax in wocommerce
    2. Inventory :

      This is the part used to update the SKU, Stock and Stock status of the products. It can be updated very easily as in the print screen shot below

      inventory enable stock of a item woocommerce
    3. Shipping :

      Weight – Weight of the product.

      Dimensions – Length, width and height informations

      Shipping Class – No Shipping Class /LTL Freight / UPS Ground Services

      add item shipping woocommerce
    4. Linked Products

      It is the part used to update Cross-sells and Upsells. But it isn't easy to use this feature without understanding what cross-selling and upselling is. So if you look at the e-commerce ideas blog sections, you will find many blogs that can help you make your online store a success.

      woocommerce cross sell upsell
    5. Attributes

      Attributes are used to accurately convey the additional characteristics of a product.

      All types of attributes and its values can be derived first as required in the woocommerce store.

      Once it is derived, you can easily select and use the attribute you need.

      For example, suppose the additional features of a product are Color and Size. Take a look at the example below

      Select Attribute Tab

      • If you have created Color Attribute, you can select attribute from dropdown.
      • Click on Add Button to assign attribute.
      woocommerce product general information

      Select Color values by searching on “Select terms” section

      You can easily add attribute values in Woocommerce stores as shown in the sample below.

      step3 attribute management woocommerce 2
      step3 attribute management woocommerce 3

      If you need to add new attribute values, type value on “Select terms” section and click on Add New button right below the “Select terms” section

      step3 attribute management woocommerce 5
      step3 attribute management woocommerce 4
  • Step 5: Add Product Short Description

    Users can use the short description to get to know the product very quickly by using the most essential note of the product.

    add short description
  • Step 6: Add Categories in Woocommerce Store

    The categories and subcategories are listed on the right hand side of the admin panel. Your products can be listed in different categories as needed

    product catagory in woocommerce

    If the category for the product is not listed, you can click on the "Add New Category" link to create the new category you want.

    After adding the category name you want in the text box that appears first and selecting the parent category, you can easily create the categories you want in the Woocommerce stores

    product catagory in woocommerce 2
  • Step 7: Add Product Images

    Three types of product images can be listed in Woocommerce stores

    Product Image

    Product thumbnails

    Catalog Images – Used for Product Category pages, Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells

    The product image is the most important image of a product. The images you want can be uploaded to the store and then set as the main image.

    add product images woocommerce
    select main product image woocommerce

    Part of the product image setting is designed to be very different and useful to users. Once the image has been uploaded, the product editing feature is used to retrieve the images with the features included in the online store itself such as Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Crop, Filp Vertical and Flip Horizontal.

  • Step 8: Add product gallery images

    A product can have many images to satisfy the users. The product gallery images section can be used to list all the additional images for the products.

    You can easily re-order product images by drag and drop as you wish to display in the front end product pages.

  • Step 9: Last Step Publish Product

    Product publishing section available on the right-hand side of the window as follows

    publish product


Adding simple products is very easy. The admin panel in Woommerce stores is configured in such a way that users can easily add products. I hope you all understand how to add simple product in woocommerce stores through the step by step tutorial above.

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