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How to Add Products into Magento 2 Store Platform

how to add products in magento 2 store
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Magento 2 product management is available with more features when compared to Magento 1.0, which are essential for eCommerce platforms. Magento 1 community edition allows only for doing small and medium-sized businesses, but Magento 2 platform deals nearly infinite levels of ecommerce business. Also, the Magento 2 is designed and built very user friendly and included advanced technology that makes it function faster and easier than Magento 1.

Let us have a look at overview on importing product into your Magento 2 Store.

Step 1

Please log in to your admin section
Click on Products > Catalog from the main admin panel.

magento 2 products catalog

Step 2

Then you will find Add Product orange button, click on it
You will find numerous fields that are required to be filled based on the product we are looking to add.

magento 2 add new products

Step 3

magento 2 products details page layout

* Product Name - Input the product title here
* SKU - Input product code provided by manufacturer / Vendor
* Price - Input product price
* These fields are mandatory for adding product into store

Continue to fill the following fields

  • Tax Class - The Tax Class for the product
  • Quantity – Input total number of products in stock
  • Weight – Input product weight
  • Categories – Here, Category listing is more user-friendly in Magento 2 than in Magento 1. In Magento 1, it is very difficult to find in which categories, products are listed. But Magento 2 simplify the category structure in products
  • Description – Input Product detailed information
  • Images and Videos – Input product main image/product video. Also, you can add multiple product image taken in different for your customer.

Search Engine Optimization

magento 2 search engine optimization

  • URL Key – You can create your own SEO based URL
  • Meta Title – Title of the web/product page (Title including limiting 65 characters helpful for better search engine optimization)
  • Meta Keywords – Keywords helpful for SEO (Optional) (Keywords include words included in product title and categories)
  • Meta Description – Describes the content of the product page for SEO (Optional)

Step 4

magento 2 new product save

Save on the Save orange button on top. The product is now added to your Magento 2 store
These are the steps you have to follow to add a new product into your store. Isn’t it simple method to add product into Magento 2?

Now let’s look on few of the highlighted advanced features in Magneto 2 giving more advantages:

magento 2 customizable options

Customizable Options: The one of the advanced advantage of Magento 2 is we can add infinite number of options we need. So this is great technique to avail customers to choose as many options from one product page.

Attributes: Comparing Magento 2 with Magento 1, Magento 2 allows attribute adding easily from product page itself, which is not available in Magento 1.

Image: In Magento 2, image can be easily dragged, instead of adding it one by one. So comparing to Magento 1, this dragging process is very easier to add images to the products.

Design: You can view and feel that in Magento 2 backend all features are set in Accordion manner, which seems very user friendly.

So don’t you feel how much easy and user friendly it is to handle Magento 2 to add products into your online store?

Adding products into magento 2 store one by one is very time consuming. Therefore we recommend you that if you are a beginner on Magento platform, you can download the template and populate product data according to the export file. You can process bulk Magento product data entry using appropriate template and import products in a hassle-free manner.

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