How to Add Products to Shopify - Step by Step Guide

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Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platform that let you start, grow and manage an ecommerce business. Shopify allows anyone to setup a store and sell their products online or in person. However every beginner needs awareness about how the process can be done in shopify. Adding a product is the first step in this process.

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Are you a beginner in shopify?

Let’s check, how can we add a new product in shopify!

You can add or update the information of the products as per your needs. Here we are going behind adding a new product in shopify.

several steps to follow in order to add a new product


Step 1 - Choose Products Option

After logged into shopify admin, go to the navigation bar on the left side. Choose ‘Products’ option on the bar. Then choose ‘All Products’ option in the list.


Products > All products

shopify all product list


Step 2 - Add product

From the product page just click the ‘Add Product’ button on the right top


shopify add product


Step 3 - Enter additional details

Enter the title of the product along with the additional details.


shopify add titile


Step 4 - Save

Click ‘Save’ button on the right top


shopify save product

These are the steps to add a product to shopify. You can add several additional details like Types while you add a product.

shopify product type

You can simply add product type by editing products one by one or else you can import it along with products, It’s far better than editing one by one.

You can similarly add Collection and Tagsjust like this. To know more check our blog below

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While selling these products you will gain customers and you can keep this customer DB in your store. Shopify also provides importing and exporting of customers. If you have a customer list that you want to use in Shopify, you can enter it into a customer CSV file and then import it in your Shopify admin. You can also use the customer CSV template to build a new customer list.


Several steps are there to Import/Export a customer


  1. Log In to your shopify account
  2. In the left navigation menu click ‘Customer’ option
  3. Click ‘Export/Import’ as per your need
    shopify customers import export
  4. You can select the option in the list as per your need and click on ‘Export Customer’. Same as in the way of importing a customer.
    shopify export customers

Adding bulk products one by one is not an easy task. It will consume more time and effort. Importing products in bulk will help you to save your time and effort.

Are you excited to know how to bulk import products into shopify store? Let’s have a look!


Step 1 - All Products

After logged into shopify admin, go to the navigation bar on the left side. Choose ‘Products’ option on the bar. Then choose ‘All Products’ option in the list.

All Products List in Dashboard


Step 2 - Import

Click on the ‘Import’ button


shopify import product


Step 3 - Choose File

Browse your desired file from your system by clicking ‘Choose File’ and after choosing it click ‘Upload File’ button.


shopify product csv import

You just have to follow only these simple steps in order to process in bulk.


As a beginner to shopify, now you are aware how to start the process to ignite the engine. Adding products to your store is the first step of your task. You have already seen the methods to add products and the advantages of these methods. By choosing the bulk import, you can save your time and efforts. Intellect Outsource provides efficient product data entry and ecommerce product data upload services to all global customers and help them to fulfil their needs with complete responsibility.

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