How to automate e-commerce successfully?

automate ecommerce successfully
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Implementing automation can be useful if you have an in-depth knowledge of the real issues linked with implementing it. Have no idea how to list the products like experts. Or make good use of inventory and order management.

Now, almost every firm is entering the online domain due to the phenomenal demand. In fact, it has become possible to start an e-commerce store with very little funding. But, not every e-commerce store has the proper grasp of various aspects related to automation. And this results in a failure during the execution process.

Anytime someone starts an online store, the following notions linger in their minds:

  • How can I automate the product entry?
  • Is there any cheapest e-commerce product automation software in the market?
  • How can I create a fully automated e-commerce business?
  • How can I automate inventory management?
  • How can I automate the order process?
  • How can I automate the invoicing process?

Now the vital step here is to find good software that has answers to these questions as quickly as possible. In fact, how to implement automation successfully is the first thing people start thinking about after investing a lot of money in the venture.

Are outsourcing firms feasible for automation?

Data entry has become rare in all the outsourcing firms now.

Almost every e-commerce solutions outsourcing firms can unite various changes. Right from the latest techs to automating VBA, PHP and scraping. This is because they are familiar with managing the e-commerce platforms. This means, outsourcing the automation needs will help you reach your business goals credibly.

Besides, the use and demand for artificial intelligence have grown in the market, too.

So, many e-commerce owners have questions, like:

Will it be possible to scrape 10,000 product data along with the layered navigation data from the site and list it on the online store within a week?

If a job requires scraping or extracting product data from the vendor website followed by arranging and organizing it on the e-commerce site, what will be the cost for two vendors with 2000 items?

Well, all have their set of question. That is why every retailer strives harder. This way they offer all types of services on time while making profits. But, in case of acute urgency, the work is handed to others without knowing how the products are listed.

But when you assign such a task to the experts, you will get assistance in extracting the product data as soon as possible. This means they will also format it on your store as you request in a professional manner.

If you get attracted to automation software or use freelancers, then you may end up losing the online store’s professionalism. Here your profits may turn into a loss. Plus, you won’t be able to achieve success.

Let us take a look at some of the ads:

If you come across such ads, you may want to talk with the firm’s executive and implement the features without thinking twice. But when you take a closer look down the line, you realize that the products listed in the store aren’t aligned as per your e-commerce platform.

For instance, recently, 17,000 products were added to a retailers Bigcommerce e-commerce Platform Store. This was done with the help of various companies. All of these 17,000 products were taken and added by freelancers. Then the firm approached Intellect Outsource to add a few products representing a new brand. Sadly, there were problems with many orders. On a closer survey, it was found that not all the products were added as per the request of Bigcommerce firm.

When adding a product with various options and variants, it is vital to add it as a custom option. Likewise, various optional products are added as single products. Once these errors were pointed. The retailer understood the difficulty of automation.

Well, we aren’t saying that automation or scraping is a bad thing. But, it is key that only vital and orderly data is listed on your e-commerce stores after the process.

As it is visible in the ads, the extraction method may be done well. But, when these extracted data arrives at your e-commerce store. They need to be uploaded in a manner that suits best for your e-commerce store.

For instance, if a user using the Magneto platform wishes to list PDF or other files on the product pages, then he will ask for advice from the top module development firm. The user may end up buying and installing the lowest-priced extension. Here the user is wasting time and money. Plus, he is also hurting the store’s performance. This is because he has no knowledge of its functionality. So, if you think this method is easy. The trust us, only a proper grasp on the topic will prove lucrative.

When you hire an e-commerce data entry specialist with skill in managing e-commerce, you can encounter successful automation. Right from product data, order, inventory and customer management of your store will run smoothly.

Benefits of e-commerce automation

  1. With e-commerce automation in place. You can keep your staff productive. Staffs can use their time to engage with the customers.
  2. Your staff can use their spare time more creatively. They can use it for the expansion of your brand. The knowledge of Sales reps and e-commerce experts can be mixed with the marketing team. This will help in creating an effective marketing strategy.
  3. Automation makes buying easy. The process becomes convenient, too. It customers find it easy to manage their orders. Track the shipping. And do stress-free returns. This means you build customer loyalty.
  4. Manually feeding huge amount of ever-changing data can lead to errors. But with automation, that issue can be solved easily.
  5. You may have a simple process in place. But, repetitive tasks can be time-consuming. With automation, time can be saved. And unwanted bottlenecks can be avoided.
  6. With automation, you can set low and high order limits. This way, you can set goals. And make plans to reach them easily.

Intellect Outsource has been offering e-commerce solutions for over a decade now. We know that Automation and scraping are very vital aspects. So, when you contact us for your e-commerce project, we start it only after a full discussion with you.

This way, it becomes easy for us to strive harder. And offer 100% success in your e-commerce projects. We are known among our clients for offering automation and scraping responsibly.


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