How to create product Listing in eBay?

how to list products on ebay
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You must promote details about the item to advertise it on Ebay. A typical ebay product listing has the following details: a title, picture, summary, price, form of payment, and delivery information.

Create and register an item listing using eBay's Sell Your Thing form. See Selling - Please Read the following if you start selling on eBay.

How to make a listing

Clicking the Selling button in the upper right of almost any eBay page will take you to a Selling Your Items form.

Fill out the form to Sell Your Stuff.

You will be required to:
  • Select a section.

    To choose the best area for your goods, enter parameters in the "What do you intend selling?" search box before clicking the "Begin Selling" link.
  • Create a compelling title tag for your listing.

    As buyers typically search listings depending on their titles, this is important. Clear, comprehensive, and informative specifications will aid in selling your product. Make sure that the photos and listing information are all HTTPS-secured.
  • Include more item details.

    Include more item details inside a category to help shoppers discover your product. There are no item specifications for all subcategories.
  • Upload images

    Include pictures of your product that are of high quality and are lit equitably to help sell it. With Ebay Photo Services, you may edit and improve images.
  • Choosing a listing format

    You may become a more effective seller by being aware of the various bidding and set price forms and their pricing alternatives. Decide on a price - This entails choosing a beginning price and pricing choices like purchase It now and the minimum bid to assist you in receiving the price you desire for your item.
  • Choose a listing timeframe.

    Your listing's duration might range from one to ten days. The average sale listing is for 7 days.
  • Describe the payment process.

    Choose the forms of payment you will accept: Your buyer may pay you instantly with ease using Payment Gateway, Apple Pay, PayPal, lines of credit, or card payments, allowing you to publish your item more quickly.
  • Describe shipment details

    Provide details about your ship-to locations and the shipping companies you provide. Indicate the processing time based on how long it will take to dispatch your goods following approved payment. This clarifies customers when they anticipate receiving their purchase.
  • Make your return policy clear.

    We advise accepting returns since customers feel more secure purchasing from merchants who provide return policies. Even so, you must state in your listing that you will not recognize returns as per company policy. If you do not indicate one, eBay will choose a default refund policy.
  • Upgrades to certain listings

    Bold, highlighted, and bordered listing enhancements can help advertise your item.

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You only need to include the title, summary, and product cost. The time you spend responding to buyer inquiries will be reduced by including images, information about payment methods, transportation, and your return policy.

  • Check out you’re listing. Your listing page's preview will be displayed. Click the "Edit marking" link if you see anything that requires modification. (Optional)
  • Check the "Save this complete list as a template" box to turn the listing into a template.
  • To record your item on Ebay, click Category Item for Sale.

Please note that if you begin a new complete list inside the Sell, Your Product form yet cannot complete it, eBay can save it as an unfinished draft so that you can complete it at some later time. Select the Sell button near the top of most eBay pages, followed by the product title link, to complete your draught listing.

What products should You advertise using Promoted Listings?

It would be best to use tact when choosing which products to promote. There will be some things that come out spontaneously and some things that need more thought.

A suitable fit for promoted listings may be:
  • New product categories.
  • Fresh listing concepts like kits and variations.
  • Seasonal products.
  • Liquidating old brand portfolios.
  • Products that have a strong current market.

You can quickly build a solid sales history for new items and product combinations, which also benefits your organic Best Match rating. In addition, iterative improvements may be made more rapidly, and the market can be tested. Ordinary, unpromoted listings may have difficulty rising to the top of the search results page and offer insufficient information to allow for an accurate evaluation of their performance.

Is listing on eBay worth it?

Sponsored Listings are an excellent technique for increasing the visibility of your products in search results and may have a significant positive effect on sales. Sponsored Listings might not result in as many more sales as you want, but they should continue to have an impact, depending on how strong your consumer segment is.

eBay Sponsored Listings are neither keyword- nor auction-based, unlike Amazon PPC advertisements or Google AdWords. By design, it is a far more basic tool. You set your advertising rate and wait to see what transpires.

It would help if you utilized it wisely. You should not "set and forget" about it or use it as an excuse for other issues; otherwise, you risk being caught in a cycle of rising costs and declining revenue.

So, does it function? Yes. Does each Promoted listing ignite a global conflagration? No. Promoted Listings can boost your sales and aid in the turnaround of your company if used with tact and consideration.


There are numerous Ebay listing tools available that all accomplish the same thing:

  • Populate your eBay product details with pertinent search terms to help you attract customers.
  • Improve your accessibility.
  • Improve the rate of conversion.

But, a few are greater than others, and others are better suited to particular sorts of buyers, so it is crucial to pick the correct tool and consider which characteristics fit you the most.


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