Is Web scraping the easiest & beneficial for eCommerce business?

web scraping the easiest way for ecommerce business
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How is your online retail store coping with the current pandemic crisis?

What eCommerce strategy are you re-thinking to contain costs?

In the Covid-19 situation, most entrepreneurs are transforming their business into E-Commerce because there is no playbook on how to tackle the pandemic’s economic crisis. Thus, every entrepreneur is working on simple basics, that is, build and sustain.

But after making up the mind for going digital, now the business owners want to know how to make the transition to eCommerce effectively and list all the products on online store quickly.

With their quest to do things fast and furiously, they often end up hiring services that offer the best design, eCommerce platform, development and designing. Still, when it comes to the core section of product data management, the service provider ends up tackling the situation as a simple data entry task, which is incorrect and can turn out to be a costly area of eCommerce management.

This is exactly why you need to re-think your strategy and delegate product data management activity to an experienced agency.

As an online store, it is certain that you will have hundreds of suppliers or vendors and products that need to be listed onto your store precisely. Each supplier’s data needs to be displayed diligently and professionally so the customers can view it properly.

A professional and experienced ecommerce product data management will add the products perfectly to create the best first impression. The products and their details must get placed skillfully and creatively so that it manages to generate better success and lucrative ROIs for years to come.

What is web scraping?

what is web scraping

Web scraping, web harvesting or web data extraction is a process used for extracting data from different websites. The web scraping software accesses the World Wide Web directly using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser to gain important information.

How is the transition to e-commerce done?

The easiest and smartest way to start your eCommerce audit is by extracting data from an eCommerce website, known as web scraping. It is a crucial part of eCommerce business to gain rich insights for developing strategies that can help the entrepreneur to compete against their competitors while also saving time and expenses on the process.

However, it is important to note that although web scraping is the easiest and smartest way to harvest data from your supplier and manufacturer, but you cannot use the similar Web scraped data for your store. It must be altered and formatted according to your installed shopping cart platform. A Web scraping company will be the wisest choice to extract all the data and format it as per your store.

Once you start collaborating with us for web scraping, we will format the data based on the following steps.

  1. We will arrange Product Description according to your store format
  2. We will add specification for the products if it needs to get included in the custom field
  3. We will update the Meta title, Meta description, Meta Keywords and search keyword
  4. If you want to list your products in google shopping, we will update GPS fields
  5. We will analyze all products and format according to options and variants of the product
  6. We will proceed with optimizing and renaming the product images according to the product titles you prefer
  7. Categorize each product and services
  8. And lastly, we will create an import sheet according to your shopping cart format

Once completed with all of these procedures, we will make a professional template suitable to your store.

So, now you know, just scraping and pasting the data from other stores to your website is not the right answer. Instead, there is a series of processes that must get followed thoroughly.

Also, by outsourcing an eCommerce solution for your business, you gain the right to work with the professional team of experts who are well equipped with full resources, web scrappers and tools useful for your business.

They will collect all the relevant information from either the supplier, manufacturer or wherever the product data is sourced by using web scraping programming codes and automation tools. This means you do not need to be dependent on a special web scraping provider to collect your product’s details or data for your eCommerce business store. Ie The ecommerce outsourcing services company offers all services for your stores.

Benefits of web scraping services are:

benefits of web scraping services

  1. Extract data from different websites and compare them, it is very useful for developing eCommerce websites in any industry
  2. It helps in collecting business reviews from the Web for brand maintenance
  3. By scraping organic search results data for competitor analysis, you can help your SEO
  4. Web scraping contact details is useful to generate lead
  5. It can also extract email ids from various directories
  6. It can extract products details from famous websites like Amazon
  7. Web scraping gives an insight on public opinion on various topics
  8. It also collects data of personal profiles from various sites

Are any of these questions bothering you?

questions bothering you

  1. Do you need a list of properties in your state, contact details of property owners and need to compare their pricing for your real estate business?
  2. Do you want to compare auto-parts product pricing with others?
  3. Are you in need of collecting the company’s email ID and address details from directories?
  4. Do you want to launch your eCommerce store and compare products and their pricing with your competitors?
  5. Are you in need to collect contact details from social media sites, etc.?

No matter what your concern or request is, web scraping is the ideal way to collect information to power up your eCommerce business without losing your valuable time and money.

Connect with us at Intellect Outsource to know how our data entry experts can help you save costs with accurate and quick work on this time-consuming activity.



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