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9 Tips to Write effective E-commerce Product Descriptions

9 tips to write effective ecommerce product descriptions
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Statistics estimate around 2 billion buyers online this year. Many entrepreneurs are setting up Ecommerce websites to cater to this market.

  • How do you make a competitive difference online?
  • How do you stand apart from others when selling products over the Internet?
  • Are you using experts for crafting content on every page for every product offered by your site?

While starting, most entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to product descriptions and written content. Instead, they devote most of their time and resources to ecommerce store website design and development.

While these are important, a good product description is a crucial element that is required for you to increase your ecommerce business sales, gain audience trust, and prevent churn to competitors. Unique and well-constructed product descriptions are an extremely efficient way to entice your prospective customer to buy the goods and services you are offering for sale.

Here are some tips that will help you write compelling product descriptions that hook reader attention, give useful information, and build trust to help them checkout with confidence.

  1. Make your product description easily scannable.

    make your product description easily scannable

    You have to present the product descriptions so that they are easily scannable by your audience. To do this, your website developer will have to collaborate with your content developer. Together, they can design a website that will entice and persuade their visitors to read the product descriptions themselves.

    An excellent way to increase scannability is to employ the use of infographics. Websites that make use of infographics to share information see 12% more traffic than sites who don’t. Also, infographics can be useful for link building, and they can be shared externally on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  2. Attract and seduce potential customers by providing clear benefits

    Instead of including long-winded specifications and technical information, you should try to entice potential customers by clearly outlining the benefits of buying your product. Prospective buyers are more interested in how the product will benefit them directly than they are in basic specifications and numbers.

    The best way to entice them into buying what you have to offer is to write product descriptions that inform them about the clear benefits of buying whatever you are selling. Try to create narratives that make it seem like you are just not selling a product, but an entire experience.

  3. Provide proper details instead of fluff

    Provide your potential customers with proper information about the products you’re selling instead of stuffing your product description full of useless adjectives. A recent survey found that 20% of all purchase failures occur due to missing/imperfect product information.

    Try to use bullet points and statistics to convey the superior quality of your products to the customer instead of just stating that your product is excellent. Adding proper product details will give your e-commerce store credibility and also allows customers to trust you.

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  4. Write a description of your ideal buyer in mind.

    write a description of your ideal buyer in mind

    The best and most effective product descriptions are addressed to the target audience of the product. While writing a product description, try to visualize that you’re communicating the description directly to someone who is part of your target audience.

    Visualizing the ideal buyer will help you to write a convincing, resonant, and targeted product description instead of a generalized and weak one. Also, keeping things conversational helps you to connect better with your audience and can drastically improve your website’s conversion rates.

  5. Convey your brand’s voice through your tone

    The tone of product descriptions should vary according to the image of the brand you are trying to convey. To understand this better, imagine two ecommerce websites that sell formal suits and comic books, respectively.

    You would expect the first website to have product descriptions written in a semi-formal, sleek, and elegant tone. You would expect the product description to contain attractive words that entice you to buy a formal suit.

    The second website would probably have product descriptions that are written in a casual tone that is much more informal. Comic book websites would also focus on providing crisp details and facts about the books that they are selling.

    Using your product descriptions, you should try to construct a consistent tone that you and your brand can keep using.

  6. Keywords can make your descriptions more persuasive.

    According to the legendary advertising maverick David Ogilvy, specific keywords can make your product descriptions more persuasive and attractive. If you design your product descriptions to include these words correctly, then you can accelerate retail conversions.

    Some of these words include magic, sensational, revolutionary, miracle, etc. Certain words have a potent effect on customers and can make a huge impression. Using these keywords and names of influence, you can increase the number of sales your e-commerce site is getting. You can also consult this list of keywords compiled by Jon Morrow.

  7. Optimize your website and content for search engines

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a fundamental digital marketing technique widely used all over the world. SEO involves optimizing a website’s content in such a way that its organic search result rankings improve.

    One of the search engines that most business owners try to optimize for is Google. That is because Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. By devoting resources and time to a robust SEO strategy, you can expect to see a lot of tangible results in higher traffic, higher sales, and higher revenue.

    One way to optimize your web content for search engines is to use specific search keywords and strategically place them in product descriptions, Meta descriptions, Alt tags, and bullet points. That will improve your organic ranking as well as your sales.

  8. Try to incorporate videos, images, and other mixed media

    Studies have shown that more than 60% of online shoppers will actually forgo reading your product descriptions and look at the images instead. To prepare for this eventuality, you should include beautiful and sharp high-definition photographs of your products and services.

    It is always best to take the product’s picture from a lot of different perspectives. Also, it would help if you also incorporated a size guide so that customers can have an idea about the size of the product.

    For example, a website selling notebooks of different sizes should also illustrate and compare the different sizes instead of just stating it as A4, A5, B5, etc. Nowadays, a lot of websites are also choosing to incorporate short videos that are both attractive and descriptive. Accompany your product description videos with sharp bullet points for maximum effectiveness.

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  9. Add reviews and customer testimonials.

    add reviews and customer testimonials

    The best way to reassure your prospective customers about the quality of your products is to include reliable testimonials and satisfied customer reviews. Sometimes, online shoppers choose a product that has the highest number of positive reviews.

    You can add credibility to your product review by combining the picture and name of the satisfied customer. It would help if you also practiced being approachable and personable in real life, as approaching customers and getting feedback is always an excellent idea.

    Designing your website to highlight products that are popular currently is also a great idea.

Signing off

The end goal of an online product description is to inform and persuade your audience to choose the product/service that you are offering. The most important thing to remember is that simplicity is always the best policy.

Keeping your description simple, SEO-optimized, and friendly sounding is the most important thing. The rest will follow. With these tips, it would undoubtedly be easy to create impactful and compelling store product descriptions.


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