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Importance of effective ecommerce store product description and tips

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Product descriptions well showcased can initiate a prompt great impression. They keep the eyes of visitors glued and easily transform them to buyers. Though many factors are there that influence the decision making process, the role of product descriptions is vital and should never be overlooked. But unfortunately, there are still merchants in web who don’t even include descriptions. And to make the matter even worse, some simply copy paste the descriptions. (Pardon for the sarcasm, but such people should better forget about SEO.) Always remember that your prospects can’t feel or touch the product. This realization itself is enough for you to understand how much important product description is.

Now let’s see how we can write effective product descriptions. Should your voice be formal and serious or should it be casual and friendly? What aspect of product should you emphasize more, the attractiveness, functionality or the technical part? For taking a decision in this context, it is important to diagnose an ideal customer’s considerations. Once you get acquainted to their preferences and values, communicating would not be a hassle.

Be aware of benefit-feature conflict. People are more concerned about the benefits rather than features about the products. That doesn’t means you should avoid all features and product specifications. Most of the times, the primary features of products are already known to a customer unless the product to be sold is complicated. So, when you tell features include only that information which the customer may not be aware of.

Always convince them by communicating how a particular feature is going to benefit them. Incorporating images, demo videos, charts, diagrams, installation guides, pdf etc. can help to a great extent. This creates a better picture of the product and invokes interest in users. Product description is all about communicating, convincing and finally making the users to click that ‘add to the cart button’. So, next time when you start with product descriptions take the said tips to heart and see your business growing by leap and bounds.

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