Magento 2 turning out to be A Hot Choice than Magento 1! Know Why & How?

magento 2 better than magento 1
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The Blog will help to know the difference between Magento 2 than Magento 1. Let’s get started

When it comes to business, the market leaders are keen to the emphasis on keeping abreast with urban taste and development. Consequently, they clamor up to update themselves as well as upgrade their implements to give maximum quality service to their valued customers and earn success in the process. In the case of Magento versions, merchants have diligently followed the first part and gradually welcomed its brand new face. A lot has changed since the inception of Magento 1 and users went on to eagerly lap up its next level, Magento 2. No one likes to remain behind in this competitive era. Same applies to the notion of choosing Magento 2 over Magento 1.

Think Magento 2 and instantly what strikes one is its speed quality. Unlike Magento 1, the new version hardly takes more time than a blink of the eye. While there are ardent followers of Magento 1, what puts off some is its speed. Magento 1 takes considerable time to load even on a simple, small-sized website. It mars the flow of the website traffic and affects the conversion bank.

Whereas Magento 2 is free from all such hassles. In such a way that it has the impressive speed of loading pages up to fifty percent faster and thirty-eight percent on checkout pages. Viewers get to enjoy a user-friendly experience in a fraction of the time and get instantly what they are looking out for. In terms of code structure vast changes have been made - for instance, a remarkable difference of 117 percent more has been recorded when compared to Magento 1. Moreover, Magento 2 can further accommodate to load 2.1 million more page views than the former version.

If one has to elaborate the remarkable features that Magento 2 offers then already we have given a brief idea about its superior performance and high speed that Magento 1. The team behind always works towards upgrading the quality and enhance the performance on a consistent basis. Magento 2 boasts of much-enriched user experience, advanced features and most importantly it makes extension installations and updates easier. While it has a quite simple checkout process, Magento 2 can be safely vouched for its accurate and exceptional search engine. The advanced version of the dashboard is worth mentioning and so its compatibility with various technologies including HTML5 and CSS3. No complicating things here! Magento 2 is guaranteed for a simpler product upload process.

The upgraded Magento 2 Admin Panel incorporates a range of refined features. Check out a detailed view of the same below:

1. A suave and sleek navigation interface ensures that you get to navigate through an alley of admin panel effortlessly, grab information quicker and smooth management of your store.

magento 2 admin panel

2. Managing on-going business is just like a flick of a hand. Magento 2 Dashboard gives an overall hassle free view of Lifetime Sales, Average Order, Last Orders, Last and Top Search Terms. Simultaneously you cannot miss having a glance at Revenue Tax, Shipping and Quantity, check Bestsellers and Customers as well.

magento 2 dashboard

3. What’s more exciting is the way, adding products to Magento 2 works awesome! One can upload latest products quite easily through the new Step-By-Step Product Creation Tool. Moreover, besides uploading the products’ images, you can even link videos of the same.

adding products to magento 2

4. Forget the stress of contacting your developers for rearranging the columns and grids each time when customer demands come in. Simply click on the section on admin panel to customize the number of columns for the order list or on the grid to manage customers.

magento 2 customer dashboard

5. Product import is much quicker and advanced.

magento 2 product import

6. While you will be familiar working with Magento 1, the new version has upgraded Marketing section that allows you to concentrate more on your store and the customers. Such that it comprises enhanced features namely Promotions, User Content, Communications and SEO & Search.

magento 2 marketing

7. Finally, check out the Data Migration Tool! It makes the most impressive feature in such a way that it allows you to shift all the data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 effortlessly at much faster pace.

While Magento Admin Panel would have impressed you no doubt, let’s move over to its Frontend. And trust us, it won’t disappoint you either.

Looks wise, the latest Magento 2 Luma theme is far more appealing than Magento 1.

  • Be it desktop or mobile, the users can promptly access the store through the new web design. You can join the race of being one of the most mobile-friendly stores.
  • Delay in page loading is a thing of the past. Users will be impressed with the high speed of front-end performance and view the primary content at a quick glance.
  • Magento 2 has the advantage of recognizing existing registered customers while it offers a separate Guest Checkout for new users. You have to enable the “Yes” option in the admin panel for the latter feature.
  • The Checkout Success Page of Magento 2 allows customers to create an account through the stress-free registration process.
  • Customers can have a clear approach to the products they ordered with image reference, its quantity and the final total of the same through the new detailed list of the shopping cart.
  • The upgraded safe and secured Billing process will bring great relief to the customers. The customer will get notification of his bills from the website directly to the payment gateway. PayPal, Braintree,, and WorldPay are some of the popular payment options offered by Magento 2.

Last but not the least we come over to the SEO and Security that the new Magento version enjoys.

8. Stronger password protection. Magento 2 is built with advanced hashing algorithms (SHA-256) and not prone to dictionary types of attacks.

9. Much improved Search Engines. The Magento 2 Rich Snippets extension allows the customer to surf through catalog pages by taking the search option. Even the default functionality is enhanced.

The Next of Magento 2

The growth of Magento 2 is consistent and from time-to-time. Its advanced features have made the Magento 1 users waver in their choice and loom in doubt as to whether to make a shift to Magento 2. Although Magento 1 can be vouched for its popularity, its users are waiting for the latest announcement. They can however safely enjoy its service until November 2018 without any glitches. But they will miss all the advanced features or improved service that Magento 2 boasts of. The makers of Magento have diverted their energies in improving and developing Magento 2 instead. No doubt, Magento 2 is a refined boost for both Magento Developers and dealers. While it will take time to make the immediate transit to the new world, the change will not disappoint anyone for sure.

Magento 2 speed performance tips

It is imperative that you are keen to alleviate any issue pertaining to the speed or performance of your store before hiring any of the professional e-commerce portal theme and development companies.

The main issue most of the times would be the inefficiency of hosting server. Check whether the service provider has availed a special server exclusively for the Magento Platform. Never opt for shared hosting.

Speed-related issues are to be taken care of in the initial phase itself. To say, soon after the Magento store development is done, check for the speed of the store before the developer implements any special module or install any extension in your store. Because the page speed may be negatively impacted due to magento extensions, modules, optimization, large images, Videos, the poor performance of hosting server and non-usage of CDN etc.

Make your store very simple and user-friendly. Don’t try to add more modules, development, extensions etc. Read, for more details about benefits of magento 2

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