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How to Boost Your Business in Amazon with Video Marketing

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Life today is all about convenience and the ability of goods and services to be at our fingertips. Ergo - the upward trend of online marketing, which delivers any product under the sun to our doorsteps. Amazon is the go-to site for most individuals across the world to buy products online. Do you know 5 million sellers using the Amazon to sell their products?

So as a seller, what can you do to make your brand and product stand out from the million other sellers? The answer is Take the visual route or in layman terms. Let power-packed and insightful product videos do the taking.

Still, need convincing about the power of product video marketing? Here are some statistics that will help!

  • Videos are the most effective tool in marketing.
  • Presently, customers give more interest to watch brand video to get more idea about the business and its products.
  • As per data analyse, video marketing get more leads year to year.
  • 90% polled customers revealed that product videos influenced customers their buying decisions.
  • Another trend is that the users resort to YouTube reviews before buying a product.

The benefits of powerful product videos

  • The ability to engage instantly with customers

    Easier said than done; especially when customer attention is short and loyalties rapidly shift. Make sure your video has the right information and content along with the ability to rivet by adding entertaining elements. The customer, through this video, needs to be educated about your brand and product. Ensure that your logo is prominently displayed to increase brand recall with customers.

  • The product should be the focal point

    Your video should be to the point and not divert from the product being displayed. The video will have a better reach if the product specifications are displayed and shown in detail. A voice-over or music that does not detract from the product can aid the video. The use of different clips while shooting product video can engage customers.

  • Use review

    Never underestimate the power of positive reviews, which many online shoppers make a beeline to, before buying a product. Ensure credible and real voices that can connect emotionally with the customer helping to convert words to sales. A positive review in the form of a video can add reliability to the product and boost the confidence of users to shop the same.

Can all sellers make product videos?

The answer is no. Regular Marketplace Sellers do not have the option of uploading their videos to Amazon. Only those sellers who belong to Amazon’s Vendor Central are allowed to upload a video. The fact is that only a direct invitation from Amazon can make you a part of Vendor Central based on high product volumes.

Elevation from Seller Central to Vendor Central

First, let us understand that Seller Central essentially means that the seller is a third-party vendor which quite simply means that Amazon is your online market to sell your goods. It is not enough to just sell your products; you need to ship them too. Here again, you have the option to either ship your product or have Amazon handle it through their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service available on Amazon Prime, which many Amazon customers prefer to save time and money.

On the other hand Vendor Central means you are essentially the distributor to Amazon with the benefit of selling more products and of course upload product videos.

Types of Product Videos for Amazon

Basically, two kinds of videos are recommended to be created on Amazon- product videos and lifestyle. The choice is on the seller about the type of product video that needs to be made after understanding the customer needs and customization.

  • Lifestyle videos

    These product videos can resort to a lot of color, glamour and larger than life to garner customer pull. Lifestyle products essentially help enhance an individual’s self-image as well as aid physical transformations through perceived product benefits. A slickly made product video only gives wings to the imaginations of the online shopper.

  • Product video

    Product videos need to stick more to technical correctness than gloss. Sellers should remember that customers are looking at specifications and to-the-point videos where product dimensions, specifications, and color combinations are succinctly displayed in the video.

How to create the best Product Videos for Amazon?

So, do you want to create Product videos that will boost your online business in Amazon?

The following points will help you to make the best Product videos.

  1. Involvement of your Buyer

    The buyer should get involved while watching the product video. For that, the video content must be informative and enjoyable in watching. By this, you will enlighten your buyer about your product and your brand. Also, you will create a passionate bond with your buyer.

  2. Logo in Product Video

    A logo is the first impression of your company or brand when your buyer should think about it. A logo in your product video will create trust in your product and your company. Make sure to create a professional logo with an excellent agency to identify your company and brand.

  3. Shoot with a high-quality camera

    Shoot videos in 4K or HD resolution with a professional video camera or DSLR. A high-quality video will impress your buyer. A poor-quality video with a well-explained video will not engage your buyer.

  4. Prime Focus

    While shooting, your product should be the central focus, even though a model is explaining your product details or wearing it.

    Your product video will have a significant impact if it is shooting in a real environment rather than in a white background.

    Make sure you must shoot your product in its best-looking form, rather than a defective piece.

    Shooting a 360-degree video will help your buyer to understand your product from all angles.

  5. Script and Storyboard

    Based on the type of your buyer, you should draft a script about your product video.

    Studies show that videos are explaining how your product will benefit your buyer’s life shine well. Also, make sure to tell the features of your product.

    The length of the video should be less than a minute that should cover the essential features.

  6. Human element

    An actor explaining the key features of your product engages your buyer. A person explaining how to use your product is better than the video with a voiceover alone.

  7. Background music

    The background music of your product video should match with your product’s character. Soothing music that sync with the tempo of your video will be great.

  8. Call to Action

    In your video, don’t forget to drive the buyer’s attention by including Call to Action.

    Clicking a link or a button in your video will help your buyer to understand more about your product.

  9. 3D Animation

    A 3D animation explaining the parts and the functionality of your product will attract your buyer.

    3D animation will help your buyer to understand better rather than written content. Animated videos will boost your brand value and business.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions

    Your product video should explain most of the questions asked by your customers. The video display will increase the chance of buying your product.

    Otherwise, buyers will not be patient enough to go through the FAQ session and clear their doubts.

In conclusion ensure that product videos are simple and smart to make your merchandise promotion stand tall above the rest, through the use of catchy words and images. Get set, Go!

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