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A Simple Guide to Sell Your Products on Houzz Marketplace

simple guide to sell products on houzz marketplace
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With over 20,000 active merchants, Houzz marketplace is the fourth largest third-party sales online platform in the United States. It is a home product marketplace with over 900 categories and over 40 million monthly users.

Your budget, objectives, and ambitions determine the best marketplace for your business. So, before you make this decision, let's go over some of the things you should know before selling on Houzz.

What Is Houzz?

Before going further, let us get a quick introduction to the Houzz Marketplace. Houzz began as a content platform for home décor enthusiasts and designers and a library of images and decorating suggestions for rooms and items.

Houzz is now a marketplace for both goods and services. With over 900 product categories, this portal concentrates on home improvement and renovations, bringing together home design specialists and customers improving their houses.

Houzz is a social media website and a directory of home renovation professionals. Most customers are homeowners looking for project ideas or things to purchase.

How Does Houzz Work?

You must ensure that your profile is complete and appealing to attract the appropriate clients. Houzz Marketplace functions similarly to a search engine, so you must utilize relevant keywords and adequately tag your photographs.

Houzz has over 1,500,000 interior images, and its power resides here.

Consider the keywords that your potential clients will use to find your services. Standard search terms can include "modern kitchen design," "rustic kitchen remodeler," or "a bathroom renovation."

Keep these words in mind when filling up your personal information and uploading images of your work. Speaking of photos, it's critical to include as many relevant, high-resolution, and appealing images of your previous projects as possible.

Before and after photographs are famous on the Houzz Marketplace, so include as many as possible.

You may also create idea books on Houzz shopping to share with your clients. You can either upload your photos or browse the website for images. Creating idea books for kitchens, baths, closets, or any other room(s) you specialize in will help your customer better understand your style and vision.

Asking prior clients to post reviews on your Houzz Marketplace is another strategy to get your profile discovered by new prospects. Nowadays, reviews are everything, and people only buy something online after first checking reviews; the same is true for home improvement specialists on the Houzz Marketplace. You can even request reviews from other experts with whom you've worked to climb up in search results.


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What Makes Houzz Marketplace Unique from Others?

Houzz marketplace connects homeowners, home experts (such as designers), and home products (such as kitchen tiles and dressers) in a way similar to Pinterest, Wayfair, and Angie's List. Despite facing stiff competition on several fronts, Houzz has developed a compelling business strategy based on a unique combination of features.

Houzz assists homeowners in locating the ideas, services, and goods they require to improve their houses. Adi Tarkato and Alon Cohen founded the company in the late aughts in response to their dissatisfaction with the traditional house remodeling process (based on cutting pictures out of design magazines). Today, the company includes 18 million photographs to inspire homes, 2.3 million professionals to interact with, 10 million curated goods to browse, and a library of relevant Houzz-produced editorial material. Homeowners use the Houzz Marketplace to get design and decorating ideas, connect with professionals, and browse curated items. They also use the app and the website to access the content.

Houzz Marketplace is the only comprehensive site where visitors can be inspired and learn about the materials used in each project and the brand and product information. They can also hire these experts.

Another clever element of this site is the ability for vendors to put tags to their space design photographs that reveal costs, where it can be purchased, and whether it's available online.

Why sell on Houzz?

Retailers all across the world have access to hundreds of eCommerce platforms. One of the primary advantages of selling in an online marketplace is the trust of existing potential clients. Selling and gaining money on such platforms might be simpler and faster.

  • According to third-party sales volume, the Houzz Marketplace is the fourth largest marketplace in the United States.
  • There are currently over 20,000 different sellers selling on Houzz.
  • There are 10 million products classified under 900 categories and subcategories.
  • Houzz receives about 40 million monthly visits.
  • Houzz Marketplace is a popular and successful platform that employs augmented reality to help consumers imagine furniture and design in their homes.
  • It has simple Houzz products, catalog listing, and information development tools, such as descriptions, photos, categories, and styles.
Who Can Sell on Houzz?

The Houzz Marketplace is open to international vendors, which implies that anyone can sell on this site.

As a business owner, you may establish a profile that includes all pertinent information about your services and products.

Sellers should provide products or services related to home decor, remodeling, and design, so if you satisfy the demands of Houzz online consumers, you can begin selling on this platform.

You can create a Houzz online account if your company category shows in the "professional category" field.

What Can You Sell on Houzz ?

You can sell home decor, furniture, materials, and anything else needed for the home space on Houzz shopping because it is a marketplace focusing on house restoration and design. However, to post products on the Houzz products platform, all vendors must be approved regardless of product type. So, first and foremost, you must apply to become a registered user.

How do you build a store on Houzz and start selling?

As previously said, Houzz vendors should be primarily involved in home decor and design, such as homewares, furniture, soft furnishings, textiles, and art. If you match the prerequisites, opening an account on Houzz and starting to sell is no longer a problematic procedure. Houzz will welcome your invitation to join its online community.

Follow the Steps Below & Build Your First Store

Step 1-Fill out the form

You must fill in the following information:

  • Country
  • Type of Request "Merchant Support"
  • Topic "How can I become a seller?"
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Website link
  • Product category
  • Sellers Name
  • Small description

After carefully filling out all the details, click the 'Submit' button.

Step 2 - Get Approved

Note:The approval process could take many weeks.

After considering and approving your request, Houzz needs to fill in more additional information:

  • Sales tax rates, tax areas
  • Seller Agreement
  • Bank account information
  • Customer service email address
  • Email address for getting order notification
  • The primary email address for login purposes
  • Shipping settings

Step 3 - Attend the Call from the Houzz Team

You must contact Houzz seller support before beginning the main product listing and selling procedure in Houzz Seller Central.

Step 4 - Listings & Storefront

Upload your inventory and optimize your listings based on image and product specifications:

  • Images with high resolution (minimum 500 by 500 pixels)
  • On a white background, the main product image
  • Extra images in a room
  • Watermarks, trademarks, real people, and landmarks are not permitted.

Optimize Your Houzz Profile

1. Display Your Work With Photos

Houzz is an image-focused marketplace. People look at images of designs and items to pick what they want, and they want to see high-quality photos that show the intricacies up close. It is preferable to have five high-quality images with eCommerce product data entry services rather than twenty low-quality photos.

It's much better for your business if you can display dozens of high-quality photographs. You'll demonstrate your abilities to the Houzz community and draw visitors to your page. It's an excellent method to raise your profile among the Houzz community. The best part is that posting your images is free. It's a low-cost and effective technique to demonstrate what you can accomplish for your target audience.

Houze Image Upload

2. Engage With the Community

Thousands of users use Houzz to get information, guidance, and specialists to execute the task. You must include the community for these folks to find your business.

Houzz features many forums where users may express inquiries or seek help. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to your company, and you can give these users information that they will find useful.

It is critical to understand that this will take time to manage. You may only have time to engage with your community and answer their inquiries if you are busy running your business.

3. Build an Idea Book

One of the site's distinguishing features is the Houzz Ideabook. It enables you to establish a portfolio to show to clients, and it communicates your knowledge and the quality of your job to them.

When you respond to queries on forums and contribute information, you can save it to your idea book. You may also upload images of your creations, offering a platform where prospects can view your work and knowledge.

It's a simple approach to separate different areas of your business to attract leads interested in various offerings. This also aids in keeping them focused on what they desire.

Houzz Ideabook

4. Follow Other Industry Professionals

Following other people in your field may seem strange, but it's a terrific way to keep up with what they're up to. On Houzz Marketplace, there are dozens of businesses just like yours, and follow them to learn how they develop their portfolio and connect with users.

It allows you to observe what your competitors are doing. There could be successful things they're doing that you're not. It's an excellent technique to see how you raise your profile to compete with your competitors.

5. Earn Reviews

On Houzz, consumers put their trust in reviews the most. Remodeling and redecorating are both costly. People spend a lot of money on these services, so they want to ensure they're employing the best individual or firm for the same job. Reviews tell consumers everything they need to know about your company.

Anyone can snap pictures of their renovations and impress others with them, which must be supported by reviews attesting to the quality of your work. They want to know that your experience is legitimate and that they can rely on you to complete the job correctly.

How an Outsource Company Can Help You With Your Houzz Profile?

Optimizing your profile on the Houzz Marketplace to attract the right customers to your products is time-consuming. It becomes more challenging to do it simultaneously while managing your business. You can hire Houzz Marketplace management services to help manage your Houzz profile, answer essential questions for your audience, and create an attractive ideal book. This is a great way to take advantage of Houzz's benefits while running a business.

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In addition to your Houzz profile, you should consider using digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media to help you reach more valuable prospects – those who are most likely to become customers. Intellect Outsource has years of experience developing digital marketing strategies in several eCommerce marketplaces that produce results.

We are a full-service eCommerce outsourcing firm that specializes in custom eCommerce marketplaces and eCommerce product data entry services . Our Houzz Marketplace management services assist you in using Houzz's fantastic features. We prioritize achieving success for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must confirm that your products fall under Houzz Marketplace's category list. If Houzz is the best venue for your goods, you can register as a seller by providing some information. The approval process for your profile must be completed before you can begin uploading high-quality pictures.

Houzz will review all products submitted for the following reasons: High-quality photos on a white background, with sellers able to upload up to five photographs per product listing. Product titles and descriptions that are informative and offer unique information in less than 80 characters. The precision of all data.

Your items will be available for sale on the Houzz Marketplace once approved, and the basic metadata for the product cannot be changed.

Houzz Listing Basic Information

Yes! Sellers have total control over their prices and shipping costs. However, if you require assistance, Intellect Outsource is happy to assist.

Houzz Listing Price & Inventory section
Houzz Listing Shipping Information

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