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Who are we

Who are we

In the simplest of words- We are an all-under-one-umbrella type of services committed completely to cater your comprehensive ecommerce related needs. To be precise, we deliver world’s leading ecommerce technologies with an intelligent approach towards the same.

Having Intellect Outsource by your side, start your online business with ease; it’s our duty to make it possible. It’s a real fact that the present trend is of ecommerce and no other mode of business can avail you the leverage that is offered by online means.

Even since the concept of ecommerce was in its bourgeoning phase, we were keenly enthusiastic to adhere by it. Thus virtually we are one among the pioneers in the implementation of ecommerce to the web world. Now with several hundreds of satisfied clients served by our team, we are proud and confident to shout aloud that we are capable enough to cater all inclusive services for your entire ecommerce needs.

The primary necessity for carrying out commerce through web is obviously a customized online retail presence for you. Our team of graphic designers and coders create ecommerce website that exactly mirror the type of your business and its professionalism.

There are different platforms on which you can rely on for setting up your shopping cart. Each of these software have unique properties and their own merits as well as demerits. Our experts here study your business, understand your requirements and recommend the best platform for you. We have garnered proficiency over all main shopping carts including Xcart, Magento, Big Commerce, Pinacle, Volusion, Yahoo etc. You can let us know your preference and we will deliver solutions as per your expectations.

Perhaps, you may already have an ecommerce store for you live on the web. Adding new product data and uploading may be all you want. It’s evident that handling such requirements of entering massive amount of product data without professional assistance can be hectic. Run your business with a tension-free mind and we will take care of all your product data entry, upload and shopping cart management requirements.

Our team very well understands that the gracefulness of presenting a product can create a difference of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Hence we don’t simply enter the data as it is provided by you. The creative heads here arrange product information in the most pleasing and convincing manner. Images, product descriptions, videos, PDF files etc. are incorporated judiciously. Also accuracy is maintained and upload is done only after assuring that.

Every process carried out by Intellect Outsource is completely customer-centric and focused to be result driving. Also, the feat of ecommerce depends a lot on your visibility in search results. The more you are reachable by prospects more business will you get. So, we make all our methodologies fine-tuned to get maximum possible visibility.

We find it our ethical obligation to acquaint you with all needed information even after delivering our services to you. So, a comprehensive data support is always made available for our esteemed customers. Aftersales support is equally important for us.

Contact for any ecommerce related needs and we by our efforts will prove your choice a worthy one.

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