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Case Study - Data Entry for Online Fashion Retail Industry in Australia

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Our client is looking for an ongoing e-commerce product data entry team for their fashion retail online store. When they approached us for data entry project, they were partly building a new store on Word Press/WooCommerce platform.

However, they had serious concerns about bulk product uploads and variants of their store. So, the requirement was to well-organize & manage parent products & variants from around 50 suppliers. In addition, they wanted to collect all product information and images from provided data sources and MFR websites, populate templates, and bulk upload products to their store.

Client Requirement as Follows:

We are an eCommerce (drop shipment) fashion and apparel business. The business has been online for 18 years, and we are currently halfway through a new build using Word Press/WooCommerce. We are experiencing major problems with bulk uploads and variants.

We have 50 suppliers, and there are 5,500 parent products with approximately 25,000 variants. We want to enter into a business relationship with the right eCommerce outsourcing service provider , with achievable and measurable results.

The client provided a price sheet and catalog for reference. As their business deals with clothes, they were only required to option the products on size and color. In addition, the client supplied product images via dropbox and FTP. Ultimately, they demanded to finish the data entry project for his fashion online store within the time frame of 3 months.

Key Requirements

  1. Population of template files according to the relevant fields and format.
  2. Collection of additional product details from the MFR site.
  3. Grouping of simple and variant products
  4. Option arrangement, parent product splitting, and combining.
  5. Collection of images from MFR site, Dropbox, and FTP
  6. Image uploads to store as per the product colors on each product variant
  7. Updates to size chart worksheet as per parent product
  8. Identification of product categories and subcategories and their allocation to applicable products on the master sheet
  9. Identification of New, Discontinued, No Longer products by referring to the price list
  10. Product data formatting as per WooCommerce Template
  11. Bulk product uploads within required time.


During the course of the project, we had faced numerous challenges, including:

  1. Variant identification from a large cluster of products
  2. The supplier provided images were of varied sizes. The images collected by our team from different sources were also of different sizes and resolutions. There was excess or lack of white spaces on the images. It was arduous to edit those images to make them suitable for our work.
  3. Difficulty in collecting and identify specific product’s size chart from a big batch of products.
  4. Complication on identifying product images as per product colors from a group folder and their allocation to suitable product variants.
  5. Completion of the project within the defined time span.


To complete the project within the stipulated time, while ensuring all client specifications were adhered to, we took the following steps:

  1. We have utilized the skill of our expert staff to identify the variants from a large cluster of products.
  2. We have used scrapping tools to extract the data from MFR & supplier sites and have populated the excel spreadsheet within the required time.
  3. We have sought the assistance of web designers from our firm and have used image editing software to make the images uniform to upload to the store.
  4. We have taken the values of size charts from various sites.
  5. We have used a specific extension to upload complete product charts to the store.
  6. Our staff’s experience in dealing with various projects has helped us to fast identify the product images as per product colors and allocate them to suitable variants.
  7. Since we had three months to finish the project: we have decided to process and upload main-brand products in the first phase and prioritized doing other brands in the next phase.


The client was contented with the project output. Our successful execution of this project ensured that the client received a bulky traffic rush, along with other benefits such as:

  1. The client noticed a remarkable rise in sales and traffic post-completion of the data management project with the support of our team.
  2. At first, the client demanded to bulk upload 25000 variants to the store. But, when the project proceeded, the requirements increased. And we successfully processed and uploaded nearly 1,60,000 variants to the store.
  3. The client is able to manage all sections of the business with ease through our backing.
  4. The client was so delighted with our post-project support, and he appreciated our team for the efforts they put in to succeed in the project.

Intellect Outsource has been providing our quality eCommerce services to clients across the world since 2009. Our workforce is highly proficient in Woocommerce product upload services . For more project inquiry contact us soon. We are ready to discuss with you!

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