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Ecommerce website for Ayurvedic Industry in India – Ayursopanam

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Our Client is one of the pioneering, traditionally deep-rooted, and professional single stop service providers for ayurvedic treatments and all associated services. The venture budded up in Kerala in the year 1982. It was a noble initiative to resuscitate the age-old concept of Ayurveda- the Indian practice of healthcare and medication, back to the present generation. Ayursopanam has always been in the forefront in availing impeccable quality treatment and other medication related service provision


Client already have an Ayurvedic Healthcare clinic with a vast array of Ayurvedic remedial and relaxation treatments, Their aim is to make Ayurveda affordable and available to common people, and provide them with apex quality traditional services in an ethical and hygienic backdrop. So their requirement was to start an ecommerce website to sell various types of Ayurvedic products and an online consulting platform to provide information & tips regarding the medicines by the expert doctors

So to consolidate, following are the requirements from the client.

  • List both option products and single products
  • Import and export of products
  • Client need an “Online consultation” booking and a high quality “video conferencing” feature in the store, so that both patient and doctor can be safe by staying at home in this pandemic situation. (It is a live video-based meeting between patient and doctor in different locations using video-enabled devices).
  • List ecommerce products in doctor prescription, and customers should be able to purchase the same from the prescription.
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Wishlist and compare
  • Integrate Facebook shop
  • Layered Navigation
  • Content management capabilities
  • Promotion and discount code.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Reports and analysis
  • Email marketing features or integration.
  • An integrated blog or articles section
  • Payment options
  • User friendly designs and attractive themes
  • The website should be fully secure and user friendly to use.
  • The ability to scale and add new features


During the course of the project, we faced numerous challenges including.

  • We had to ensure user friendly designs for checkout in and other functionalities. Clients should be able to manage all sections with ease and in less time without any haziness.
  • Develop an online consultation feature inside an ecommerce website.
  • Integrate a real-time, high-quality interactive video conferencing platform which best suits our application.
  • Video conferencing should be hassle free and should support both desktop and mobile, which require an in depth customization .
  • Doctors should be able to add products from the ecommerce website along with the prescription, and end customers should be able to view and purchase the same from the store.


In order to complete the project within the requested time period, while ensuring all client specifications were adhered to, we took the following steps -

  • We decided to use the Zend framework for development (popular and powerful php framework) as the preferred solution for the ecommerce website and customised it accordingly.
  • Used “Enablex” video call api for High Definition one-to-one video conferencing and customized according to our requirements.
  • Used “vue js” framework for faster and user friendly interface in web application.
  • We have chosen the best designs and interface by discussing with designers in each phase of the development.
  • Used Agile methodology in software development to focus on delivering the business value in the shortest time.
  • Used Array based rendering in web layout for easy integration of extensions.


The client was extremely pleased with our application. Our successful execution of this project ensured that the client received a huge boost to his business, along with other benefits such as

  • The client saw a massive increase in sales after the launch of the website and online consultation.
  • Client is able to easily manage all sections in the website with ease.
  • End customers were really happy with the “online consultation” feature, because patients were now able to book an online appointment with doctors and consultation can be done via video conferencing by staying at home.
  • The client was extremely satisfied with our after-launch support

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