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Offline data entry

Professional, Precise, Cost Effective, Reliable BPO Service for your businesses

Professional offline data entry services

Intellect Outsource has always showcased excellence in entire scenarios of its service rendering which has helped us to be in the forefront of whatever services we offer. We specialize in handling all types of back-end operations and perform all your offline data entry efficiently as well as at reasonable cost.

"With innumerable satisfied clients from different parts of globe, passion and dedication are the virtues which drive us."

Many companies are switching from documents and paperwork to digital media and this is surely a wise step to make. It is awfully difficult to search and access information unless you enter all concerned data to an offline database. However this can be hectic if you try to so the same by yourself;it demands time, effort and expertise. But you can surely have a breath of relief with our team by our side.

How we approach your project?

Success of any project depends on the way it is approached and understandably offline data entry services too are not an exception to this. Below are the steps followed by our team.

  • The very first thing even before triggering the project of offline data entry services is analyzing and understanding the details of client business.
  • Feasibility of approaches is then considered and finally we develop a strategy on which further work proceeds.
  • After that the discussions regarding deadlines, guidelines and client preferences are made.
  • The project is then kick-started and each and every stage of project is executed carefully, professionally and excellently.

Also you will be kept updated with the status of your project, your suggestions will be treated with respect and the final output would surely be satisfying and pleasing for you. Your contempt matters the most to us.

Reasons to hire us | Why we are the best?

With many service providers for data entry, a dilemma always prevails regarding whom to outsource your offline data entry requirements. Benefits enjoyed when you prefer our services are many. Some of the notable advantages are:

  • Experienced and well trained offline data entry experts who are skilled to execute flawlessly even the most complex projects
  • Keen ears and eyes to your project details and expectations to assure perfection and accuracy.
  • Quality check and control measures by expert professionals
  • Data security by proven ethical means to guarantee confidentiality of your data
  • On-time delivery at most cost-effective rates in the industry
  • Professionalism and customer-centric approaches
  • Well-tailored solutions as per the unique requirements demanded by the industry and clients

Offline data entry services offered

We offer almost any type of data entry services as our proficient data entry operators are backed by all tools and technologies assuring their productiveness to the maximum possible extent. Main offline data entry services offered by us are

  • Offline data entry of business cards
  • Offline surveys data entry
  • Offline catalog data entry
  • Offline resume data entry
  • Offline books and papers data entry
  • Offline mailing list data entry
  • Address collection from post cards or any paper directories
  • Business contact details collection from various sources
  • URL List Collection

Contact us for Offline Data Entry requirements.

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