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Everything you need to know before using WordPress CMS platform

advantage wordpress website
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If you have heard of the popular belief that WordPress is the best CMS platform available out there, you might have thought that it does not have any sort of vulnerabilities. However, though things look awesome for a novice webmaster or a blogger, as you get deeper to understanding more complex stuff about content management and user experience, things are never the way it used to be. Following are some of the good things about WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress is open source:

You might have heard about it, of course. Hence, it packs all the benefits of an open source platform. If you know what you are doing, then you pretty much achieve any sort of customization. Like everything else, you want to keep it to minimum or you can land in trouble for sure.

Surprisingly simple CMS:

Unlike most other CMS platforms, WordPress is extremely easy to use and play with. Content management and promotion work in tandem with each other and WordPress enables easy posting, editing and publishing of any type of content and its search engine promotion.

Easy to develop and availability of free and paid plugin:

WordPress Development site is pretty easy and it can save a lot of time that would be otherwise take for wordpress designing, developing and hosting etc. Also, there are plenty of excellent plugins available—paid and free—which makes working with WordPress even easier. Search Engine Optimization can be done pretty easily with various plugins available that can save a lot of headache for the webmaster.

Minimal operational cost:

One of the most widely acclaimed features of WordPress is that it is very affordable and the operational cost is very low unlike other CMS platforms.Albeit the above advantages, WordPress suffers from the following downsides.

Lack of flexibility:

It may not be the best platform available for a person who wants diversity in the website as there is no room for flexibility here.

When open source backfires:

Sometimes being an open source can backfire jeopardizing all the efforts you have put in to build and promote your website.

SEO is not as effective as you want it to be:

Whatever SEO plugins you use and techniques you follow to promote your website and the posts in it, it is never enough. You may not be seeing the results that you should actually get with the same efforts that would get on another independent platform.

Inconsistent upgrades:

Since it an open source, you may not get the needed update in time and it can limit your potential to grow as a prolific internet marketer. And of course, waiting for updates can be annoying and counter-productive.

No scope for uniqueness, you are just like your neighbor:

One thing all webmasters hate about WordPress is that the websites are never unique in itself. Most of them look like derivatives of other websites and hence user experience may not be that great.So, before you are jumping into investing in WordPress CMS, pause for a moment and think like a smart professional would do. Consider the advantages and pitfalls. Think about the type of website and the visitors that you want to get. Based on the result of detailed analysis, make your decision regarding the same.


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