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Data Entry Pricing for Ecommerce Business

Intellect Outsource is the No.1 ecommerce product data entry company offering low-cost data entry services. Our services are avaiulable at highly cost-effective prices with 100% professionalism and security.

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ecommerce data entry pricing

Pricing for data entry services for ecommerce businesses can vary depending on the total volume of the work and custom requirements. We ensure low-cost and affordable pricing for every online retail store. We are always ready to offer product examples and free data entry trials to offer the best data entry pricing for ecommerce businesses. Once we get an enquiry, we arrange discussions with our leaders and executives. Please have a look; we support various platforms and their data entry pricing.

The pricing structure for our data entry services is calculated for e-commerce sites according to the following factors.

  1. Number of products in the Brand
  2. Project Complexity
  3. Preferable Package
  4. Turnaround Time
  5. Volume of Work
  6. Ecommerce platforms, Marketplaces or PIM Software

We emphasize aligning our expertise at your convenience. Our pricing model too is kept flexible to integrate well with your accounting and invoicing system.

Offer 3 key types of data entry pricing for ecommerce business

Data Entry Cost Per Hour

You can utilize our expertise at hourly rates. For this, the charges start from $4 / hour.

Hire Full Time Employee (FTE)

You can utilize a resource just like your own in-house employee. He/She will work dedicatedly on your online store and execute a broad set of responsibilities. These include new product adding, product updates, discontinued product removal, bulk product import management, enhance product descriptions, manage product attributes, product categorization, catalog management, and option & variant management. He/She will also look into inventory management, image optimization, order management, and meta management, etc.

The FTE resource will also manage marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Channel Advisor, and Linnworks.

The resource will work 8.5 Hours per day, 5 days a week, for 170 hours a month.

The process is simple. All you need to do is email the appointed team leader. The assigned staff will complete and update the status as soon as possible. The assigned project manager supervises the resources on your behalf, helping to ensure optimal productivity. You will also get a daily project report to keep you up-to-date on the work progress.

For more pricing details about the FTE, request a free trial service, share your projects with [email protected], and get a custom quote.

Unit Base Or Per Brand Price

We will provide you with the most competitive unit base quote once we have the input materials below to make an estimate

  • Detailed requirements
  • Samples
  • Output format required
  • Total volume of project
  • Required ETA

eCommerce Virtual Assistant Price: $6 Per Hour

Inventory management cost

Free. Conditions apply. Please contact us to get more information on inventory management pricing details.

Data entry cost per record

We do not offer data entry cost per record for online businesses. Because catalog management includes several steps. Data Collection, formatting, duplication removal, options and variants management, image optimization, and more. Therefore, if online retail stores data entry process follow as normal simple product entry, the product data has no quality and it will affect your brand value and ecommerce business growth. Intellect Outsource does not support per-record quotes for product entry services.

Important Note

The pricing mentioned on the website is indicative. The actual quote or billing would solely depend on the actual project specs. Some of the key variables that can impact the pricing include –

  • Type of project and activity to be executed,
  • Level of complexity
  • The type and number of features that will be a part of the project
  • Required skill and experience of the resources.
  • Time estimation
  • Quality and accuracy of the data entry work

Disclaimer - Prices displayed are subject to final approval at the time of ecommerce data entry order fulfillment. The final estimate/invoice may or may not be revised depending on the work executed in the project and any scope creep into the project.

Our team at Intellect Outsource tries to keep its prices updated and relevant. To avoid pricing issues, it is important to read the above notes and disclaimer.

FAQ - Data Entry Pricing Questions & Answers

The pricing for ecommerce product data entry services can vary based on factors such as the number of products, brands, SKU, image editing requirements, and catalog management needs and many more. Contact directly data entry service provider, send examples and arrange detailed meeting to get quote from the company.

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