Ecommerce product enrichment and its influence on sales

how product enrichment helps ecommerce
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Ecommerce stores capture users worldwide and provide options such as one-day delivery and quick returns. Most shopping carts offer an outstanding buying experience by using the latest technologies. Earlier, eCommerce was unreliable among online users. Online stores excel in data quality and customer engagement. Today, these stores top the search engine results.

With detailed product information management, all enjoy the comfort of buying at home. Product discovery allows users to go deep into the product and provides an offline shopping experience. Online shoppers may hop to the next store if you don't offer the necessary product details. Here, understand the importance of product data enrichment services.

What is eCommerce product enrichment?

It's the process of adding relevant information to your products online. It allows buyers to reach your product with limited search results. Instead of sharing a basic product description, include extra details, including color variations, measurements, and related accessories. These services provide direct insights into your customers' purchasing decisions. The product content makes them realize quality pick-up and how it fits them.

When using eCommerce product enrichment,

  • Customers reach your product page at the earliest.
  • Avoid duplicate entries by adding the right product attributes
  • Improve user experience with fast loading interactions.
  • Cut brand interference
  • Earn loyal customers

How do online stores use product data enrichment services?

  • Allow online stores to identify and add any missing information.
  • Sort out your products into specific categories
  • Use particular certifications to label the products
  • In the case of clothing, add size details with a description

Why should you invest in eCommerce product enrichment?

  • The product descriptions with relevant tags and keywords are ranked in search engines. Thus, online stores get higher conversion rates.
  • It's easy to identify the quality of products by complying with global standards.
  • Use many attribute values to find relevant products on the same page. Make it easier for your customers to view more products simultaneously.

How do you increase sales with Product data Enrichment services?

Have a look at the popular enrichment tactics on best-selling items or brands,

  • Follow the 80/20 rule

    Identify the small percentage of product that brings more revenue. Now, focus on enriching these products.

  • Label your brand

    Use in-house labels to reflect your brand identity and keep them the priority.

  • Feature specific products

    If you focus on high-profile brands, get marketing support from the relevant manufacturer.

  • Focus on core products

    If any particular product defines your brand, reflect it better with quality data.

  • Seasonal products

    Few eCommerce stores sell seasonal products. Instead, they should focus on those products in the selling season.

  • Product launch

    Ready to launch your new product; prepare your product content apt for the audience.

How does it influence your online sales?

Product enrichment drives more sales by improving customer experience and reducing cart abandonment.

  • Reduce your returns

    As per the reports, more than 20% of the returns occur due to sellers' mistakes. It occurs due to irrelevant details or images. Using proper attribute values results in better ranking.

  • Avoid brand interference

    Few online stores use data like the brand name to bring more traffic to their products. Instead, it often results in return requests. Since they deliver fake products, it creates a bad impression on your customers.

    Such activities affect your store with a bad reputation. In addition, it may damage your customer experience.

What is brand interference?

Fake products appear as the search results of branded keywords. Avoid brand imitation and deliver the most valid information to your audience.

  • Product recommendations

    Label the products with accurate data. Search engines suggest relevant products according to your search queries. With relevant products, customers save their time. They come back for more products.

    Use tabs like


    'recommended for you,
    'bought together,
    'best selling,' etc.

    Or any such terms to catch the attention of your customers.

  • Upselling or cross-selling options

    Google decides the search results upon the request of users. However, few online shopping stores use data analytics to calculate the user's intent.

    It's easy to label your products with proper product attributes and use them up-sell or cross-sell.

    Promote up-selling or cross-selling with tabs like "similar products", "customers also viewed," etc.

  • Product discovery

    Product discovery allows people to find their product within a short time. Faster product discovery achieves more sales and customer loyalty.

    While investing in product discovery, customers get rich product results since each store avoids brand interference and boosts revenue!

What are the steps to follow under the product enrichment checklist?

Customers get a complete buying experience with product data enrichment services.

Have a look at the eCommerce product enrichment checklist,

  • Go through the product data and audit to find any errors. Find a plan to rectify those errors.
  • Add valid data, even if it's from many sources.
  • Identify duplicate entries and remove it
  • Check for spelling errors
  • Follow the best standards
  • Write keyword-rich and unique product descriptions.
  • Use on-page optimization to improve product visibility on search engines.
  • Use image-editing according to the platforms you choose.

Why choose Intellect Outsource product enrichment services?

Intellect Outsource is a leading eCommerce outsourcing service provider in India. We go beyond the traditional ideas and bring more innovation. Our experts research the competitive market and improve product performance. We customize the product features as per the client's need and market response. We aim to deliver error-free product content, and it attracts your customers.

Intellect outsource is a trusted service provider of eCommerce product data enrichment services. We standardize all kinds of attributes to maintain consistency on the product page. Being our client, you can expect quality solutions within cost-effective pricing. In addition, we ensure professional services and round-the-clock support.

Today, most businesses are online. So finding new tactics or going with the trend helps you stay updated with the competition.

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