Importance of product video in ecommerce

importance of products video to boost your ecommerce business and conversions
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Anyone would agree that videos are an exceptionally great means to attract everyone’s attention.The ability of videos to seamlessly blend a variety of elements such as colors, style, sound and many other aesthetic elements effectively makes it an excellent way to get people responding it.

Though videos have been around for decades, it has not been seen as a way to influence people for eCommerce businesses.

So, what can you do to make you look different and unique?

No, definitely not using image; each and every eCommerce business has been juicing images to the maximum possible extent.

If you thing about it, the answer to this question has already been given.

Of course make use of videos; in ways and means that no one has done before to influence people; drive traffic to your website; to convert the traffic, and ultimately to grow your eCommerce business.

Now that you know what to use, let us see why you must make use of videos.

Why video is the next big thing for eCommerce business promotion?

Videos, as you would already know and understand, have the ability to invoke great response from audiences. But, is that the only reason to take advantage of this awesome factor to infuse the same into your product promotion effort?

No. Never!

Let us see why else must you take advantage of videos.

How a blog can help your ecommerce business?

Google has a natural inclination towards videos

google has a natural inclination towards videos

While we do not have anything against any other search engine, for the sake of discussion, we will keep our focus on the biggest search engine—Google. And, when it comes to videos, Google loves nothing more.

When you have enough videos about your products on your site, the chances of you ending up on the topon search results, if none of your competitors are taking advantage of the same, are really higher. Since Google tends to show a number of results including videos, news, suggestions and sponsored items along with organic searches.

It has also been found that Google favors and gives some more credit to websites that host videos to improve the user-experience. Because, all Google wants to do is to provide better user-experience.

Videos are more sharable and attract clicks

Studies show that people are more inclined to click on pages having video thumbnails than others. Also, it gives them additional encouragement to share pages having video content than that with textual content.

Videos influence and attract people more

This goes in rhyming with the number of people reading books to people watching a move. More people prefer watching movies to reading books because the former is simple and effortless. Same goes with watching products installation or room videos and reading product descriptions. With great colors, stints, hues and imagination, videos feed directly to the audience eliciting great responses from them.

Videos can take your promotions places you never imagine

It is often said that an product image or product data can speak a thousand words. So technically, how many words would a video speak when each second of the video has a more than a dozen frames? You don’t really have to take it literally, but we hope you get the picture.Videos can seamlessly blend a wide variety of elements that can engage, emotionally attach and drive people ecstatic.This can, of course, benefit your promotional efforts exceptionally well.

Yes, now that you know why you must be adding videos as a major element to your marketing mix and all promotional efforts, let us discuss about how to go about the same.

While you can think about a lot of ways to do the same, getting a start and the ideas you can begin with will set you on the right track, we hope.

Take a look.

Display the product capabilities

display the product capabilities

There are varied effective options for video inclusions in all major shopping carts like Xcart, magento, Bigcommerce, Yahoo, Volusion, Shopify, woocommerce, open cart etc or any other custom built interface. This opportunity has to be constructively used for your online store.

It works great for your ecommerce business, if you trying to get across videos that explain the capabilities of a product when they are exceptionally superior to the other products. You will be able to give a clear distinction between such products to influence the audience to make purchasing decisions in your favor.

How-to and instructional videos

This is another type of videos that you can easily take advantage of. Even if you are not the manufacturer of the product, if you are selling a service, product or an accessory related, you can make videos to help the audience in making use of the products and services. It can also help you become a trusted source of authority which everyone—including Google—would love.

Reviews and selection advices

With numerous products and services coming up every day, there is no definitive way to understand which one is better. Reviews and section videos can help audience make informed choices about the products and services that they want to buy. In doing so, chances are people are more likely to buy from you or your affiliates.

Value-adding video efforts

This is another option where you can gather relevant information from a variety of sources—of course, trustworthy—to provide additional value to the visitors.

Simple product videos

simple product videos

You can create additional videos to introduce certain features of the products and the services that you are trying sell. It need not have create exceptional video capabilities, but it must have simple details such as its features, benefits, size and other details about the producteasily comprehensible for the audience.

Though these are enough to begin with, you can always customize your videos efforts to match the type of audience you are targeting and the products you are trying to sell. As you get more details about the videos that get shared and talked about through various statistics, you can customize your videos efforts to match the exact requirements of your audience.

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