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6 Important Tips to Redesign Your Website

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You need to redesign your website for engaging customers. This would give them a better perspective. Your site is a great marketing tool. Through this, you need to establish your brand identity by conveying meaningful information. Periodic redesigning helps to sustain the interest of prospects in your brand.

With website redesigning, your motto is to present your brand as an authority. This would drive more traffic to the website. For transforming the site into a credible source of information, you need to keep in mind six important points.

Make SEO Compliant


While re-designing a site, you get the opportunity to rehash the existing content. Make content crisp, focussed, conversational, intuitively connected throughout and informative. Interjecting content with infographics, informational videos, and interactive pictures would be beneficial. Make a meta-descriptions and meta-tags, keyword rich and crisp. Ensure proper keyword density in the content. Redesign the landing page. Provide proper cues to guide visitors to the action page.

Make the Content Persuasive

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A visitor would be distracted if content is overly professional. You are trying to sell your products or services. But you can’t take the liberty of squarely asking visitors to buy them. This calls for writing unique content. The tone should be friendly and personal. Your focus needs to be on guiding visitors to seek answers to their queries. If user problems are resolved convincingly, they would spontaneously subscribe to services. Make the content impressive and persuasive.

Make Socially Relevant

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Any product or service that becomes a hit on social media triggers exponential sales for the owner. While redesigning, you must ensure that the brand gets talked about on social platforms. You can pull this off by integrating links for all popular social haunts on the page. For example, a link to Facebook page would cause a satisfied visitor to express his happiness through ‘Like’ and positive content. This remark would then trigger a chain of remarks. Website and brand would find repetition numerous times. Such activities would inspire the Google and other prominent search engine algorithms to give preference to your site while crawling. Consequently, SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) index would go up. Your brand’s credibility and visibility would go up automatically. Further, word of mouth promotion would bring more visits without any investment.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A website theme needs to be cross functional. This implies that you need to make your website responsive for all devices (PC, Tablet, Mobiles etc), browsers and operating systems. Smartphones have penetrated the masses like never before. They have captured the fancies of even those people who never dreamt of connecting to the Internet. You have a vast uncharted marketing territory to capitalize on. This calls for making web theme responsive, i.e. should intuitively adjust to the size and resolution of the screen of the device used by the viewer. Retaining the visual integrity of site without compromising on quality would definitely bring your brand more business.

Most important news that Google Index Mobile frist and Desktop second

Gift Free Resources to Audiences

Try to create a dedicated section for freebies. People love free resources. Prospects would feel motivated to subscribe to your services if they can perceive your commitment to make them happier. The free resources section should carry valuable online items which users can download and use. These can be free e-books relevant to your brand. Or, you can enter into an agreement with leading brands and display their coupons. You can also have outbound links that offer more information, but don’t engage in direct competition with site.

Make Provision for Collection of Audience Feedback

You need to cater to the sentiments of audiences individually or cluster wise. Generic treatment of site visitors may land you in trouble. This makes it important to tweak your content based on demographic, geographic and socio-graphic considerations. You can get a feel of user's moods by collecting their reviews and feedback. On your next re-design, ensure that you have interactive polls, feedback columns, review pages, blog etc. integrated in the overall scheme.

By keeping in perspective the aforesaid facelift, you can give your website the much desired makeover.

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