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8 Important tips of redesigning a website

responsive web design
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Website redesign is an elaborate process of renovating a website to remove web design faults. Simply it is a makeover of your existing website.

Are you looking to redesign your website? Firstly, Let’s evaluate whether you need a website redesign or not.

A Website’s Look, Interaction & its Usability enhances customer experience. When your website’s flow helps customers to find desired products without hesitation, your website is 100% perfect.

What if a customer finds your website messy and unorganized?

Undoubtedly, the customer leaves the website and search for others.

So, ask yourself,

  • Do your customers have easy navigation on your website? Are they able to search and find their target products comfortably?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Do your web pages load faster?
  • Does your website need any additional functionalities?

After evaluating your website with these queries, are you able to sense the limitations of your website? If you find any mismatch, you need to rectify it as soon as possible.

But, when you find too many mismatches, you better go for website redesigning. How to redesign a website? Does it have any simple tips?

We provide simple website redesign tips to improve your website performance.

Important Tips to Redesign Your Website

  • Tip 1: Analyse & Redefine your Goals

    Before going to redesign your website, analyze and determine why you need this. You should focus on four important aspects of your current website. They are site usability, SEO, content & conversion rate. Consider them and make a website redesign checklist.

    What are your website redesign requirements?
    What should be your goals?
    Whether it’s to improve the traffic to the website or to add any additional functionalities or others. Create a redesign checklist according to your requirements.

    Make use of a walk-through on your website just like a normal customer and find out which are the points to improve. It can be poor web design, difficult navigation, poor customer interaction points, etc. Check it out and make a website redesign project plan.

  • Tip 2: Remove Complicated Contents

    When a customer visits your website, the home page is the first page they see and use to interact with your store. Always remember the first impression is the best impression. So always keep the ecommerce website homepage impressive and engaging to the customer.

    Your redesign plan must eliminate all complicated contents from the existing website like big animations, stunning colours & stocky images. Remove long content from the home page and try to add simple and precise content so that customers get a basic idea about your store and products in a short period.

  • Tip 3: Go for Simple Design

    go for simple design

    Does your UI cause confusion among customers?

    Customer keep making mistakes when they get confusing UI. Properly organized navigation pages will help customers to move around your website easily.

    Include up to five sections in a web page and separate those sections with whitespaces. Hence, web page crowding can be reduced.

    Have you received complaints from customers regarding incorrect or broken links?
    If yes, Add proper labels & correct links for connecting other sections and pages.

    Use specific colours and fonts that match with your logo and utilize them to get an ideal aesthetic appeal. Minimize the use of bright colours. Much care should be given to colour palettes, shadows, typography, etc., to gain a professional look for your website.

    This simple redesign strategy will convert more visitors.

  • Tip 4: Reduce Loading Time

    Nowadays, customers have no patience when it comes to online purchases. Customers prefer fast-loading websites. So, Check whether your existing website has any slow-loading web pages or not.

    A slow-loading website will disappoint customers. So, determine such pages and attach new redesign elements to redesign the existing website. This helps to optimize fast-loading web pages.

  • Tip 5: Get Ideas from Competitors

    If you are a foresightful entrepreneur, you will be noted down the approaches & ideas from your competitor’s website by the time you started thinking about website redesign.

    Getting influenced by competitor’s approaches is normal. But don’t copy out it as a whole. Attach your innovative website redesign ideas with their approaches and implement them. And you can improve your website performance.

  • Tip 6: Use SEO Tools


    The best activity of customer engagement in an online website is organic search. Use Google Analytics to know more about the customer’s most searched keywords. And try to add relevant keywords to your website contents, create customized meta descriptions, etc., to obtain high-rank on different search engines.

    Similarly, try to use different analytical applications and integrate them with your website’s framework if you had not done this before. All these helps you to understand customer behaviour, page views, web page loading rate, etc.

    A blog can help you to reach out to more customers. Try to bring interactive blogs to your website with relevant keywords and understand customer interests and trends.

    The best website redesign strategy is the effective use of SEO tools. SEO should have the highest priority when you think of redesign existing website. And SEO is not expensive; it really helps to get better reach.

  • Tip 7: Build Mobile-Optimized Website

    Nowadays, it is essential to build a mobile-optimized website. Because most customers are convenient to search products & contents through mobile devices these days. Your website redesign checklist should give high preference to a mobile-friendly website.

    The customer can’t afford to have trouble on accessing a website. If it happens, it will definitely affect your organic ranking. So, always check for the usability of the mobile-optimized website along with a desktop site.

    Essentially, your redesigned website have to look professional and beautiful irrespective of the mobile screen resolutions. A responsive website design will definitely help for more conversions.

  • Tip 8: Publish Testimonials

    Have you noticed testimonials on popular online sites?
    How it help a customer who visits your website?

    Publishing testimonials on the website will have a greater impact on customers. Customers always wish to know other people’s reviews and ratings. This helps customers to make purchase decisions quickly.

    Video or text testimonials will convince customers to a great extent. Also, it should be visually matching with your website design. Include the name of people or companies to make the reviews more convincing.

    Place it in a portion of the website where customers can navigate easily. Make sure this portion is convincing to the customer. Then only you will get the expected outcome.


Select best agency for your website designing services. An increase of revenue is the primary objective of every website redesign. Before implementing your ideas on redesigning website, research more and make a perfect website redesign project plan.

Make a checklist according to your website redesign requirements first. And then implement the above-mentioned website redesign tips. Crosscheck the ideas you executed with the checklist and make sure everything is applied properly. Thus, website redesign helps you to improve sales and to boost website performance.

Now, be confident & start preparing a website redesign project plan. And be ready to switch over to an all-new website.


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