Why mobile commerce is important for online business?

why mobile commerce is important for online business
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Before delving into more depths, understanding the notion of m-commerce is important.

Mobile commerce or M-commerce- What actually is it?

It is the mode of e-commerce in which wireless handheld devices are used instead of tablets and smartphones. It is in-fact a more explicit sub-cluster of ecommerce businesses that use smaller mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops.

There is no doubt- days ahead are of ‘sales via web’. Amount spent by customers purchasing through internet has increased to 67% and overlooking this development can pose threat to your business growth. Present trend illuminates the fact that ecommerce will dominate the commerce landscape in immediate future itself, i.e. physical shops will be mostly for namesake only. Almost all businesses have understood this and they have embraced ecommerce.

However, what needs your immediate attention right now is assuring mobile-friendly shopping experience for your prospects. But why? There are many reasons. In Simplest of words- Mobile commerce is booming at a skyrocketing pace. The number of users for tablets and smartphones are continuously increasing; we today live in a multi-screen world.

Let us concisely examine the inevitability of mobile commerce.

Increased number of mobile internet users.

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason that makes businesses consider m-commerce seriously is the increasing figures and elevating graphs of people who own tablets and smartphones etc. Similarly those who connect to web via such devices are increasing rapidly than ever before.

Increased mobile commerce sales

Now when it comes to the transaction amounts, the numbers look great. While PayPal alone processed mobile transactions worth $27 billion in 2013, the numbers have increased Multifold. Same is the case with Alipay. In coming years also, the expected business through m-commerce is exponential.

Increased traditional sales owing to m-commerce

You have to assure that a prospect who has reached your store via a mobile device should buy from your physical store. To make that happen, it is vital that you make sure of mobile-friendliness for your website. You may offer coupons or any type of loyalty accounts by which they can pay for their drinks, meals or anything through their devices. There are many more creative things you can do.

Yet there are many e-store retailers who are still reluctant to adapt to this latest drift. Unresponsive websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will make your prospects to repel away. So, don’t hesitate to embrace m-commerce or else chances are high for you to crumble down.


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