X-Cart import export Features

x cart import export features
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When running an ecommerce online store, the first and foremost thing to consider is the shopping cart you is going to use. While most of the shopping carts now in use are good, it is important to understand what additional value they can add to your website. It must be this understanding that’s going to decide what shopping cart fits you better. This is where X-Cart can prove to be an excellent choice that can add great value for your business. With some of the most unique and user-intuitive shopping-cart creation and web-design elements, X-Cart provides for faster image integration and product update. Some of the most notable benefits are the option to host unlimited products and the availability of unlimited bandwidth.

Unlike most of the shopping-carts, X-Cart allows for product exporting nearly all types of store data from the database to external file or files as required in CSV format to greater utility of the data such as analytics and insight generation. Similarly, provides room to X-cart product import required data in any specific CSV format to the database as well.

In a nutshell, one can understand that data import and export in X-Cart is like the different sides of the same coin—allowing the user to export any data so desired from the database and then to import it back whether in edited or in the original format. Whether you need to update product details on your cart or export all the necessary data from another X-Cart store or upgrading or moving your business, the powerful export-import feature of X-Cart can come exceptionally handy.

Following are the different types of import that a user can carry out in X-Cart;

  • X-cart Category CSV Import
  • X-cart Detailed Image CSV Import
  • X-cart Extra CSV Import
  • X-cart Options CSV Import
  • X-cart Order CSV Import
  • X-cart Product CSV Import
  • X-cart Product Image Magnifier CSV import
  • X-cart Users CSV Import
  • X-cart Variant CSV Import

Why X-Cart is preferred by businesses over others?

xcart simple and easy to update store

Simple and Easy to Update: One of the more lauded benefits of X-Cart by its clients is the simple and easy to understand options to update various logs in the application. Whether the user needs to update some information about a product or a line of products or images, the simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy.

For e.g. If a user wants to change the price of a product from $24.95 to 29.95 and alter the product code of another product from SKU1 to SKU2, all the user needs to do is to import a CSV file arranged in the following format;


Category Export: In X-Cart, users have the option to export categories in the X-Cart store. This is benefit that is provided exclusively by X-Cart and none of the popular shopping carts in the world currently offer this benefit to their customers.

Product updates in X-Cart is Comfortable: While a CSV file is being imported to the database, X-Cart read the ProductIDs in the file to check if there are similar ProductIDs in the database already. If the system finds such a ProductID that is present on both the file and the database, X-Cart understands that it needs to only update the product.

What areas can X-Cart really improve on?

areas can xcart really improve

While there are numerous benefits that X-Cart can provide, there are also areas where improvement can work greatly for the advantage of the X-Cart users.

Need to create multiple data files: While most of the latest shopping carts provide the option to import various products attributes such as detailed images, variants and options with the help of a single template, it not possible with X-Cart. In order to carry out this task in X-Cart, one has to create multiple data files.

Too much emphasis on productID: In X-Cart, ProductID assumes all the importance and hence, a misstep in defining the same carefully can lead to grave issues that can even affect the store management and dynamics.

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