A Comprehensive Guide to Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

amazon a plus content guidelines
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In the ever-growing world of e-commerce, standing out in the crowd is crucial for success. Amazon A+ Content offers a unique opportunity for brand owners to enhance product listings with rich visuals and engaging text, ultimately improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates. Are you ready to dive into this comprehensive guide and unlock the full potential of Amazon A+ Content for your brand while adhering to the Amazon A Content Guidelines? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon A+ Content offers an engaging shopping experience to increase sales available to brand registered sellers and emerging brands.
  • Features include customizable modules with images, infographics, product descriptions & videos. Strategically placed on Amazon’s product detail pages.
  • Eligibility requirements plus guidelines for image quality and text/language must be followed to create effective A+ Content optimized for mobile devices.

Understanding Amazon A+ Content

amazon a plus content benefits

As a brand owner, you’re likely familiar with the need to create captivating product listings that grab the attention of potential customers. Amazon A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content, takes your product detail pages to the next level, offering an engaging shopping experience through the use of rich visuals and text on both desktop and mobile devices. Incorporating A+ Content can increase your Amazon sales by up to 10% and increase the chances of receiving more positive reviews.

However, not all sellers have access to this powerful feature. Currently, Amazon A+ Content is only available to brand registered sellers and certain emerging brand owners. Upon fulfilling the eligibility requirements, Amazon A+ Content creation becomes accessible through the Content Manager in Seller Central.

Features of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content offers customizable modules, including images, infographics, and product descriptions, to effectively present products and brand stories. With 17 module options available, you can tailor your content to meet the preferences of different customers. For those who like to compare different options, a comparison chart is ideal, while labeled images can help customers learn better through visuals. Additionally, comparison charts can be a valuable tool for showcasing various product features and benefits.

a plus content example

In addition to Basic A+ Content, which is available at no cost to all sellers in Vendor Central and encompasses up to five modules of content, including images and text, there’s also Premium A+ Content for select vendors. This advanced option offers up to seven modules that may include:

  • videos
  • interactive content
  • images
  • text

Where A+ Content Appears on Amazon

Amazon showcases your well-crafted A+ Content in the product description and “From the Brand” sections of the product detail page, ensuring it’s easily visible to potential customers. This strategic placement allows shoppers to easily access the engaging visuals and informative text that set your brand apart from the competition.

Eligibility Requirements for Creating Amazon A+ Content


As mentioned earlier, not all sellers on Amazon can create A+ Content. To be eligible, you must either be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry or participate in certain managed selling programs for emerging brand owners, such as Launchpad and Exclusives.

Your products must also be part of the approved brand catalog.

Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry serves as a vital resource for brand owners, offering:

  • Protection tools
  • Entry to exclusive brand building programs such as A+ Content creation tools
  • Ensuring the accuracy of product listings
  • Safeguarding intellectual property

To enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll need a registered trademark, a government-issued ID, and a website displaying the registered trademark. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to various benefits, including A+ Content creation tools.

Emerging Brand Owners

Emerging brand owners who are relatively new to the market and establishing their brand presence can also create A+ Content by participating in programs like Launchpad and Exclusives. Adherence to the Amazon A+ Content Guidelines allows emerging brand owners to aptly display their products and brand story, affording them a competitive advantage in the bustling marketplace.

This is an excellent opportunity for emerging brand owners to stand out and make an impact on products in the Amazon Seller Central account.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

A comparison chart on Amazon A+ Content

To ensure a consistent and high-quality shopping experience across all products on Amazon, specific content guidelines need to be followed when creating A+ Content. These guidelines cover image quality and size, text and language requirements, and prohibited content.

Adherence to these guidelines ensures your A+ Content maintains a professional appearance and offers a smooth shopping experience to your potential customers.

Image Quality and Size

Images are vital in presenting your products and brand story in the best possible light. To be approved for A+ Content, images must meet specific quality and size requirements. High-quality images provide customers with a realistic representation of the product, which helps to increase customer retention and trust in your brand.

It’s important to read the full content guidelines to comply with the specified image quality and size requirements. Doing so will enable you to create visually attractive content that displays your products and brand story.

Text and Language

In addition to images, the text and language used in your A+ Content must also adhere to specific guidelines to ensure readability and clarity for customers. Providing engaging and informative text assists potential customers in making informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales and positive reviews.

Prohibited Content

Certain types of content are prohibited in Amazon A+ Content to maintain a consistent and high-quality shopping experience for all customers. Prohibited content includes false claims, offensive material, and external web links.

Gaining familiarity with these regulations helps avoid inadvertent infringements and assures your A+ Content’s compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Amazon A+ Content

enhanced brand story on amazon a plus ontent

Now that you’re familiar with the guidelines and eligibility requirements for creating A+ Content. Let’s dive into some best practices to help you make the most of this powerful feature.

Crafting a compelling brand story, highlighting product features and benefits, and optimizing content for mobile devices allows for creating A+ Content that genuinely resonates with your target audience and stimulates sales.

Telling Your Brand Story

One of the most effective ways to connect with potential customers is by sharing your brand’s unique story and values. This helps build rapport with your target audience and sets your brand apart from the competition.

Conveying your brand’s unique narrative and ideals through your A+ Content facilitates a connection that transcends the product and cultivates brand loyalty.

Highlighting Product Features and Benefits

To help customers make informed decisions about your products, it’s essential to showcase their features and benefits in your A+ Content. This can be achieved by utilizing bullet points to list your product's primary features and unique selling propositions (USPs), as well as incorporating high-quality visual content such as pictures and videos to expand on product specifications and emphasize the advantages.

Positioning your brand and vividly displaying your products with A+ Content effectively educates customers about your products' value.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

With increasing shoppers using mobile devices to make purchases, it’s crucial to ensure your A+ Content is visually appealing and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. Optimizing the size and positioning of images, text, and other elements enhances the accessibility and engagement of your A+ Content for mobile users, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

To make your A+ Content more mobile-friendly, consider the following tips:

How to Create Amazon A+ Content: Step-by-Step Process

amazon a plus content manager

Now that you thoroughly understand the guidelines, eligibility requirements, and best practices for creating effective A+ Content, it’s time to put it all together, focusing on the content details and incorporating relevant keywords.

The step-by-step process for creating A+ Content includes:

  1. Selecting modules
  2. Adding images and text
  3. Applying ASINs
  4. Submitting for approval

Following this process enables you to create engaging and informative A+ Content that displays your products and brand story in the most favorable light.

Selecting A+ Content Modules

amazon a plus content modules

The first step in creating A+ Content is selecting the modules that best suit your needs and preferences for your detail page. With various modules, including the right side image, four-image quadrant, and multi-image module, you can create a customized layout that effectively showcases your products and brand story.

Be sure to consider the different preferences of your target audience when selecting modules, as this can help ensure your A+ Content appeals to a broad range of customers.

Adding Images and Text

Once you’ve selected the appropriate modules, it’s time to add high-quality images and engaging text to your A+ Content. Keep in mind the image quality and size requirements discussed earlier, as well as the text and language guidelines, to ensure your content is visually appealing and informative.

Providing customers a clear understanding of your products and brand story aids them in making informed purchasing decisions and ultimately stimulates sales.

Applying ASINs and Submitting for Approval

The final step in creating A+ Content is applying ASINs to associate your content with specific products and submitting it for approval. Following the Amazon A+ Content Guidelines assures your content’s compliance and readiness for review.

Remember that the approval process can take up to seven days, so be sure to plan accordingly and allow ample time to make any necessary revisions.

Monitoring and Optimizing A+ Content Performance

amazon aplus content report

Creating engaging A+ Content is the first step in maximizing its impact on your sales and brand visibility. To properly optimize your A+ Content’s performance, monitoring key metrics and conducting A/B testing using Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments tool is required.

By tracking metrics like conversion rates and unit session percentage and testing different A+ Content versions, you can identify the most effective content for your products and continually refine your strategy.

Tracking Key Metrics

To evaluate the effectiveness of your A+ Content, it’s important to track key metrics such as conversion rates and unit session percentage. The ‘Unit Session Percentage’ metric is used to calculate the success rate of a listing. It is obtained by dividing the number of units sold within a set period by the number of visitors to that listing during that same frame..

Consistent monitoring of these metrics over a period of 2-4 weeks allows the identification of performance changes and enables data-driven decisions to maximize the impact of your A+ Content.

A/B Testing with Amazon's Manage Your Experiments Tool

In addition to tracking key metrics, A/B testing is an invaluable tool for optimizing the performance of your A+ Content. Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments tool allows you to test different versions of your A+ Content on high-traffic ASINs and identify the most successful version of the experiment.

Continuous testing and refinement of your A+ Content ensures it resonates with your target audience and maximizes sales.


In conclusion, Amazon A+ Content is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your product listings, boost sales, and elevate your brand’s presence on the platform. By understanding the guidelines, eligibility requirements, and best practices for creating A+ Content, you can craft compelling, informative content that truly connects with your target audience. Remember to monitor key metrics and conduct A/B testing to continually optimize your A+ Content’s performance. With the right approach, you can unlock the full potential of Amazon A+ Content and elevate your brand to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon A+ content enables sellers to create custom product descriptions by adding visuals, textual content, and side-by-side comparison tables directly into your Amazon product detail page, enriching the browsing experience for potential buyers by providing them with extensive insights while they contemplate purchasing your product.

A+ Content from Amazon enables brands to customize their product detail pages with high-definition videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, flexible layouts, and text. This feature allows businesses to build customer trust by grabbing their attention with visually appealing designs and sharing the story behind their brand.

Amazon A+ Content is an excellent investment for businesses, allowing them to differentiate their products and increase sales. The potential ROI from an additional 10% sales could make a real difference in their success.

The Amazon Content Manager is a utility tool that helps implement strategic growth plans by optimizing content for each brand partner by uploading and downloading content from an Amazon WorkDocs site.

To become eligible for Amazon A+ Content, you must be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry or participate in managed selling programs for emerging brand owners. Furthermore, your products must be part of the approved brand catalog.

To create effective Amazon A+ content, tell a compelling brand story, highlight product features and benefits, and optimize content for mobile devices to ensure a professional tone.

Yes. Off Course. Amazon A+ Content really helpful and affects SEO.

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To start an Amazon A+content business, there are several steps, such as understanding the basics of Amazon's A+ Content guidelines and policies, Creating an Amazon Seller Account, establishing and building brand identity like creating a logo, defining your brand story, then Select products for which you need to enhance with A+ Content, Submit it for review and approval by Amazon, Regularly monitor the performance of your A+ Content, Promote products using Amazon marketing tools and strategies etc.

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