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Ways to enhance quality traffic to your ecommerce site

ways to enhance quality traffic to your ecommerce site
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Ah, great! You have a wonderfully designed eCommerce store with lots of exciting products and offers that would sweep the visitors off the feet into buying them.

But, what happens when you see no people are visiting your website or the traffic you get is not converting?

All the excitements of having an eCommerce business can come down crumbling.

What you do you do now?

Definitely not close down your business! No, never.

So, here we are, listing a few of the most important means to increase traffic to your website—not just traffic but excellent quality traffic at that.

What you do you do now?

Definitely not close down your business! No, never.

So, here we are, listing a few of the most important means to increase traffic to your website—not just traffic but excellent quality traffic at that.

Take care of the content of your eStore

take care of the content of your e store

By content, we don’t jut mean texts; we also mean, images of the products and everything that you present for the customers to see on your site.

Have compelling images and product descriptions to go along with the images and creatively use them. Try to craft the right content strategy to help your clients by publishing blogs, useful articles for customers etc.Make sure that all of these drive customers into making a buying decision in favor of you.

Trust us, if you have subpar content, customers will leave your site faster than they came.

Make better impression in Product Description Pages and more interesting

Try to arrange your product description page more attractive and helpful to your customers

  1. Detailed & Unique product title
  2. Best offers
  3. Visible Best price & Delivery Options
  4. Detailed images, Diagram images & applicable spec PDF
  5. Ensure product images have alt text
  6. Easily manageable, visible Add to Cart & Buy Now button
  7. Product apt features
  8. Product Description & Important Notes
  9. Related Products + Combo Offers
  10. Product review which should include Positive & Negative
  11. You may also interested other products related product
  12. Use short product URLs
  13. Proper Out of store blocks

How well your online store preform on mobile?

On December 15th Google search results had major ranking changes based on the various reports. This may be important Google changes and mobile-first index testing, which took place in December 2016 month.

Please more care in the following comments

  1. Content should be accurate and attractive
  2. Only use readable Text
  3. Have one URL for both mobile and desktop
  4. Increase Site loading speed
  5. Don't put Pop-ups which cover the main content
  6. Don't use more advertisement that needs to be dismissed to access the main content
  7. Avoid hiding the main content below the fold

SEO is and will always be relevant

online store search engine optimization

One of the biggest reasons for not getting quality traffic top your site is ignoring SEO. Though many changes have forced SEO to take a back seat, it still holds incredible value from a search relevance perspective.

Focusing more the following item will help you in this regard;

  • Make yourself more visible to major search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like
  • Speed your ecommerce store performance
  • Make better use of and improve the product title for example Brand Name + SKU + Fixture type + product color etc.
  • Make it easy for search engines to crawl your site by adding a sitemap, having a strong internal linking structure etc.
  • Work on getting strong and quality inbound links to have more search value

Leverage social media to the maximum

You must be able to present your website, where customers are. And, that is social media. If you do not leverage on the tremendous opportunities offered by social media that is one of the biggest reasons for less traffic.

Social media is one of the best ways to interact with your audience and create a strong online following. Use social media to push your reviews from industry experts and share offers on your page or channel.

With strong social media promotions and strategies, you can nurture great relationship with your audience and drive quality traffic to your site.

Online search and display advertisement

Search and display advertisement on the internet is one of the popular ways to attract quality traffic to your website. There are numerous ad account management services that can help you with the same.With the right marketing strategy and promotional plans, this can certainly help you drive quality traffic to your website.

Engage and focus creating an experience

engage and focus creating an experience

We are sure that, by more traffic you mean to have more people buying your product. And, for that you must focus on building relationships rather than leads and traffic. Create a feeling in the customers that they are someplace that is happy to serve them better. When visiting your eCommerce site, if you fail to elicit a feeling of belonging in the minds your customers, get ready for a tough journey.

If you are able to make the buying experience of your visitors an exciting and joyous affair, you will always stand to gain.

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