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Create an Ecommerce Website

Intellect Outsource can create the eCommerce website you need to drive online traffic and sales to your business. We are experienced in building custom, responsive eCommerce sites that will surpass your requirements and objectives. All of this comes at an affordable, one-time cost.

What to Expect When We Create Your Ecommerce Website

Affordable Prices

At this time, customers can only choose between using a SAS or open-source platform to create their eCommerce website. Unfortunately, these choices are not the best for small and medium business owners who are operating within a strict budget.

Intellect Outsource helps these businesses create their eCommerce websites within a low budget so they can avoid paying costly monthly fees, all without the need to hire web developers. We believe that quality web design should be easily accessible for all small to medium-sized businesses.

That is why we charge our clients a single price of $500 with no monthly subscriptions or extraneous fees to worry about. Our transparent, upfront pricing is what you will be charged.

Full-Service Ecommerce Website Design

Every eCommerce company website or online business project we develop is a collaborative effort that involves our expert website developers, designers, and strategists. We ensure that all of our clients end up with high-performance, user-friendly, and fully functional websites that their customers will enjoy using.

Once we have received confirmation of payment, we will start building the client’s eCommerce website through the client’s hosting account within 24 hours. We will then test, check, and ensure everything is in working order before we launch the website.

But our eCommerce web design services do not end here. We also provide solutions to help with product data entry, continuous web development, back-office support, social media, and more. Simply contact us ahead of time to let us know what you need.

With Intellect Outsource, all of our clients will receive an all-in-one eCommerce website solution in a single, affordable package.

Top-Notch Ecommerce Designs

Thanks to our excellent eCommerce website design team, we can provide you with solutions that are reliable and long-lasting. We build eCommerce websites that not only look amazing but also display properly on any device by incorporating responsive web design and mobile-friendly elements.

We ensure that the websites of our eCommerce partners are accessible at all times, even when their users are on the go

Apart from being functional, we also create eCommerce websites that are beautiful and elegant that will help attract new customers.

High-Performance Ecommerce Websites

The eCommerce websites we design for our clients will allow them to effectively sell online their products, charge customers through various payment gateways, and process orders for shipping.

Whenever we create an eCommerce website, we make sure that it comes with all necessary features and customization capabilities to help our clients scale when needed.

Custom Ecommerce Website Design Services

Being an eCommerce website design and development provider for years, Intellect Outsource excels at creating websites that are customized to meet the goals of your business.

We work on our own eCommerce platform because it allows us to design, develop, and launch amazing eCommerce websites. Our platform is built so that when we create your eCommerce website, it comes equipped with essential features that you need.

Each solution that we create at Intellect Outsource is designed to be unique and customized according to the target audience of our client.

We have experienced eCommerce experts who are knowledgeable about the principles behind the top eCommerce brands. These professionals will work with you to determine what your requirements are and develop a strategy that complements your other online campaigns.

Features of our ecommerce website

Steps in Creating Your Ecommerce Website

Follow these steps to create an online store:
  • Send us your business details:

    Providing us with all of the information that you want for your website will allow us to ensure that this is reflected in your online store.

  • Receive eCommerce website credentials:

    We will then send you the demo of your store’s front-end as well as the login credentials for your admin panel to your given email.

  • Order and confirm:

    Once you are satisfied in demo store, please place your order and verify to proceed to the next stage.

  • Online store launch:

    After receiving your confirmation, we will then launch your online store so you can start adding the content you need.

  • Add necessary content:

    You can then start adding the images and information of your products to your eCommerce website.

  • Connect to a payment provider:

    Once you have added all necessary details, you can then connect your desired payment gateway that will be responsible for processing your transactions.

  • Start selling online:

    Now that you have a fully-functional eCommerce website with highly detailed products, you can begin selling to your target audience and start driving sales.Are you ready to get started in creating and launching your new eCommerce website? Get in touch with Intellect Outsource today.

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Get a demo

We offer demo store trail to check the features implemented in the ecommerce website. It will help to test the store functionality and start selling products online.


Look on the main features: Create your store
  • Add Products & Categories
  • Product Variations
  • Add Product Images
  • Easy One Page Checkout Process
  • Banner Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Attractive Themes
  • Friendly Store Admin Panel
  • Feature Rich Extensions
  • Advanced Shipping Rules
  • Customer Management
  • Newsletter
  • Reviews
  • Bulk CSV Import/Export System
  • Easy Payment integration
  • Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • Unlimited CMS Pages
  • Featured Products
  • Hot Selling Products
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Responsive Design
  • Dedicated support team
  • Email Support

Why Choose Intellect Outsource to Build Your Ecommerce Website?

Experienced Ecommerce Web Designers

Our team is composed of experienced eCommerce professionals that can help you build an eCommerce website for your brand. Our specialists have practical experience in designing and creating eCommerce sites that can compete and expand your organization’s scope effectively.

Furthermore, they will work to analyze and understand your requirements so they can provide you with a fully functional, high-performing, and mobile-responsive eCommerce website at an affordable cost.

We Provide Deliverables On Time

Each of our team members follows a smart and efficient eCommerce design approach. This allows each person in our team to stay committed to providing deliverables ahead of the deadline. In fact, we can provide you with a demo of your eCommerce site in as little as 24 hours.

Furthermore, the eCommerce solutions we provide incorporate data-empowered techniques and in-depth research to cover various aspects of eCommerce. We want to provide our partners with customer-centric websites that drive sales and increase ROI.

We value your time and money and we never want our clients to compromise quality.

Agile Process

We implement an agile website building process through our platform that allows us to rapidly develop and launch effective eCommerce websites without delays.

With team members who are experienced and capable of running advanced tools and devices, you can expect efficient and high-end websites.

Excellent Support and Maintenance Services

We ensure that our clients get the best services we can provide. If you need assistance with any aspect of your website including data entry and more, Intellect Outsource is proud to be the one-stop shop for eCommerce website building.

We also take care of issues that arise with your website. Our team of customer-friendly support staff will help you resolve product-related concerns. These individuals are always prepared to provide you with immediate aid when needed.

High-Performing Websites

Providing affordable yet effective eCommerce websites to small and medium business owners that lead to their success is our utmost concern.

We will ensure that your website can stay ahead of your competition at a fraction of the cost that they may have spent in creating their own online stores. We are also constantly studying and applying the latest trends and technologies to meet the changing demands of the eCommerce space.

Our Work Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website allows businesses to sell products or services to their customers online. Any online shopping website that you’ve come across is an eCommerce website.


What types of businesses can benefit from an eCommerce website?

Any brand that sells products and wants to maximize its reach can benefit from having an eCommerce website.


Do you provide domain and hosting services?

Intellect Outsource doesn’t provide domain and hosting services but you can forward to us the details of your chosen hosting services and we will install and implement ecommerce website there.


Do you support multiple currencies?

Currently, we only support one currency at a time.


Do you provide data support?

Yes, we provide complete ecommerce product data entry services for your new store.


What if I have additional requirements?

Intellect Outsource is always ready to assist you. Simply send us your new requirements and we will analyze the details.

We will then inform you of the amount to pay for the new feature you wish to add. Once the payment has been released, we will update your store accordingly.


Do you use your own platform to build online stores?

Yes, the eCommerce website platform we use is built by Intellect Outsource web experts.


Does your ecommerce website support drop shipping?

Presently No.


How do I create an ecommerce website?

Once you send business details, we will send the front-end and back-end free demo store via email before setting up your online store. If you are satisfied, you can pay. After that, we will build your online store.


For which type of business are you suggesting your ecommerce website?

The customers who would like to build online store without the help of developers on huge amount or monthly payment for their online store services. Here our ecommerce websites are available at one-time payment.


What is your suggestion about your own built ecommerce platform?

We recommend ecommerce platform only for only small and medium industries. Do not purchase ecommerce website by comparing it to other ecommerce platform including all advanced features.


What type of design you provide at $500?

We provide a default theme. If you need your own choice of design for your ecommerce website, we are always ready to create new design and implement in the platform. You will be charged additional payment for this service.


Is the one time amount enough to build complete ecommerce website?

We are providing ecommerce website including almost general features of ecommerce stores. You can see the features in the demo we are providing. If any additional features required, you have to pay additional for it.

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