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Is Shopify a Good Choice for your ecommerce website? Let’s Find Out

benefits choosing shopify for ecommerce website
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Are you planning to build your own online retail website? Congratulations on making the smart business move. You may now have a lot of choices on which platform to use for site development. And Shopify is a name that may keep popping up in the list of recommendations.

The utilization of Shopify offers a distinct competitive advantages, providing a potent combination of user-friendly design, versatile functionality, and a thriving app ecosystem to propel your online business success.

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The reason for this is not hard to determine.

Research has shown that Shopify is an undisputed leader in creating an eCommerce site that is secure and feature-packed. Such a site delivers an amazing experience to shoppers. Shopify Plus merchants enjoy a 126% year-on-year growth. Total sales in 2020 on the Shopify platform have jumped 76% as compared to the previous year.

Let’s look at some more compelling reasons to choose Shopify for eCommerce development.

  1. Amazing customization potential

    You can choose more than 75 themes from the platform. As a result, you can depict your brand exactly the way you want to. Such in-depth customization helps in instant brand recognition. It also aligns the site to other marketing collaterals.

    Every theme has a specific set of features. This USP helps further power up your site as per your line of business. You can go for a free theme or a paid theme. Your selection will be as per your marketing budgets and business demand.

    Plus, the Shopify app store has a list of apps that can improve the customization further. You can look at integrating the ones that drive your eCommerce site and give you the edge in business.

  2. Zero fuss installation

    You don’t need to be a programmer to install and start using a Shopify site. The site is easy to set up and use. The platform has built-in integration with hosting and software needed to power up your eCommerce website.

    Even the admin console is easy to operate. Even non-technical users can grasp the features. This way, they can extract value from the platform.

    The store build module has drag-and-drop elements. This facility allows you to build your online retail site without the need to know coding. So while themes may offer generic design, you can dramatically amplify the store’s feature set. This can be done by adding custom functionality with the help of a developer. You can also rely on the secure apps downloaded from the Shopify app store.

  3. Admin management becomes easy

    Omnichannel retail management can be streamlined with Shopify. It provides an in-person Point of Sale (POS) system and eCommerce tools. These tools help merge the synergies of both online and offline without any sync issues. This makes it easier for the admins to manage inventory, orders, payments, and billing.

    Shopify says that 1 million retailers use the platform to unify sales from various channels. And when this is done seamlessly, the retailers report a 30% jump in revenues. They get unified reporting and true insights into various metrics. These include key areas like the stock levels of the different products and variants. It factors products listed on the online sites or available in the brick and mortar store. The platform also has advanced features like Inventory Forecast. It helps retailers get guidance on how much of a product to stock at a given time or place.

  4. Diversity in unity

    Shopify helps you to access a range of features from a single management console. The centralized dashboard is just what to need to access everything from even your smartphone. Options like centralized fulfillment for processing and shipping data become quickly accessible to the manager.

    They can manage inventory and accept credit cards in a safe environment online. Their decision making too, is made effective. This USP is enabled by the quick availability of granular reports and dashboards on various key metrics around your eCommerce website.

    Shopify also has a separate section of blogs and podcasts. These valuable resources seek to replicate the success stories of past customers. Knowing these will help bring you closer to success. Budding retailers get a lot of choices. These include step-by-step guidance or live workshops.

  5. Total trust

    Shopify has a long list of prestigious clients. These include companies like Tesla Motors, GitHub, General Electric, and Foo Fighters. These names re-affirm their reliability on Shopify to power up their eCommerce needs in a competitive digital landscape. You, too, can rely on the ‘always available’ customer support at Shopify. This way, you don’t experience any downtime. Hence, you can run a successful online retail business. Also, since the site is optimized for SEO, your organic growth online too sees more and more customers discovering your online retail store.

  6. Total shopper delight

    The platform supports more than 100 payment gateways. As a result, your customers need not worry about a compatible payment mechanism when checking out products from their cart. Admins can promote the business across different channels from one single management console. As a result, customers from Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon can easily find your product online.

To conclude

You may have a lot of options like Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop for creating your own eCommerce website. But the above reasons show why Shopify is miles ahead of the competition. It emerges as a feasible option for building a scalable and secure online retail site.

Get on-board a trustworthy tech expert like Intellect Outsource. Their competencies will see your online retail business zoom past competition.



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