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features of shopify online stores
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Quite challenging, yet a very decisive move towards setting up an online store is about the selection of finest and the most operational e-Commerce platform. There are variety of e-commerce development solutions in the market today Magento, Volusion, bigcommerce, MIVA Merchant, Netsuite, handshake, ProStores, X cart, Yahoo stores, Zen Cart, Pinnacle, Nexternal, Woocommerce, 3d cart, Shopping Cart Elite, 1ShoppingCart, Shopysuite, FoxyCart of which, each of them are beneficial for one or other business arena. Whereas, there are no much all-round e-Commerce solutions. However, without exerting much pains you can certainly launch your own online store successfully through one of the world’s leading and most popular e-Commerce solution-Shopify. Irrespective of business volume, presently more and more online retailers are building their sites upon this very resourceful platform.

Let’s first take a dive into the basic features of Shopify and explore in detail about its customization aspects in specific business areas.


1. Ease of Access and Use

Shopify is a hosted platform and hence the mess of building an online store as with self-hosted platforms is eliminated. Although one has to purchase the product to get access to this software, it is reasonable and affordable even for start-up establishments. It has a complete coverage of tools and practices needed to successfully develop a new shopping website or for adding a store facet to the existing site.

2. Customisable

Every storefront if only presented to satisfy the visual thrust can drive traffic and thus gain sales at the foremost. If you are a start-up retailer, this has to be your focusedarea, for you are about to lift up your brand online through this site. Shopify is all set to help you organizeyour storefront as you want to present it. There are around 150 themes, paid or free from which you can easily choose one suiting your site. Or else option to download and edit themes is there with this amazing shopping cart software. All of these are mobile responsive as well.

3. Requires No Technical Expertise

Most appreciated reason to rely on any hosted platform, especially Shopify is that it requires no knowledge of coding or programming. The platform itself manages the web hosting and developing aspects by its own. The vendor merely needs to focus on the business enhancement and product updating without worrying about the warehousing, payment and shipping management.

This is of a great help when a start-up comes to host a website and struggles to meet a professional standard. Both money and time can be saved and can be invested fruitfully to grow the sales and prospects.

4. Store Security

Many people are reluctant still to adopt Digital transactions, for them being risky if the hosting site provides no security features. It is thus very vital to deal with valuable customer particulars including the card details securely for an online retailer. Shopify is a most trusted e-commerce solution when it comes to its security features. When one purchases the software, SSL certificate will be provided to help him in data encryption and a PCI compliance feature needed while handling credit cards.

5. Responsive Sites

Shopify is a hosted platform and hence the mess of building an online store as with self-hosted platforms is eliminated. Although one has to purchase the product to get access to this software, it is reasonable and affordable even for start-up establishments. It has a complete coverage of tools and practices needed to successfully develop a new shopping website or for adding a store facet to the existing site.

6. Reliable and Round The Clock Customer Care

Whenever the server goes offline, you are likely to miss a sale. Likewise, the slow loading of pages invites dissatisfaction with customers and may probablyhinder your growth. Customers are impatient in a sense and hence these aspects have considerable relevance while maintaining an online store. Shopify is devoid of this kind of faults and hence is reliable by all means.

They maintain an experienced service team to handle the upgrades and maintenance as need arises and support the clients to make their online stores up-to-date and accessible.Moreover, they are always at the client’s service and available 24/7 offering the efficient and timely services. Besides, there are Shopify Community forums who extend aids in this concern.

7. Plugins and APP Store

There is an app called Shopify App Store, which is a marked creation of Shopify in helping the online vendors to boost their sales and growth. It incorporates the essential plugins to spread out the functionality of an online store, totally free of cost. By adding this option to your store, you can avail up-down marketing, accounting, social media integration, shipping, inventory, analysis of customer reviews and a thorough study of your store’s performance with no effort.

There are also customer-oriented services like generating discount coupons, offer codes etc. for the entire range of products or certain individual products without having to worry about the pricing and tax calculation.

8. SEO & Marketing Tools

Sales and leads generation is always a result of good and enhanced marketing campaigns and SEO optimization techniques. Yet, it is not that easy for a start-up company to afford the cost associated with it at the very beginning itself. On the other hand, because of the large volume of business, certain online stores find it difficult to manage this task efficiently and hires some back-end service providers for help.

Shopify is developed with a keen eye on selling point and thus has the best and potent marketing tools and SEO features to make the store site get ranked higher and earn more potential customers and a promising sales future.

9. Exclusive Individual Payment Gateway

Partnered with a number of payment gateways, Shopify also owns a payment gateway for offering economical and reliable transaction services to the customers. It is powered by Stripe and draws no transaction fees and lower credit card rates are charged for payments done through this gateway.

10. Recovery of An Abandoned Shopping Cart

Many times, it happens that a buyer adds a product to his shopping cart but doesn’t complete the transaction. This is technically known as Shipping Cart Abandonment. As it is common with the majority of customers, to add products to cart and not buy it, online stores are in vein to manage this laborious task efficiently. Anexclusive abandoned cart recovery service is offered by Shopify with provisions to automatically track and mail theprospective customers regularly and remind them to complete the buying.

One of the main advantages of shopify is easy product data management and category managment. Product import template is very easy when compared to other ecommerce platforms. If you are a beginner in online business, shopify help you to list products very attractively for your customers. Adding products to shopify is very simple comparing with other shopping cart platforms.

Adding products to shopify

Also, Category management is simpler. A shopify data entry officer need not analzse each product to update into the relevant category. Instead, updating the tag and type of the product would be enough. Once the perfect tag and type are added to the store, it will automatically filter and set the products into the accurate category.

shopify category management

Product Variant adding is also very simple and tricky. Please review Following video

Each and every steps are very simply arragned in the shopify product import templates. Any one can process import function witout any hassle.

Download shopify Product Import Template for your review : shopify-product-import-template.xlsx

The prominent and standard E-Commerce platform, Shopify provides all services that are flexible and competent to any business’s online store requisites. Right from a store with a single product like food and drinks, it can handle stores which are exclusively dealing a wide range of products.

As a bottom line note, there are a number of e-Commerce platforms available in the market today. Many are open source or self-hosted and free to download and use whereas many are paid and hosted solutions. Every hosted e-commerce platform offers a free trail option for analzsing the performance of your site when build on them. Before purchasing any one of such platforms, try to know shopify first and then choose the optimal solution.

To know about Shopify and learn how it can help your e-commerce site, feel free to contact us.


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