Order processing service importance and experience in ecommerce business

efficient order processing system
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You may have read many blogs describing the Importance of Order Processing in ecommerce business. All companies try to assure highest quality customer management service to avoid unnecessary sales decrease in the online store. Now we have enough sources to know how to satisfy every customer through different ecommerce blogs, videos, documentaries and seminars etc. You very well know about this entire subject but, are you confident about your ecommerce order processing team in house?

A trust worthy and proficient ecommerce order management procedure is critical for the success of ecommerce business. One of the most significant requirements for businesses to attract and retain customers is to have a well-organized, high quality and fast order management service. One who fails to finish the order procedure on time will upset customers and invite negative impact on his business reputation.

To avoid customers getting unsatisfied, why not take help of a well-organised and professional ecommerce services team for your business? Doing this will help you to save lot of money and time. Also, it is very important for you to implement excellent methods that will help you to run your business smoothly and keeping your customers satisfied.

Intellect Outsource provides complete and professional order and inventory management services to online retailers. We have professional team efficient enough to manage purchase & sales orders, order tracking, bulk orders, invoice updating, purchase order confirmation, mailing to customers and vendors as well updating inventory into online store successfully as required. As we already mentioned quality, speed and accuracy are the main factors to facilitate order processing service in a hassle free manner.

Intellect programmers have developed software using which order processing and inventory management projects can be done very easily, accurately and provide expected outcome within short time limit.Our dedicated team handles all of your order management projects, take away difficulty in your workflows and save time; trust us, we understand your business and importance of your online business.

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Once a customer purchases a product from your online shop, then onwards we are responsible for all the processes until the product is perfectly delivered to the customer. When a customer chooses a product from online store and order is confirmed by the manufacturer, we frequently follow-up with manufacture unit and the tracking number is released. If in case the manufacturer does not have the required product stock, manufacturer request to send information to customers that product is back order, which means the product will take time to deliver. So, sometimes customer cancels the order and sometime customer accepts to wait as many days as needed to receive the products as manufacturer informs. Here, we note the order that back orders and send follows-up to customer and manufacturer on frequent days till it is delivered.

Once the order is confirmed, the product is delivered to the customer and order tracking number is sent to customer as provided by manufacturer, to clarify that product is delivered to them. So all these information are perfectly maintained in the order processing software which is helpful in future use and also to confirm if all the Purchase orders have successfully reached customers.

Have a look on Intellect Outsource order processing software (IOOP) which guides to process the tasks smoothly and accurately.

Here you can see that we manage following status

  • Add Purchase Order (PO) Status
  • Follow-ups Status
  • Tracking Status
  • Back Orders Status
  • Bulk Order status

We can save all the PO information perfectly. We have all the Follow-up dates for required PO, based on which we can perfectly check and send follow-up to the vendor infrequent days.

As the order fulfillment procedure is very wide, it is quite natural to miss any of the info or comments that we have to forward to required department (vendor / showroom). Here, Intellect Outsource order processing software helps to remind us to note the comments of each PO. This is really a great assistance to avoid issues, maintain accuracy and attain customer satisfaction.

We give more priority to Report, Daily PO status, Pending POs, Add new vendor and Monthly Report. This helps to generate the complete PO status as listed below, which is helpful for us to report the status to our clients precisely and keep them updated with PO status.

  • No. Of POs processed
  • No. Of POs cancelled
  • No. Of POs pending
  • No. Of POs Tracking received
  • No. Of POs Shipped and completed
  • No Of POs with issues
  • No Of Bulk orders
  • No Of Back orders
order processing software

As a result, we are able to reduce the mistakes, minimize time, and also we have succeeded to improve your customer satisfaction and client business processes.

Once you hire ecommerce data entry team or ecommerce virtual assistants, you can use these staff for your order & inventory services and product uploading services etc. If you would like to know any more details, please drop an email to [email protected]


Intellect Outsource offers seamless ecommerce management services, including bulk ecommerce product data entry & product upload, online store development, virtual assistants, complete product catalog management, online store backend operation, and many more. We are here, ready to start discussing how to help you succeed in the ecommerce business. Ready to work with us?

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