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Order Processing Services

We know the importance of Order Processing Services. An efficient buy and sales order processing helps you to maximize customer satisfaction. After all, it is as important as acquiring new customers. Improve CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with our Order management services. Streamline your order processing workflow and ensure it is error-free. Learn the art of processing the orders and grab the attention of your customers. We aim at converting your casual customers to the most satisfied customers.

We provide excellent Order processing solutions. Our services will help you achieve your business goals in a cost-effective manner. We understand the need for efficient process. Our team of experts provide dedicated service to ensure hassle-free shopping experience. We concentrate mostly on REPEAT BUSINESS.

Choose us as your ideal Order Processing Services

It is our experience and our expertise that help us manage the orders of our clients with ease. Excellent infrastructure, advanced technology and agile workflow help us offer excellent service. We are capable of providing excellent solutions with no compromises on data security. Tell us your requirements and watch your profit growth!

The Order Processing Services Process

  • 01

    Capture the Order details

  • 02

    Verify the status (from manufacturers / wholesalers / retailers)

  • 03

    Record the order status (on client’s system)

  • 04

    Notify the customers via email/ SMS

  • 05

    Track the orders

  • 06

    Communicate with the customers to avoid confusions (send follow up emails)

  • 07

    Complete the order and inform the customer

Why Intellect Outsource for Ecommerce Order Management?

We understand the significant complications in order management. The order management software has undergone rigorous screening processes to improve its efficiencies. We are successful for our innovative method and systematic approach.

  • Start successful completion of Sales order processing
  • Provide excellent and exceptional customer service
  • Enjoy the sales enhancements
  • Our automated tool helps you save a lot of time
  • Reduce the overheads
  • Work on the entire process and ensure successful completion
  • We apply priorities on orders (business requirements)
  • Prompt response to every order improves customer satisfaction

We have developed a special ecommerce order management application. It will help you track buy and sales figures and in retail order processing. Thus, giving you more free time to focus on other business aspects while we process your orders.

Is outsourcing order processing services suitable for manufacturers, wholesalers and online store retailers?

Our order management tool is suitable for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. In case, you are looking for a business partner who understands the aim of your business, look no farther. We can adapt your workflow and thus, we believe are the best option out there.

  • Robust infrastructure
  • Uninterrupted service
  • Data safety
  • Strong business process
  • Flexible workflow
  • Expertise
  • Best standards

We have a well-defined infrastructure and process to provide uninterrupted services. Our non-disclosure agreement and Service level agreement ensure that customer information is safe. Our process is flexible and efficient to meet your business needs. We follow best industry standards, practices and business ethics.

Work with experts

Our team has - Business analysts, customer support leads and customer care executives. They can handle the tasks to maximize the profit.

If you choose us, you will get excellent service and easy process. We ensure all your customers are satisfied by defining an authentic working pattern. We have a well-defined process to help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. We have the perfect solution for B2B and B2C customers. We understand the importance of your business. We will ensure efficient order processing through advanced technology.

Our Promise

  • Understand your business needs
  • Ensure proper buy and sales processing
  • Bring in more ‘happy’ customers
  • No comprises in the quality of service offered
  • Help you improve the sales
  • Stabilise the entire order management process
  • Focus on the work and ensure no backlogs
  • Practice confidentiality, security in all the process we follow
  • Expert project management team to check the workflow

We have the perfect solution for your problems. With our service, you will be able to easily handle your orders and track the sales. Moreover, you will be able to follow-up on pending orders and stop unnecessary issues. Trust us and we’ll provide excellent service you are looking for.

We are ready to make your customers happy!

Do reach us to find more about the services offered!

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