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Ecommerce product data Entry services at Cost-Effective rates

ecommerce product data entry services at cost effective rates
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Search out cost-effective service without compromising project results

In today’s ecommerce business world, all entrepreneurs who as all businessman, wishes to outsource their project at cost-effective rates and high productivity.

We Intellect outsource, as an ecommerce service provider, during these successive years of our ecommerce venture, we have faced different kinds of questions regarding working pattern of an ecommerce project when it is outsourced to us. Many of the queries were regarding the time period of the project, most of the clients’ demands for getting known of the productivity for an hour.

When we are approached by new clients they point the queries mentioned above, and some of them were like

“How many skus per hour can you complete?”

It is often a difficult task to predict the time period instantly when hired for a project. We understand these queries might be arising on the cause to get the project done in reduced cost. But as experience in handling several ecommerce product data entry projects, providing turnaround time for each and every project depends upon the nature of that specific project or brands, as it is different from each other.

Difference between Ecommerce project and Simple Data Entry work

We can state that our approaches to each ecommerce product data project are totally different whereas when compared freelancers who provides just simple data entry work. We have an expanded work process done systematically and methodologically according to the project. We can’t think of having a project done only by utilizing the client’s requirements, we create more and more new innovative ideas and strategies to convert the given project in a unique way and in best possible turnaround time.

The step by step procedure of a project is done carefully, brilliantly and professionally, and is done accordingly based on project type as stated earlier. Completion of this process within short time interval is impossible but we don’t stretch out the time so long. As it needs a long procedure to frame the best work output, for this reason; it is difficult to inform the sku’s done per hour. But we admit your queries and the cause, but we strive to give the best and high quality work for our clients.

product data management

Methods processed by product data management expertise for better results in brief:

When a client outsources us for a project, we begin with a sample project after making a clear cut understanding of the client’s requirements; it is to prove our ability and caliber in handling the project in the best possible way.

Our approach is with analyzing the whole product and the store and their requirements to be added in the projects. After having analyzed, every information and details regarding on the products are collected keenly from the resources. At the same time if the manufactures are ready to provide PDF, diagrams for the products, we keenly goes through those and gather the details. We being a professional, have the perfect knowledge on collecting the data’s within the best time, as it is our responsibility to display the optimal and quality based work.

Each element for example images are optimized and are beautifully displayed. Every section is managed and handled in perfect route. Have look on below given PDF, a source file given by the clients:..........

product catalog

When we are provided with a PDF, we get started only after having a thorough analyzing of the given PDF, being tricky to get known of it, it is little bit complicated to work on by considering PDF as a referral. But we are able to format the collected information out of it and perfectly mould it in the best suited way for the store, and finally displaying attractively. There doesn’t occur a need for the clients to provide the instructions before handing over a project to us, they need to provide only the stuff materials to get the work started, because we are well experienced to work without the need of instructions in the ideal way, that to beyond the client’s expectation.

We convert our clients dreams to reality with perfect outcomes at cost-effective rates

After our journey with ecommerce began, we have come across many clients. We could satisfy clinents needs in the best possible way at cost effective rates. Professional approach of ours has earned many clients, these outcomes and client’s remarks fuels us to explore more in ecommerce and to portray the optimal and quality based project before all. A professional ecommerce product entry specialists, act as ideal professionals to yield maximum perfect business output. Our goal is to bring our clients dreams to reality by positioning their store on the topmost level with perfect outcomes at cost-effective rates.

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