Reasons why outsourcing e-commerce data entry services makes perfect business sense

outsourcing ecommerce data entry services makes perfect business sense
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There are countless e-commerce stores across the globe. E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Big Commerce have made it easy to set up an online store. Sure, with over 2.05 billion online shoppers across the globe, you can have a successful e-commerce business.

However, you need a few essential things to create a profitable online venture that helps you gain an upper hand over your competition. And seamless product data management is one of them.

Whether you sell 500 or 5000 products, you have to add products them the soonest, update their pricing and product descriptions, and take care of SEO in parallel. You must know that a staggering 80% of customers may stop purchasing products from your site due to poor e-commerce experience. So, you have to ensure that your e-commerce store provides a stellar user experience. And you can achieve it effectively by hiring an e-commerce data entry services provider. They can offer you end-to-end solutions and keep your store updated at all times, giving a seamless shopping experience to buyers.

Often, business owners have some common doubts when they hire experts in e-commerce data entry services for the first time.

Commonly asked few questions by e-commerce owners:

few questions by ecommerce owners

  1. Do you provide a full-time working individual/team for product data entry services?
  2. We need someone to update SKU and EAN/UPC for our existing product lines and also manage product data entries weekly. Can we avail of your services monthly?
  3. We need an accountable team that can import and uploads products to our online stores. We want someone with an eye for details to keep the store updated at all times.
  4. My partner and I have an e-commerce store in Canada. We're looking for someone to customize 1000 of our products. And upload them with pictures, descriptions, tags, and SEO.
  5. We got a list of 3000 barcodes, and we need pictures for the same. Can you offer this service, and how do you get pictures of the products?

Finally, each of the queries gets followed with, how much would you charge for this? What is your fee structure? And similar ones.

Nine reasons to outsource e-commerce data entry services:

Below we are addressing all the above common questions/doubts. Read below on how you can save money by outsourcing e-commerce product services.

  1. Easy catalog management

    easy catalog management

    Uploading hundreds of products on your e-commerce comes with a plethora of tasks. It involves writing unique descriptions for each product, getting pictures of them, and categorizing them, etc. It can be very time-consuming, and you might not be able to focus on other essential aspects of the business.

    But an ecommerce data entry service company has a team of skilled professionals who can easily maintain your catalog. It also allows you more time to focus on business growth and expansion.

  2. Seamless order processing

    Typically, 69% of shopping carts get abandoned. If that happens with your e-commerce store, then you might end up losing on significant revenue. And one sure-shot way of increasing the check-out rate is by having a seamless order processing.

    While the data entry services focus more on uploading products, they also ensure timely order processing. With professional e-commerce services, all orders on your site get completed and process smoothly. It increases customer satisfaction and retention rate too.

  3. Minimized overhead costs

    When you outsource e-commerce data entry services, you can avoid high overhead costs that you would incur otherwise. If you hire an in-house team, then you need to spend money on setting up the facility, equipment, amenities, payroll, and other such expenses.

    When you hire a data entry company, you can save on all such overhead costs. And further, you can use all those savings to invest in business growth.

  4. Saves your time

    saves your time

    As you know, time saved is as good as money saved, especially when running a business. It's best not to bother with the management of data, or you might end up losing a lot of your time. Instead, it would help if you focused on outsourcing data entry services.

    The professionals have the right training and skills to complete the tasks faster and with much more accuracy. They know how to solve issues and clear any errors quickly.

  5. ROI-based SEO strategies

    85% of consumers out there conduct online research before buying the product. That shows the importance of having SEO friendly product descriptions, high-quality images, and specifications.

    You might have a perfect e-commerce store, but if customers can't find it on the internet, you may lose potential business opportunities.

    But, by outsourcing an e-commerce services company, you can benefit from their proven SEO strategies. They know exactly how to increase the internet visibility of your store.

  6. Benefit of latest tools and technologies

    The primary purpose of an e-commerce data entry company is to keep your products updated. And make them easily foundable in search engines like Google.

    The company has the necessary qualifications and experience in using various tools and techniques to optimize your listing. It helps your products to appear when the user searches with a similar query on the internet.

    By outsourcing to such a company, you can benefit from their latest tools and expertise.

  7. Increases productivity

    high productivity

    Data entry is a tedious and time-consuming task unless you have the right skills and tools. If you spend your time and money on such tasks, your objective of satisfying customers may get ignored. It can lead to a substantial loss in the business.

    But, when you outsource, you can engage the customers with a better user experience. When professionals are working to keep your store updated, you can get highly productive with other things.

  8. Gives you a competitive advantage

    When you outsource data entry services, then your e-commerce store stays updated at all times. When doing it in-house, there come times when your employees get involved in core business-related tasks, and data entry gets sidelined. It can harm your sales, and if you want to lead the competition, you have to have an updated website.

    By enlisting the services of an e-commerce data entry company, you can benefit from their efficiency and accuracy. All of which indeed helps you beat your competitors.

  9. More flexibility

    You can easily scale up your e-commerce store or a particular project when you outsource a data entry company. They can offer you a great range of flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down as per your growth aspirations.

    You may have 100 products or 10,000 products to upload at once. You may need someone to work full-time or may need services on a project basis. Whatever requirements you have, a professional outsourcing company can do it all for you. Check data entry services pricing structure 

In summary

Those were the nine reasons how you could save money significantly by hiring an e-commerce data entry services. It makes catalog management far easier, thanks to the latest tools and technology that the data entry companies are equipped with.

Outsourcing professional services also give you a competitive advantage, lower overhead costs, and saves time too. That's why, it makes complete business sense for e-commerce owners hire efficient product data entry for ecommerce businesses and ensure a smooth running ecommerce website.


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