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Magento – the best solution for ecommerce business

magento the best solution for ecommerce business
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Did you know that today, over 4.54 billion people across the world are active internet users? It’s equivalent to around 60% of the entire global population.

So, as a business owner, a vast majority of the purchasing audience is online. And it makes perfect sense to have an online store for your business.

When you are about setting up e-commerce, then you need not think beyond Magento. It’s one of the best open-source PHP based e-commerce platforms. Keep reading this blog to find out why Magento is the best choice for setting up your online store.

What makes Magento the perfect eCommerce solution?

In 2020, you will witness massive numbers of digital buyers over 2.05 billion. Purchasing goods and services online is becoming more prevalent. And all the credit goes to the convenience of online shopping, flexibility, and security.

Magento ticks all the boxes that can make both your business and your customers happy. Studies have also shown that merchants using Magento grow 3x on average. Maybe that’s the reason why many big business groups have worked with Magento to create their online stores.

Enterprises like Nike, Canon, Coca Cola, Ford, Samsung, HP, Helly Hansen, JCB, Jaguar, and Ahmad tea and many more have used Magento services to power up their e-commerce venture.

These companies belong to different industries ranging from fashion, food, electronics, automobile, and beverages, and so on. Indeed, there must be solid reasons that these global enterprises chose to work with Magento; you can discover them all as below.

The following are the reasons why Magento is the best solution for e-commerce business.

  1. Open Source Platform

    open source platform

    Magento is an open-source platform; it has a free community version and a paid enterprise version. You can easily install any version of the Magento community edition and use it to your advantage. Magento enables you and your developers to customize, modify, the source code to suit your needs.

    You can get more advanced functions by customizing or optimize the default features as you want. If you know about the Magento website development, then you can enhance the performance of your online store. The Magento modules can help up your game and give a stellar website.

  2. Ownership

    When you create a storefront using Magento, you are free to make hosting decisions. You can either opt for a self-hosted website solution, and you can also go for Magento hosted application. There are numerous reliable providers offering business hosting services optimized for Magento applications.

    With the help of single-click installation tools, you can conveniently switch between different website hosting services. In simple words, you have all the liberty to choose any hosting service provider and needed a security solution for your storefront. That’s how Magento gives you complete control over your online business.

  3. High Scalability and Performance

    Magento gets manufactured to provide the maximum scalability and top-notch performance. It also can efficiently deal with a massive number of website visitors. With its scalability enhancements, it can efficiently manage large catalogs. It can process massive quantities of orders on the same hardware while continuously supporting admin users in the back-end.

    Talking about the performance of Magento, it renders web pages by reducing the data sent back from the server. It has a super-quick server response, which significantly lowers the loading time for checkout pages. It enables you to have a faster website, which further provides better user experience and more conversions.

  4. Full of features

    magento full of features

    Magento has abundant features, which makes it the best pick for e-commerce development companies. Those features and customization options help deliver a delightful shopping experience for your customers. Some of the main features are

    • Numerous online stores with a single CMS
    • Mobile-friendly themes and progressive Web Apps Studio
    • Full-page caching
    • Easy to use dashboard for better admin
    • Page builder with drag and drop content management
    • Scalable back-end system
    • Targeted promotions, customer segmentation, and merchandising
    • Safe and secure upgrades and payments
    • Quick checkout option
  5. Highly SEO compatible

    SEO compatibility is the number one reason why brands choose Magento. You must already know that SEO is essential for the success of your business in a highly digital, fast-paced world of today. As a business owner, when you set up your e-commerce, then you would expect customers to visit your online store to make purchases. That’s where the SEO comes into the picture.

    Magento helps with SEO optimization of your website with the help of content, landing pages, page traffic, indexing, and speed, etc. It helps your website rank better in search results and attracts more traffic.

  6. Best-ever Magento community

    Strong determination and selfless attitude of the Magento community have made itself a popular choice for e-commerce. The Magento community encompasses programmers, developers, bloggers, project managers, and CEOs across the globe. They help and work with the trusted Magento community every day.

    If you are facing issues with the development of your website, then you can always approach the reliable Magento community. They can help you by giving the necessary guidance and fix that issue for you. Owing to the regular updates from the Magento community, you get speedy and secure e-commerce, which satisfies the end-users as well.

  7. Robust Security

    When setting up an online store for your business, security can be a significant concern and demands a careful inspection. However, when you are working with Magento, you get the promise of the highest possible security. It has a security center that continually gives out information about security patches, updates, and practices.

    Also, Magento provides you with security components like PCI compliance or SSL certificate. Ecommerce set using Magento is less prone to get hacked because it already has adequate in-built features. And it eliminates the need for additional extensions. Thus, you can say that Magento provides a fully secured e-commerce.

  8. Helpful Reports

    magento helpful reports

    You can run your business more efficiently, all thanks to Magento for providing periodic reports. If you are a passionate business owner, then you would want to keep track of every penny you earn and every product that gets shipped out. Magento enables you to monitor your online store at a granular level. And it comes up with valuable data and reports continually.

    You can simply get various reports that cover best-selling products, lowest and highest business months, and sales during festive times. You can also get reports about everything that allows you to build effective strategies.

  9. Mobile friendliness

    You should know that half of the internet population uses mobile phones for accessing the internet. If people have a poor experience on mobile, then they are 62% unlikely to purchase from you in the future. Magento knows the importance of mobile-friendly e-commerce and delivers you the same.

    Magento supports HTML5, which enhances the mobile shopping experience. Also, it allows customizing the images for a better mobile experience and supports video as well. When you have Magento websites, then your customers won’t face any display issues and have seamless shopping experience on mobile.

  10. Plethora of extensions and plug-ins

    Magento already gives you the liberty to customize source code to suit your business needs. But, Magento components prove that they are necessary to build a perfect website. You can freely install Magento modules to your website as per your needs. You can find as good as 5000 of Magento extensions in the official store of Magento.

    You can apply for Magento extensions in any area, whether it’s marketing, order management, inventory, or checkout, etc. You have enough room for customizing your e-commerce. You can add more advanced functions with an eCommerce development partner. It can help with Magento template designing and extension development.

  11. Ease of integration

    Magento websites give you the ability to integrate with a large variety of third-party services easily. Whether it is a payment gateway, database application, catalog management, transportation, order tacking, shipping, you can conveniently integrate third party services.

    Magento provides you with in-built tools from Google like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base. All those tools help monitor the performance of your e-commerce while continually looking out for the latest Magento e-commerce trends.

  12. Market share of Magneto

    market share of magneto

    Magento is the leader among various e-commerce platforms industries. You might know that market positions of leading platforms like WooCommerce, Spree Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. keeps changing every single year. But, Magento has always secured a position in the top three e-commerce platforms over the years.

    HP, Cox & Cox, and Nike are few of the international companies that chose Magento to manage their super-large businesses. Some of the significant pros of Magento are unique features, advanced testing methods, scalability, community and support, flexibility, the choice for self-hosting, and SEO optimization.

To sum it all up

Those were the significant reasons why Magento is the best solution for e-commerce business. There’s no surprise that Magento powers about 30% of all the websites across the globe.

As a business owner, Magento provides you with an easy to set up a website, which is highly customizable, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly too. It offers your potential customers a seamless buying experience and, thus, encourages high conversion rates.

If you want to have the most efficient online store for your business, then Magento can indeed serve your purpose.



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