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Different product types in Magento shopping cart explained

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Nowadays businesses understand the significance of web for achieving huge sales. With an impactful presence in the web, the reach you can attain is boundless. Among many options available, ecommerce is the best way to sell via internet.

Now having decided to go with an ecommerce website, the next matter of concern is- the shopping cart. Magento is a favourite among businesses because of innumerable reasons. However, it is quite weird that people still are not aware of the different features and facts about Magento, especially about the product types.

Understanding product type is very important because having a lot of great products in your shopping cart is not enough. You must be aware of the best way to present them. Knowing about different product types will help you to showcase them in the most attractive and convincing manner.

Let us have a look on the 6 different types of products in Magento.

Simple Product

magento simple product

In simple Magneto product type, there are not any options such as colour or size from which the user can make a choice. Example for a simple product is a 100mm camera lens. There will be a unique SKU for such products.

How to create Simple Products in Magento 2

Configurable product

magento configurable product

Many simple products constitutes a configurable product. A cap may arrive in 5 different colours like green, red, yellow, pink and blue. Also it can be of four sizes, say small, large, extra-large and medium.

This provides different options for a user like:

  • Red cap, small.
  • Red cap, large.
  • Blue cap, medium
  • Yellow cap, extra-large etc.

All such options are set as simple products. Different inventory levels can be set and different images can be used.

After that configurable product tying all of them together is created. End user is availed the choice, normally in form of drop down menus.

How to create Magento 2 Configurable Products?

Grouped products

magento grouped product

Grouped products/ complex products are simply a collection of simple products. Selling together, a cricket bat+ ball+ gloves is an example. Each of these items are simple products and you can group those together to put a special price for grabbing more sales. This is a technique that most of the shopping cart owners embrace.

How to create Grouped Products in Magento 2

Bundled Product.

magento bundled product

In the complex product type, there is no choice you can make and all items are to be purchased. Contrary to that, you can build a product based on the preferences you have in case of bundled products.

How to create Bundle Products in Magento 2

Virtual Product

magento virtual product

This is in fact a type of normal simple product. It is intangible and may usually be a service offered at particular price. A cleaning service, counselling session, guidance etc. are few examples of the said.

Downloadable Product

magento downlodable product

It is a special type of simple product. Some of the most common examples are eBooks, software programs, music files etc. You can upload the files to a server and set price as well as other information. Magento produces a unique encrypted and completely secured link for every purchases made.

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