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If you are looking for a high-performance eCommerce store then it makes total sense to go with Intellect Outsource, the key enablers to your business bottom lines.

At Intellect Outsource,we have a decade-long experience of providing first-rate services related to eCommerce development and associated fields.

We understand that for the most functional eCommerce website, just the design isn’t what matters, but also the specifications and services play a major role. So, we provide an all-inclusive, turnkey, and comprehensive Magento development service that covers every aspect of eCommerce website development.

Our Magento Portfolio

If you need to outsource magento development services for your online e-store, we are the ideal fit to take your vision ahead. Our list of Magento development services include:

  • Integration of website theme
  • Implementation of both paid and free extensions.
  • Option to search products by various filters to improve search efficacy
  • Landing Page and Blog page development.
  • Management of front and back end services
  • Creation of customized extension on request.
  • Implementation of payment gateways like PayPal, Bank transfer, or Cash-on-Delivery
  • Arrangement of catalogue according to the eCommerce resource.
  • Updating the look as per the current style.
  • eCommerce website governance
  • Coding changes for enhancement of incoming traffic.

Magento Development Solutions Outsourcing Company Offer

As an entrepreneur who understands the business, you would surely go for a company who can provide a scalable array of solutions, while deciding to outsource magento development services.

With our expert team, widespread service modules, and apposite interconnection of several allied eCommerce programming, we provide your company with unlimited traffic which will undoubtedly turn into effective leads. The range of services we offer include:

  • Magento Data Entry

    Our exclusive data management modules will intensify your store thus ensuring unique experiences for visitors.

  • eCommerce product upload services

    Cut down on the product upload time with our unique solutions. By performing bulk product upload, we can save you the hassles of manual uploading.

  • Designing of Custom Templates:

    We know the importance of store functionality and that’s what gives us the impetus to design innovative and functional templates.

  • Catalog Processing

    Fast-track your catalog introduction andlet the world see what you have on offer. Need help with catalog management? Intellect Outsource is right there with you.

  • Extension Development:

    Our Magento extension development support will ensure optimum scalability for your store.

Why Choose Intellect Outsource?

If you are considering to outsource magento development services, Intellect Outsource will be the most reliable partners. Here’s why:

  • 01 Efficient Incorporation

    We provide a functional and feature-rich integration with online payment gateways, market places and shopping carts. Our programming ensures optimum security of the website as well as traffic from the payment gateways.

  • 02 Heuristic design

    Our designs are modern and responsive, which ensures that users have a satisfying experience across multiple platforms, without conceding on the functional and practical ranges. The web solutions are optimized according to the target demographic.

  • 03 End-to-end solutions

    We cover every facet of your web solution, from architecture, UI/UX design to the maintenance and upgrading of your eCommerce site by leveraging the power of Magento.

  • 04 Ongoing solutions for Magento projects

    Apart from the creation, and maintenance of new Magento projects, we also provide client-centric services for existing Magento sites. Our reach is spread across various platforms, and the use of the best and secure code, coupled with a scalable and comprehensive approach on the functional and technical aspect, make our company the go-to place for an already running Magento project.

Connect with us

Our team of professionals always review and improve the ongoing Magento projects in a timely manner, keeping all the technical and functional aspects at its prime. Give us a call today for your eCommerce portal requirement, and we will offer comprehensive Magento development solutions.

What is Magento eCommerce development?

Magento is a well-equipped and prominent open-source eCommerce platform. Thisplatform and its development paved the way for small, medium, and large companies totranspose their setup to eCommerce stores to empower more sales across the internet. Aqualified Magento developer can develop an efficient and well-functioning eCommercestorefront.

Where Can I Find Good Magento Developers?

At Intellect Outsource, we have a team of skilled Magento 2 Developers who have 12 years of expertise and intelligence on building efficient and optimized eCommerce online stores for e-Businesses.

Who will be my Point of contact if I hire your Magento 2 development services from Intellect Outsource?

Intellect Outsource Magento web development team, a dedicated project manager (PM) will be assigned to your project. The PM will be the Point of contact. They keep indirect contact with you through Skype, Slack, Trello, or any communication medium of your convenience to update the progress of ongoing tasks, draw feedback, and hand overthe project within the stipulated time.

How Much Does Your Cost?

We are convenient with flat rate and hourly rate. The price rate varies depending onproject requirements and implementation procedures. To compose a precise projectproposal, we commit detailed analysis of your Magento website. On assessing theproject proposal, we will be able to convey an accurate pricing estimate. Moreover, weconstantly follow up on the updated suggestions on the development cycle to avoidunforeseen budget rises.

What are the advantages of using Magento development services?

Magento is a feature-rich, widely recognized eCommerce platform among online stores.Its top features include an engaging dashboard, instant purchase, quick check out, and multiple payment gateways and many more. Our Web developers have expertise indeveloping an optimized and interactive online store to yield the best outputs. With ourservices, you get a fully functioning store to empower more sales.

What does a Magento developer do?

We design, maintain and update a Magento eCommerce store according to the client’srequirements. In addition, they extend deep technical consulting and testing as percompany needs. Besides, they undertake complete requirement analysis, accomplish market research and compose project plans according to the industry trends and businessrequirements.

On hiring a Magento development company, you must call attention to specific criteria’s like:

  • A company with at most 5 years of industry experience
  • Certified web developers
  • Good technical infrastructure
  • Web development team with at least 5 years of expertise in relevant field & latest technical knowledge
  • A company with clients exceeding 10 countries
  • Must have developed at least 20 similar projects
  • Constant and timely support and maintenance
  • Good compatibility with coding standards.
  • Flexible pricing model

Why should we hire Magento developers from India?

  • Pool of skilled and intelligent Magento web developers
  • Compatibility of time zone
  • Budget compatible pricing model
  • Dedicated team with quality project management skills
  • Optimum productivity from the project delivered
  • Good and modern technical know how
  • Flexibility in handling clients and different languages
  • Robust software management proficiency
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