Benefits of Outsourcing Your eCommerce Business

ecommerce outsourcing companies helps to increase sales
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When you launch an E-commerce, it is most likely to get picked up and succeed. As your business starts soaring, things could go haywire if you lack adequate support. You cannot play multiple roles at the mast of the business once it starts gaining momentum. Various departments of the business would demand a unique set of skills and experts.

Hiring experienced and expert employees is one way to go, but is that feasible in the long run? What is the other viable option? What if you could outsource the responsibilities to an outside firm and you could spend your all your time, effort, and energy to maintain and increase your business?

What is outsourcing?

ecommerce virtual assistants

Outsourcing is when an organization hires an outside agency to fulfill some of their responsibilities; it is when you hire virtual assistants or an external vendor to provide products or services instead of performing those functions internally.

A well-structured outsourcing agency can help you deal with any amount of work without any compromise in quality. The efficient and expert teams will generally posses project managers, team leaders, professional staffs etc. to satisfy your work with accountability. So, by outsourcing you can be free from hiring more and more employees to satisfy specialist’s task.

The term outsourcing is often confused with automation; automation is the process of employing tools that automatically fire off specific actions, according to a program designed with established variables or prerequisites. Automation works in the lines of ‘set it and then forget it’; you develop a program and install it in the system, and the machine will take care of the rest without the need for human intervention.

Majority is doubtful about outsourcing, since the need for the flow of information is high. But the fact is that once being into the trend of outsourcing, you will find the process simple and successful.The trend of outsourcing is booming across the worlds, and in the US alone, it is an industry worth whopping $76.9 billion USD. The benefits outsourcing could proffer to a business are humongous.

Benefits of E-commerce outsourcing

grow your online store

Grow your business

The most significant advantage rendered by outsourcing is that it relieves you from strenuous responsibilities consuming most of your time and energy. It gives you more time to focus on expanding and improving your business on bigger and better ideas. Instead of letting day-to-day, mundane tasks to devour your time, you can hand them off to an outside eCommerce service agency and spend the minimal time and resources at your disposal to achieve your goals sooner. Many managers and employees involved in the sector of E-commerce have already outsourced their processing responsibilities to offshore companies. They are of the opinion that hiring outside firms has enabled their organizations to register dramatic growth.

Focus on your strengths

We have established that outsourcing the tasks of a firm proffers more time to the management to focus on other pressing issues and expansion. There are many tasks at an E-commerce firm which follow a similar routine, which can be easily discerned and performed by an outside organization. When tedious and time-consuming tasks such as customer support or technical support are taken off the shoulders of the company employees, they could be trained and put to better use.

More affordable than a full-time employee

A full-time employee has to be paid way more than an outsourced employee. A full-time employee’s pay includes his monthly salary and other added benefits. When you outsource external support, you can search for cost-effective employees anywhere in the world and hire them. A full-time employee has to be trained which is an added responsibility and expense for the firm whereas the training of an outsourced employee falls on his/her firm’s shoulders. According to a research, a full-time employee would cost you 1.5 times more than an outsourced employee. If you have a full-time drawing a salary of $ 3000 x 12 month = $36000 annually; the same work could be outsourced for the salary of $7200 annually.

When should you outsource?

overwhelmed with your existing workload

Outsourcing sure help you save money but could that be the only motive behind lending your work out? There should a pressing need to outsource and here are some scenarios that might necessitate outsourcing for an E-commerce business.

Overwhelmed with your existing workload

Do you have your workload piling up, potentially causing hindrance to your progress? In such cases outsourcing an outside agency will remove the stumbling block from your way and help you bring order to your workflow. Hiring employees by conducting tests and interviews would take a lot of time and effort, also, decelerate your progress.

Highly repetitive and tedious tasks

Do you need a full-time employee to perform repetitive, tedious tasks which require very less skill and experience? Many tasks in an E-commerce firm follow the same set of steps which could be easily outsourced.

Highly skilled expert are available

It is not just tedious, repetitive processes that could be outsourced, tasks that require rich experience and highly trained personnel could also be outsourced. Imagine hiring highly experienced and trained staff for an organization; it could cost you a fortune. You could get personal with the same skill set and experience as you require at a budget-friendly cost if you outsource.

Remember that outsourcing does not mean that you allow all your responsibilities and tasks to an outside firm and you sit back and count the profit. There are some tasks that could be outsourced and some cannot. Scrutinize the operations of your ecommerce firm and outsource the works that could be beneficial when outsourced.

The tasks that could be outsourced to an E-commerce firm

outsourcing ecommerce tasks

ecommerce product data management services

There are many BPO firms exclusively render optimal product information services. The management of complete information of the products featured on the E-commerce website including specifications of the product, terms and conditions, and representative imagery could be arduous and could be easily outsourced.

The other tasks of information management such as data cleansing, bulk product data entry, data indexing, archiving, catalog management, room visualization like create 3D product images, order management, inventory management and image tagging services could also be outsourced.

Customer Service

Customer service is the area where BPO services are most widely used and rightly so. Most of the prominent BPOs have been engaged in customer services and they could probably render better customer service on your product that the owner of business itself. E-commerce firms can benefit most from hiring BPOs for the customer service as they can proffer multi-channel contact center to address customer queries and issues effectively. Prompt response to customer queries will improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty; the customer service center analytics can also render insights about customer preferences, buying pattern, and behavior. All these information can be helpful in cementing customers’ alliance with the E-commerce Company.

Digital Marketing

Hiring the services of a digital marketing service provider can burgeon the business of an E-commerce firm. Proper and targeted digital marketing can flood the eCommerce site with traffic which could lead to an increase in sales. There are many useful tools such as SEO or PPC employed by experienced digital marketers can create an influx on the site. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is set of activities that could fetch a high rank or a prime position for the E-commerce site on the search engine results page. Pay Per Click or PPC is a way advertising that can enhance the visibility of the site and lead traffic to it.

There are myriad other tools in a digital marketing experts’ kitty and hiring their assistance could only be beneficial.

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